One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


10. Jocelyn/ Liam

Jocelyn's POV


Imagine that you and your best friend Louis were sitting around his condo. When all of the sudden you feel the need to be around Liam.

"Lou I think we should invite the boys over!" you say.

"Okay, but are you sure all of them or just Liam?" Lou teases.

"Yes all of them or we cant play truth or dare!" you say blushing slightly.

"Oh alright." Lou says and texts them.

"They said they will be over in a few" Lou says with an evil grin.
"Lou hand me your phone" you say firmly and he hands you his phone. You check his texts he sent.

To: Leeyum, HazzaBear<3, Nialler, Zayine

From: LouBear<3

Hey so I got someone here that thinks I am not fun! Please help me entertain her! Plus, she wants to see one of you! <3 BooBear

To: LouBear<3

From: HazzaBear<3

Who is it? I'll be there in a few.

From: Nialler

Okay be over in a Minute.

From: Zayine

Mate I hope its worth it coming over. Jk I am so bored so I'm in. Be there in 10 minutes.

From: Leeyum

Okay be there in a few. Who is it that doesn't think your fun?

After you read the last reply you send a slight glare at him. He puts his hands up in defense.

"What?" Lou asks innocently.

"You really had to say that last part didn't you?" you ask.

"Yes I did" he says and the doorbell rings.

"I will get it!" You yell even though Lou is standing right next to you.

You run over to the door and answer it. And standing there is Niall, Harry, Zayn, and last but not least Liam. You wave to the boys and open the door wider to let them in. They step inside and engulf you in a group hug.

"Mates I think she needs air!" Liam says and everybody pulls out of the hug and you gasp for air.

"See?" Liam asks sarcastically.

"Thanks I needed the air." you say.

"Sorry are you okay?" Niall asks and everyone nods except Liam.

"Yes I'm fine" you say then look at Liam. You two make eye contact but Liam turns away and walks away.

"Love you to Liam!" you yell after him.

"Yeah, Yeah. Where's Lou?" he asks and you burst out laughing because Lou is standing next to you and Liam is in another room.

"What's so funny?!" he yells from the other room and the boys burst out laughing to.

Liam comes back and sees Lou and chuckles.

"Really Li" You ask between laughs.

You and the boys walk into another room and sit in a circle because we were doing what Lou told you to do. You guys had no idea what you where playing.

"Jocelyn Truth or Dare?" Lou asks.

"Dare!" you say back to Lou.

"I dare you to give Liam a kiss!" Lou says with one of his evil smirks you send him a quick glare.

You lean into Liam's lips and kiss him. He kisses back. His tongue touches your bottom lip asking for access in to your mouth and you allow it. Your tongues dance together.

"Jocelyn will you be my girlfriend?" Liam asks as you two pull out of the kiss.

"Girl you better say yes!" Lou and Hazza say to you.

"Yes" you say as you giggle and kiss Liam again.

Author's Notes:

I Hope you like this story Jocelyn!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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