A sex dealer's toy. im a doll for this auction always bought, always then returned...


1. My Shit Life.


 Rose's POV:


 There is a fine line between being dead and dying, most people think dying is when your heart stops, or when you have breathed your last breathe, spoke your last word but it is not, dying is simply when the person you thought you were is gone...


 " Welcome to the auction! I hope you all know the rules, you pay up front first then claim your prize! " Is that what we are prizes? something to be won. Why? Why is this my life, I never wanted this, none of it. I'm 19, not considered beautiful or anything yet I'm here, the sex dealers. I didn't sign up for this crap. I was taken here by Paul, he took me 3 years ago, I have been bought so many times but always escaped, always re caught. I was in my tent, forced to put on makeup, my hair was auburn and curled with a black beanie slung over it, my green eyes covered in black eyeliner, my top was literally a second bra thing and I had on denim short shorts, that were really, really short. My sneakers were worn in but I still wore them.

 " Next up, a real prize, a true treat for the eyes, Primrose Ashes! " Paul announced my full name, how many times until that prick gets it through his thick head I prefer ROSE!!??

 I stumbled on stage trying to look as un-sexy as I possibly could. A scruffy brown haired man was in the front row, I stopped just staring at him, his hair also in a beanie, a bit of sexy stubble and those perfect shining eyes. his lips turned into a smirk as he eyed me up. I looked away blushing.

" Lets start the bid at £ 5000? " A man raised his hand.

" 5500? " another raised his and another.

" I will buy her for £ 100,000,000 " My jaw dropped. What. The. Actual. Fuck!

" We have a winner! " Paul banged his hand onto the podium of cardboard.

" Primrose Ashes SOLD to Mr Tomlinson !" Paul smirked, you could almost see the pound sign in his eyes and I'm pretty sure I heard the 'Cha Ch'ing' mumble from under his breathe.

 Paul finished the auction as I got my bag, I walked back out but Paul stopped me, he grabbed and squeezed my boob making me fluster as he whispered right up to my ear.

" What a prize " His devilish smirk showed as he let go and walked off, a load of money in a silver suitcase. I sighed and walked to the door, watching as the other girls I had grown to be friends with waved to me, a few in tears.

I stood waiting until a cloth was gagged over my mouth, my eyes closed as I was carried by strong hands.


( I know I knooooow another movella, im sorry I cant just finish one urgggggh! anyway im not happy cause no body really reads my movellas, if you do then DEAR GOD I LOVE YALL! but if not please give my writing a chance? please? I will love you if you do! pwease? haha - J )

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