One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


6. Emma/ Louis

Emma's POV


Imagine you are sitting around your condo with your bestie Kat. When your doorbell rang you jumped up to answer it. And standing there was the one and only One Direction.

"Hello how may I help you?" you ask them and trying not to fan girls in their faces.

"Hello our ride broke down out side and we were wondering if we could stay here until our other ride gets here?" Louis asked.

"Sure. Come in. And my name is Emma!" you say and open the door more to where they can enter.

"Thanks love!" they say as they come inside.

"Your welcome. Oh and I have to say one thing my best friend Kat is here and she might scream in your face because she is a huge Directioner." you say before they enter the lounge.

"Hey Kat we got some Guests! Come and say Hi. But don't scream in their faces!" You say and she looks at you confused at first but when she sees the boys she then understands.

"Hey lads! I'm Kat and this our humble home" she says.

"Why thank you for letting us stay until we find another ride to our concert. I assume that you two are going?" Niall asks/ says.

"No we cant go we went to go and get tickets but they were sold out" you say to them and they get shocked faces.

"What?! You aren't going?!" Louis asks really surprised.

"Yea" you and Kat say kind of depressed.

"Well we can get you front row tickets and back stage passes." Zayn says.

"Yes we can!" Liam says.

"Really?" Kat asks.

"Yes it will be to repay you for letting us stay here for a while." Louis says.

Now that you get a good look at Louis you instantly fall for him. You stare at him for a minute until he looks at you.

"Kat want to help me get drinks for these handsome young men?" you ask Kat.

"Sure" she says and gets up and walks to the kitchen with you.

As soon as you get into the kitchen you say something you thought you wouldn't say before.

"Kat I think I'm in love!" you say and start to blush.

"OH WHO?!" she whisper yells.

"Louis Tomlinson" you say and blush a deep shade of red.

"I cant believe it." she says and envelops you in a hug.

You two quickly grab the drinks and walk to the lounge and hear whispering.

"Guys I think I'm in love" Louis whispers.

"With who?!" Zayn asks.

"Emma" Louis whispers and you go wide eyed.

You walk in and the boys look at you and Louis blushes a deep red.

"Hey so we got the drinks" Kay says.

You are also blushing a deep shade of red. You made eye contact with Louis and you two blush. Niall elbows Louis in the side and whispers something in his ear. Louis stands up and walks over to you and grabs your hand and drags you into another room.

"Emma I think I'm in love with you" Louis says and blushes.

"Lou I am in love with you two!" you say and Lou crashes his lips onto yours.

You two stand there and kiss for a good two minutes. When you two pull out of the kiss Lou asks you something.

"Emma will you be my girlfriend? And do you want to go on tour with us?" Lou asks you.

"Of course BooBear!" you yell.

You two live happily and you two get married and have twins named, Tianna and Tommy.

Author's Note:

Hope you like you imagine Emma! I am willing to make a part two for you!


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