A sex dealer's toy. im a doll for this auction always bought, always then returned...


2. A New Doll House



 Rose's POV:

 I woke up in a large room, a double bed beneath my body. I guess this is my new play house. I had been nicknamed the 'Doll' after my big doll like eyes, stupid I know, but that's why I named each place I went to as my ' new doll house '.

  I took in my surroundings for a bit then notice I was in the same clothes as last night. I kept turning my head, looking for a quick escape when a voice of a strong, thick Irish tone came singing in.

" Wow, Louis scored a good one this time !" He licks his smirked lips then moved onto the bed. I'm sure he wont mind if I give you a try!" he winked moving under the covers. Normally any smart person would kick him in the balls and run to escape but, hey I have done it before and it's too early.

 " What's your name? " He smirked, eyes focusing on my body under the warm covers.

 " Doll " I lied.

 " Doll? mmm that's cause your my new play toy " He moaned taking my hand to his chest. I knew where this is going, he also seemed quite abusive.

 " Here is the rules sexy, Louis bought you but we all get a bit of you, there are five of us, you know how to pleasure someone then do it, never complain, always call us either sir, daddy, babe, king or master, never try to escape and never repeat never EVER get attached to one of us. "

 " Yes sir " I sounded seductive, his face loosened and he began sucking my neck. I rubbed his chest then moved my hand lower against his body. I left my hand around his stomach then the cute man from last night walked in as the irish one put his hand up my bra forcing me to fake moan, yes fake moan, I wasn't getting any pleasure out of this!


" Get Out Niall! " He seemed mad at sir.

 " Louis come on.. " Louis picked Niall up and chucked him off the bed. Niall ran out the room.


 " Rose, I bought you, you mine understand ?" I nodded in agreement.

" Good meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes. " He walked out.

" Yes master. " ohhhhhh fuck.



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