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I fell In love with My Enemy's Best Friend


1. Chapter One

"Get up will ya"! My lovely big sister Mia yelled into my ear. "God why can't I just sleep In peace"? I asked my sister as I glared at her while she was laughing her ass off, with her perfect white shiny teeth and tan flawless skin, with her Blond Curls and her shiny Blue Eyes people can confuse her to be a model. While me I'm just a average caramel skinned with Dark Brown thick curly hair, brown eyes that can tell what I'm really feeling inside and just a average height of 4'10. Yup I'm short. "So why are you so excited for that you had to wake me up at 5 in the morning"? I asked Mia. "We'll little sister since your 18th birthday is coming up I decided to take us to a trip to Hawaii for the whole summer"! She yelled at me. "Plus I needed to get us packing so we can leave at 8am" she told me as if that wasn't an important detail. "But my birthday isn't until another week, why are you making us leave early"? I asked Mia. "Because we can have more time to enjoy our vacation, but if you want we could stay here and you can Handel Louis Tomlinson and his friends until we leave". She told me with a grin she already knew that she won. "Ugh fine you win"! I tell her as I get ready to pack. What will This summer bring In Hawaii, I'm not sure but I am sure that this summer is the one I won't forget.

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