A sex dealer's toy. im a doll for this auction always bought, always then returned...


4. Dinner

Rose's POV:

I wrapped a towel around me tightly as Louis walked out smirking. A few minutes later after fixing my hair I walked out. I looked down not wanting to see one of the guys. I ended up feeling a clothes body collide with mine, I looked up and saw a girl. Blonde hair, bright green eyes.

" Master- oh hi "

" hi, sorry, I'm Ro... "

" Rose, Louis' girl I know, I'm Arrin, Harry's girl "

" oh nice to meet you! Uh no offence but isn't Arron a -- "

" a boys name? Nope it can be a girls name and it's not Arron It's Arrin! " she was a short tempered girl. I shrugged it off.

" s sorry I'm d do you know where my r room is ? " she nodded and walked with me.

She talked to me about all the guys.

Her guy was Harry, curly hair, dimples.

" sounds like a dream " I joked laughing she just smirked.

Next she told me about Liam, then Zayn, Niall and finally Louis.

" so tell me more about Louis "

" seems like a good guy, funny bubbly always joking but since he bought you, your gonna see his darker side... That's not alway such a good thing. " I swallowed hard at her words.

Not always such a good thing...

I got to my room and opened the door.

" oh btw dinner is soon just go down this hall to the stairs go down them and take a sharp right and remember the silver rimmed chairs are for the girls never sit in a gold rimmed chair! " she rubbed her arm as she said that then walked off.

I closed my door and looked into the wardrobe. Wow. Slutty dresses everywhere. I chose the least sluttiest one, it was a little black dress that just about covered my bum, very right at the top and a little bit see through. Yes this was the least sluttiest outfit there was!


Minutes later I walked out, following Arrin's directions and walked into a room. A large table with ten chairs, five of them were gold rimmed with a red satin padded seats, the other five were silver rimmed.

" oh my god wow they even have nice chairs " I exclaimed out loud.

" haha that's not all that's nice " I felt the smirk in the voice as I jumped and turned to look...


" umm hi " he moved forward, grabbing my waist and harshly kissing my neck.

" Louis. Stop! " I ordered... Bad idea, his eyes grew darker and he towered above me, digging his nails into my waist.

" you call me King! " I shivered, his nails hurt me so bad. I had to stop it!

" yes King " my voice shook. So I straightened a bit more and began to kiss his neck, standing on my tip goes I kissed along his jawline to his lips and kisses him passionately. I felt something- eh nothing I felt nothing!

" better now sit! "

I ran and sat down on a sliver rimmed chair. The others began pouring in. Harry sat down with Arrin on his lap she had her arms around his neck and giggles things in his ear making him smirk.

Zayn walked in with a girl, he held a whip and the girl looked bruised... Badly.

Liam came in with a girl, she was half naked and on her hands and knees trying to move. I gasped after seeing her, my eyes Welles up in pain, I ran over to her, she looked at me nearly crying.

" control your dog Louis! "

" I'm NOT a dog! " I growled at him angrily. All the other girls stared even the other girl who walked in with Niall.

" feisty " Louis sat in the biggest chair smirking his face off, watching me.

" on your knees bitch! "

" I don't think so " I helped the girl to her feet and she thanked me. Liam stared at me then harshly slapped my cheek.

" SIT! " I followed his orders and got up and sat at the opposite end of Louis, we stared at each other. My eyes filled with anger, his with power.

" Doll " he smirked.

I looked up

" yes k King " I stuttered and half whispered the last word.

" my lap now "

" c coming " I stood and walked over to him and he pulled me onto his lap. He handed me a fork.

" what you can't eat yourself? "

" now " his hand went up my dress and he started to play with my pants. My eyes widened.

I began to feed him and every so often he would stop just so he could choke me with his tongue... Oh I mean so he would kiss me... Sick bastard.


Dinner finished and I got up.

" my bedroom baby let's go! " Louis smirked and I was pulled away by his hand, I left watching Liam hit the girl on the floor, pulling and actually ripping her hair out!

" that's what happens if you don't play nice baby girl then again I can't imagine you Paul's be as bad as her " he stopped and began letting his hand run down my sides. His head in the crook of my neck he began kissing along it look for my weak spot. He kissed right in the centre of the neck and shoulder and I shivered, gently moaning.

" found it " he smirked pulling my Into his bedroom...


A/N okay okay yes I'm a bitch for not updating I'm sorry babez!!! I just had a lot going on! That and Everytime I tried to update it would all just delete I have written this about 700000 times now! But I love you all so much hope you like this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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