One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


3. Kat/ Harry

Kat's POV


Imagine you and your best friend Harry Styles were sitting in the lounge of his condo watching the telly. When all of the sudden the door bell rings. You get up to go and get it. When you reach the door you open it and see your four other best friends.

"Lou, Leeyum, Nialler, Zayine!" you yelled and the boys laugh at you.

"Hello Love!" they yell back. You give each of them a hug and you five go into the lounge with Harry.

"Hello Lads!" Harry says as he gets up and hugs them.

"So, What are you boys doing here?" you ask.

"Well we got a text from a bored HazzaBear and we decided to come over!" Lou says excitedly.

"Well are you guys staying the night?" Harry asked.

"Yep" Liam said popping the 'p'

"Okay!" you said.

"Idea!" Lou gasps "Lets play Truth or Dare!" he screams.

You guys sit in a circle. You in between Harry and Louis.

"Kat, Truth or Dare?" Lou asks with an evil grin.

"Dare!" You say smirking.

"I dare you to kiss me for five seconds!" he says.

"Okay" you say and Harry tenses up next to you.

You lean into Lou and give him a five second kiss. When you pull apart Lou looks shocked.

"What? Didn't think I would do the dare?" you  ask and he nods.

"My turn! Liam! Truth or Dare?" you ask Liam and he smiles at you.

"Dare!" he says.

"Hmmmmm. I dare you to kiss Niall!" you say wanting to see a Niam moment.

"Why me?" Niall asks.

"Because I want to see a Niam moment right now!" you say.

"FINE!" Liam says and leans into Niall and kisses him.

"Yay! I got to see my Niam moment!" you say.

"Harry, Truth or Dare?" Liam asks to get the topic off of his blushing face.

"Truth" he says looking kind of depressed.

"Are you in love with any one at the moment?" Liam asks with an evil smirk.

"Yes" he whispers.

"What I cant hear you!" you say feeling a little upset because you have had a huge crush on him since he left for the X-Factor.

"Yes! I am in love with someone! I have loved her for a very long time now!" he yells while blushing.

"Oh who?!" Zayn asks.

"Zayn Truth or Dare?!" Harry asks avoiding the question.

"Um, Dare." Zayn replies.

"I dare you to tweet your number and answer calls until your next turn" Harry says.

"Okay but first. Niall truth or dare?" he asks Niall.

"Truth" Niall says.

"Do you have a crush on anyone? if so who?" Zayn asks while tweeting his number. Zayn was soon answering calls.

"Yes I love someone. And her name is Isabella" Niall says with confidence.

We had played for a while until I was over come with curiosity and it was my turn.

"Harry truth or dare" you ask Harry.

"Truth" he says.

"Okay who is the person your in love with?" you ask leaning closer to him.

"Dare!" Harry replies quickly.

"Okay. I dare you to answer the question!" you say getting a little angry.

"Fine its you Kat!" Harry says as he gets up and storms off.

You sit there in shock. He says he's in love with me! You quickly get up after a while and run to Harry's room. You lightly knock on his door.

"Harry?" you ask quietly.

"Go away! Your probably coming to laugh at me." Harry yells/ cries.

"No Harry! I cant to say something I meant to say before you left for the X-Factor years ago!" you say. He unlocks his door pulls you in and locks the door behind him. You turn and look at him, and he looks as if he has been crying for a while now.

"Kat before you say anything I have to say-" he started but was cut off by you crashing your lips to his. He kissed you back almost immediately..

"I love you too my HazzaBear!" you say as you pull away from the kiss.

~8 years later~

"Kat I know that we've been dating for 8 years now. I have his every important question for you." he says as he gets on one knee.

"Will you marry me Kat Valentine?" Harry asks nervously.

"Of Course Harry! A Million times yes!" you scream and jump into his arms as he slides the ring onto your finger.

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