One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


15. Gabby/Liam


Imagine you and your boyfriend Liam had gotten into a huge fight. So you stayed at your best friend's house.

"Gabby!" Louis yelled across the flat.

"Louis!" you yelled back.

"Come here I need your help!" he yelled

"Okay! Where are you?" you ask/yell.

"Front door!" Louis replies

You jog to the front door and see Louis and Liam talking.

"Hey what's up?" You ask

"Liam here has something to say to you" Lou says.

You turned to look at Liam.

"What is it you want to say?" you ask a little rudely

"I wanted to say that I'm sorry" Liam says "Forgive me?"

"Liam for me to forgive you, you need to prove it" you say as you turn and walk away.

You walk to the lounge. You plop on the sofa and turned on the telly. Louis walked in and sat next to you.

"You know that he won't give up until you forgive him right?" Louis asks

"Boo, I have already forgiven him I just need to know how much he cares" you say as you flip through the channels.

"Well you should get ready to go some where soon" Louis says with a smirk.

You giggle and get up and go to your room. You quickly pack some clothes and pjs. You get a text on your phone. You look at it.

To: Gabby

From: Leeyum <3

Pack your bags! Oh! And don't forget a swim suit! :)

You giggle and put a swim suit in your bag. You go down stairs and sit next to Louis again.

"So, Did Liam text you to pack a bag?" Louis asks

"Yes. Are you and the others going to?" you ask Lou

"Yeah! We are going to the beach!" Lou says excitedly.

~2 weeks later~

Liam came over to pick you and Louis up to head to the beach. When you get in the car you are greeted by four people.

"Gabby!" they all yelled

"Boys!" you yell back.

~At the hotel~

You had gotten your own room from the rest of the boys. You were told that you guys would be going to the beach in 15 minutes. So you quickly put on your pink bikini. You pulled on some short shorts and a crop top over the bikini.

~At the beach~

You were sitting in the sand tanning in your bikini, when Niall came over with a bucket of water and dumped it on you. You jumped up and screamed. You glared at Niall and started chasing him. The others were watching and laughing.

"Niall I didn't know you were scared of girls!" Lou yelled.

You stopped and looked at the others with the evil eye. They stopped laughing, they were now terrified. You started chasing them. After about 20 minutes you stopped to breathe correctly. Some one came up and picked you up over their shoulder. They threw you into the water. When you looked at who threw you in you saw Harry laughing his arse off.

~1 hour later~

You were sitting in you hotel room playing on your phone. There was a knock on your door.

*knock knock*

You got up and answered it. You saw Liam standing there with a bundle of roses.

"Gabby will you go to dinner with me?" he asks

"Sure just let me get ready" you say as you shut the door.

You went to your suit case and looked at the clothes you brought. You decided on a pair of red high waisted shorts and a stripped crop top. You grabbed your black flats. You put on a little bit of mascara and some lip gloss. You went to the door and opened it. You saw Liam standing there still.

"Liam you ready?" you asked.

"Yes" he says as he hands you the flowers.

~At dinner~

You were having a good time with Liam. All of the sudden you hear Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis' voices. The boys started singing you a song. After the song ended you looked at Liam.

"Do you forgive me Gabby?" he asks.

"I had a long time a go!" you say as you give Liam a kiss.


Hope you like it!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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