A sex dealer's toy. im a doll for this auction always bought, always then returned...


3. oh no...

Rose's POV:

I stumbled from the room I was in to the lobby of the huge house. I saw another man with curled hair lure a blonde haired girl into a room. A cute boy walked around shirtless, his joggers loosely hanging low.

" umm excuse me sir w where is the bathroom "

" this way, did Louis buy you? " he smirked

" yes he did " I nodded

" he always had a good eye haha this way gorgeous " he was still smirking as he led me to a large door. I thanked him as he walked away then knocked on the door.

" Enter babe " I walked in to the sexy sound of his voice.

" you haven't even got ready yet"

I didn't see him yet.

" w was I s suppose to change? " I asked dopey like.

" baby it's better cause now I get to change you " I felt a large body against my back towering over me. A pair of large hands resting in my hips and soft wet lips near my ear as he whispered those words to me. I shiver and he chuckled.

" mmm " he moaned as he put his hands round my front and slowly began taking off my top. Soon my top was off and his hands progressed to my jeans. I turned to him the second he had me in my pants and bra. He was completely naked and might I say really really sexy!

" staring at me only makes this take longer " he smirked meeting my gaze of his body.

" I am not staring if anything I wish you hadn't bought me ! " I said a little too coldly.

" you will want me you will " he put the bath's tap on and told me to strip down completely. I did as he climb into the tub.

" oh there's a good girl your so easy "

" I don't enjoy this remember I fake everything " I smirked

" not for long those moans will be from pleasure when I'm done with you " he smirked pulling me into the tub ontop of him.

" now hand down baby and do it hard I'm really horny "

He was one sick bastard my mind kept thinking how sick and gross he is and I wanted to be sick but I nodded and let my hand freely touch his length.

" wow you don't even cum "

" I don't do it that easily you aren't that hot "

" why did you buy me then ? "

" mmm you were the hottest out of all of the girls "

" so am I hot or not ? "

" mm that's for me to find out later " and with that he lifted me off him and we got out ...

Dear lord this guy is weird...

( A/N I have no idea what's wrong with me.... I'm so weird.... It will get better I promise! )

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