A sex dealer's toy. im a doll for this auction always bought, always then returned...


5. Abuse

Rose's POV:

He was going to do it, do what so many like him had done to me before. He was gonna use me for his own sick and twisted pleasure.. No I wasn't going to let him... Never!

I had to think, I could just run he would catch me and I'd be in more pain when he did it, I could hit him.. No he is strong. I had to think... Every man has his weak point. I had to play him on make him think he was going to use me just to hit him where it hurts, literally...

I moaned loudly trying to sound convincing. He smirked against my skin the puts his hands to my dress and pulled it over me revealing my slutty, lacy underwear. The cold breeze of air swept against my skin making me shiver as his hungry eyes began devouring my body with his stare.

" Don't just look baby " I smirked he looked at me smirking wider and puts his hands to my back slowly tickling down my spine to my bum. He put his hand under the lace cloth of my panties and under til his hand grasped my ass.

I moaned more, with a little pleasure but only a little! .... Of course.....

I lay on the bed as he thumb made his way to my clitoris. He rubbed then slid a finger into me. I moaned then protested.

" King baby mm King let me let me pleasure you " I moaned out breathlessly, needy for his touch. He still had that smug look as he lay down. I seductivly pulled off his clothes, kissing down his stomach then let my hand touch his length. I grasped it in my hand and his smirk returned.

" And this baby is what happens when you have been a bad boy " I grew an evil smile across my face, cheek to cheek and I held it too tight and kneed him where it hurt. His smirked wiped clean off replace by a loud " ARGH " and then as I began to run, I found the door... Locked. He ran up to me and threw me to the ground. His fist attacking my body and every so often kissing me harshly. Not seductive but too much. He ripped off my bra and kisses down my cleavage then lifted me and tied me to the bed post.

" You dick " I murmured then moaned enjoyably at the harsh punishment of his lips securely around my nipple, sucking hard then his lips and tongue searching my body. He moved down, down, down then started to eat me out, my moans would not stay in and they were real, real pleasure moans. He then tongues me hard, everything was so rough... I loved it it was such a turn on so much power on his tired yet furious eyes his sweaty hands rubbing my body making me want him inside me. I felt almost loved... Well that was until ... He brought brought out the knife...

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