His Special Sister

Marcelina hasn't told her brother abt her life and her powers. Will she fall in love with someone from his band or will she runaway forever


2. The Boys

BUZZ BUZZ!! My alarm clock rang. Yeah school not. It's Monday and I'm already late to school so I'll just go get some Starbucks then go to school

(Skip car drive)

I finally got to school. It's about 10 so I have to go to history. 1 hour later it's lunch time. I find Marissa at our usual lunch spot.

"Hey Marissa. What did I miss?" I said to Marissa

"Hey um nothing but your mum told me that you need to be home after lunch so that's in like ten minutes." Marissa replied.

"Ok thanks. I feel like someone is here that I know other than you."

"You're probably just sleepy. We should have a sleepover tonight."

"Yeah. I'll ask my mum when I get home. See you later bye!"


I had to go through the office because the school closes it's gates for no apparent reason. I get to my car. It takes about five minutes for me to get home. I get home and there is an unfamiliar car in the drive way. When I get to the door I knock on it to make sure my mum is home. And guess who answered it..... LOUIS!!!

I ran and gave him a huge hug trying not to make a fire because I was so excited.

"Louis what are you doing here? I thought you were on tour with your band?" I said.

"Well we got off early. The boys wanted to finally get to meet you as well." Louis said.

"Were are they is love to meet them?"


Just as Louis said that four boys came out of Louis's old room. One of them stood out to me more than the others and that was the blonde one with beautiful blue eyes.

"Boys this is my little sister Marcelina." Louis said.

"I'm Harry." The one with curly brown hair and green eyes.

"I'm Liam." The on with short brown hair said.

"I'm Zayn." The one with black hair said.

"I'm Niall." Said the on who stood out. What a beautiful name.

Niall just stood their looking into my eyes like I was looking into his. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

"HELLO!!??" Louis yelled messing up the moment.

After that amazing day I had to go to my room and practice my powers. Today I'm learning how to heal dead nature. My training is so fun because when I'm hungry I can make an apple tree grow so I can have an apple or when I'm cold I can light a fire in my fireplace which is in my room.

My mum called and told that she has to take the night shift today and that we can order pizza. I had to get my room ready because Marissa was coming over in 20 minutes.

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