One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


5. Irish/ Niall

Irish's POV


Imagine you and your best friend Liam were at a coffee shop and were talking about random stuff like music. When you said something you wanted to say ever since Liam introduced the other boys of One Direction to you.

"Liam I am in Love with Niall!" you say and Liam gives you a huge grin.

"Irish, Niall Loves you to!" Liam says happily.

"Oh God Li don't tell him please!" you ask/ plead.

"Oh alright. But he must know soon we are going on tour again in a few weeks." Liam says.

"I know its just that when ever I'm around him I cant seem to talk properly." you say embarrassedly.

"Okay how about me, Lou, Zayn, and Harry help you out?" Liam asks

"Please?" you ask a little embarrassed.

~20 minutes later~

You and Liam are going back to you condo and meeting the boys there. When you walk in your in a huge group hug.

"Irish! Long time no see!" Louis yells and you giggle.

"It's only been a day since I last saw you!" you say between giggles.

"I know but I just missed you so much!" Lou says.

"Zayn, Louis, Harry can I talk to you three in private?" Liam asks giving you a cheeky grin.

"Um.... Sure" they say and follow Liam to the other room leaving you and Niall together.

"Hey Irish" Niall says.

"H-Hey Niall" you stutter and blush because its embarrassing.

"Your cute when you stutter" Niall says and blushes as he realizes what he said.

"Thanks Niall" you say.

After you say that the four boys walk back into the room. And they all grin at you and Niall's blushing faces.

"What happened in here?" Zayn asks.

"Oh nothing much just said something that embarrassed both of us." you say as casually as you can.

"Oh alright" Liam says and chuckles and winks at you.

"Shut up Liam!" you yell and blush even more.

"Lets play Truth or Dare!" Lou yells excitedly.

"Okay!" the all of the boys except Niall yell.

"Irish Truth or Dare?" Harry asks.

"Dare!" you say confidently.

"I dare you and Niall to kiss for a good minute!" Harry says with his cheeky little grin.

"Wait why me?!" Niall asks blushing a deep shade of red.

"Because I said!" Harry says.

You blush but lean into Niall and kiss him. It take him a second to realize what was going on but he kissed back. You put your arms around his neck and places his arms around your waist. You enjoyed the kiss for as long as possible. You two end up kissing for longer than a minute.

"Okay get a room you two!" Zayn yells.

You and Niall pull out of the kiss and flip off the rest of the boys.

"Ha ha very funny" Harry says.

"Well Irish I Love You to pieces will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asks you.

"Of course I would be your girlfriend!" you say happily and you two kiss again.

~7 years later on your 7 year anniversary~

"Irish I was wondering" Niall started

"Will you marry me?" Niall asks.

"Of course!" you yell and jump into his arms.

Author's Notes:

I hope you like this Irish!


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