His Special Sister

Marcelina hasn't told her brother abt her life and her powers. Will she fall in love with someone from his band or will she runaway forever


3. the bonfire

Marissa was on her way. I got everything ready. When Marissa sleeps over we don't sleep in my house we sleep in a tree house that Louis and I built when we were younger.

DING DONG!! Marissa was here. I ran downstairs and there she was.

"Hey Marci." Marissa said.

"Hey. Would you like to meet the boys?" I said.


"Niall Louis Harry Zayn and Liam come down here there's someone that I want you to meet."

Marissa then met all the boys and she had a little moment with Harry. We then ordered pizza. I ordered cheese of course. I told Louis that we were going to the tree.

"Awww. You and Harry like each other. Someone got a crush." I teased Marissa.

After that I called Louis and asked him if he would like to come to our bonfire. Before the boys got here I used my powers to create a fire. I made some wind and grew about ten apple trees around the chairs I set up. Marissa was off getting would so it looked like it was man made and not power made.

"Hey Marci!" I heard Louis yell.

"Hey guys. Glad you could make it." I said looking at Niall.

"Hi Marcelina." I heard Niall say in his amazing Irish accent.

"Hey Niall could you please help me get fire wood? Marissa just got a little but I don't want the fire to go out." I asked making the fire start to die down.

"Sure Marci." He said.

We had to go to the wood shed which was not as far. Niall kept looking at me and I would look at him. Then we would stop and look the other way.

"So Marci. Are you dating anyone?" He asked out of no where.

"Actually no. What about you?" I asked

"Me neither."

"Ok. Umm can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah of course."


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