Fixing Our Paradox

Super Heroes are perfect examples of the human imagination, and that’s exactly what Skylar Pierce believed them to be. Then her husband comes home claiming to actually be one, but stuck in a paradox world. Before she knew it she was torn from reality and thrown into her own comic book, trying to decide who to believe: Her loving husband or her own common sense.


2. Childhood Memories

I slammed the paint brush on the table, causing the cup of water to tip over. Water raced across the wooded surface, falling in some of the cracks, and over the edge like it was on a suicide mission before falling to the newspaper infested floor. I sighed as I looked over the mess I made.


"Great... Not only is there a mess on my canvas, now there's a mess on my floor!" I reached over to grab the small towelette I keep nearby, a soft green one with my wedding date on the corner, but I noticed it was gone. I was confused for a long moment, but then I realized I must have misplaced it once again. I was just about to throw another fit when I saw the dang thing float down in front of my face. I snatched it out of the air and turned to face the one who was holding it hostage, my husband Nathan Pierce. 


"Stressed?" His lips turned up slightly, showing off only a little bit of his teeth below them. His smile was always a bit calming to me, ever since the day we met. I could feel my aggravation loosen its hold on me, allowing me to take a breath at last. I looked up at him and gave him my own smile before I turned to clean up the water.


"When am I not?" I questioned, running the scruffy towelette across the rough surface of the table. Nathan came over and picked up the cup, setting it up right in its usual place beside the brushes. He was silent as he watched me clean up the mess. I gave him a small, awkward kind of smile as I knelt down to clean up the floor. He smiled back and then reached down toward me, offering his hand with a smile.


"Here, let me do that." He took the towelette from my hand and knelt down to the floor, wiping up the remains of the water. I smiled a bit and watched him just like he had watched me earlier. My loving smile slowly turned into a mischievous ine as an idea raced across my mind. With a small twist of the ankle I managed to kick some dirt off my shoe and into a small puddle of water. It mixed into a thick mud that prevented the towelette from soaking up. He looked up and gave me a playful look that he clearly was trying to pass off as a stern one. His eyes held laughter and his frown was battling the smile that twitched at the edge of his lips.


"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?" He slowly moved his legs underneath him,making it a lot easier to attack. "I just cleaned up your mess!"


"Half of the mess, Doctor Pierce." I retorted playfully, laughing as he suddenly shot up from the floor and grabbed my waist. He lifted me into the air, the mess forgotten and the towelette already making its way to the floor. I kicked gently and slapped at his back as giggles continued to spill out of me.


"Put me down you big bully!" I felt him laugh before I heard it, and that put a bigger smile on my face. He carried me over his shoulder out of my workshop and into the hallway. 


"You're working too much. I think we both need to just take a break." He adjusted me so I was in his arms now, looking down at me with a smile on his face. "I say we have a marathon..." He clearly saw the excitement in my eyes, because he smile grew wider. 


"What kind of marathon?" I asked as we made our way into the living room. He placed me on the couch, hovering above me as he kissed my forehead. 


"Your favorite of course. We're going to have a Disney Marathon." I laughed victoriously, or maybe more like a mad man. I knew where this was going, and I was ready to get on with it.

When one of us gets stressed out, the other always makes the suggestion of a Disney movie marathon. Every time we have a marathon, we take turns on who gets to pick the first movie. 

"Is it my turn to pick the first movie?" He tilted his head and looked off to the side, making it look like he was actually thinking about it. 


"I believe it's mine, but since you're the one in need of relaxing you can pick the movie." He laughed as I punched his shoulder gently. He stood up straight and was already giving me that knowing smile. Of course he already knew what that meant; we were watching Lady and the Tramp first.


"Go ahead and get the movie ready, I'll be right back..." His smile turned into a more content one, and he shook his head at my questioning glance. "Trust me, you'll enjoy what I have in store for you." Without another word, he walked off into the kitchen. I frowned after him but got up and went to the DVD shelf anyway.


I always put the movie in the same place, so I usually don't have to search the shelves to look for it when we have our marathons. This time though, it was clear that Nathan thought ahead. The movie wasn't in its usual place, and this kind of annoyed me.


"You moved the movie!" I shouted, hoping he could hear me from the living room. His laughter proved he did. I shook my head, but smiled anyway. I started my search on the first shelf, but was disappointed. I started to think over what Nathan would do, and went straight to the bottom shelf. Of course I found it there, right smack in the middle of Nathan's superhero movies.


I picked it up and opened the case, letting out another sigh of annoyance when I didn't find the DVD in the case. 


"Nathan Bradley!" I shouted, hearing him erupt into a fit of laughter.


"Sorry sweetheart, but I need to stall you," He shouted from the kitchen. I laughed quietly and looked around the room. Where would Nathan hide something? I looked over at the DVD shelf one more time. I thought maybe he put it in another case, but even he can't stand that kind of thing.


My search took me over to the couch. I dropped onto the soft cushions and switched the lamp on. The light glinted off the covers of Nathan's comic books. Nathan was a huge fan of comic book heroes. I never really understood his fascination with them, but he tells me they inspired him to become a chemist.


As I looked at the art on the cover, I thought finally hit me. I reached over and grabbed the comic book in the middle, shaking it out. Like I thought, the DVD fell into my lap. I should have known he'd hide it between the pages of his comic book. 


I laughed loud enough for him to hear me hopefully, and then made my way over to the DVD player. I checked the back of the disc for any scratches it may have gotten on its journey, then put it in the player. I grabbed the remote and then went back to the couch, ready hit the skip button and get to the main menu.


Nathan finally came into the living room again as I hit play on the menu. He was holding a large bowl with a dark substance in it. He shut off the kitchen light and came over to sit next to me, handing me a spoon.


"What's this for?" I asked as I looked into the bowl. I quickly realized what he was doing and looked up at him with excitement.


"You made brownie mix? We haven't done this since we were dating!" I laughed and got a spoonful of the chocolate mix, eagerly. My mother and I used to watch movies together and eat raw brownie mix when I was younger. It was something we did when we got bored, or happen to discover a box of brownie mix in the kitchen. Eating the mix now as we watched my favorite Disney movie brought back a lot of those memories.


I sat back and sighed, a small smile on my face. I haven't seen my family since we moved, and I barley even talk to them now. The memories were bittersweet in the end. I looked up at Nathan, his brown eyes were looking at me with concern he was trying to hide with a smile.


"You seem to make me love you more and more each day." I leaned over and kissed him gently, making sure I didn't lean into the bowl. He kissed back, cupping my cheek gently and then pulling away. He rubbed my cheek with his thumb and smiled. He took his finger and wiped it on my nose, leaving brownie mix hanging from the tip of my nose like a chocolate booger.


"I love you too, Sky." He laughed as I wiped my nose on his gray t-shirt. He wrapped one arm around my shoulders, letting me lean against him as we watched the movie and ate the mix. As we watched the movie, we picked characters and acted them out. I laughed as Nathan tried singing He's a Tramp in a Peggy voice.


Before I knew it I was asleep. I never got to finish the movie, but I remember faintly being picked up and moved. I groaned and protested to be put down, earning a small laugh as a response. I felt the soft mattress of our bed below me in no time, and shivered as the cold sheets touched my skin.


Quickly I was covered with a warmer blanket, and I fell asleep again with a smile on my face.

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