you again

hello im kelsy im dead.


2. Marci

Marci pov :

"Hey Kelsy" I say "hey Marci how's liam?" Kelsy says I don't think she's over him yet well I will tell her about him "um I took care of him after he told you to go to **** ya know ?" I say kind of scarcely "YOU DIDNT KILL HIM DID YOU ?" She says kind of scared "oh my god no I just told him off ya know like bi*** and F U stuff like that" I said kind of panicky "okay can I see him?" She's asking permission from me awwwww "of course just don't do something you will regret" I say kind of like the mother of us two besties "ok I'm going to go see him" kk says "okay bye kk" I say kk is her nickname and mine is m&m "okay bye m&m" kk says " wait" I say "yeah?" "Well do you want me to come with you just in case you need backup?" "Yes I would love that" she says then hugs me I hug her back and she whispers "I luv ya sister" I say "love ya too"

Kelsys pov :

Well here me and Marci go to Liam's. We sing on the way there . Then we go up to the door I knock and see liam standing there . He says "Kelsy odomingham?"

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