The Vampire's Passion

Whisperia loves her best friend, Drake, but can't stand his plots for revenge when they go too far, so when he threatens to harm her friends for the ultimate revenge a revenge that some don't come unscathed from, it's the Vampire's passion against a feisty witch.


4. Outlooks and Realizations(3)

Chapter 3

Dean's Point of View

I awoke to torchlight. I looked around carefully, I was in...a massive throne room with three columns in a triangle shape. Wait....Throne room?!??! Where in the WORLD was I??

I heard a whimper to my left and a growing moan to my right and I realized...I was tied up to one of the three columns, the one in front, the point of the triangle.

The thrones were in the center of the room raised up about 5 steps, covered with a red carpet, made of what looked like shimmering silk.

The thrones were under a canopy hanging from 2 of the 3 windows behind the throne. One of the thrones was pompous looking with bejeweled rubies and emeralds on the tip and it was made of gold and it was taller than the other one next to it.

The other one was smaller, made of gold but un-bejeweled. The canopy was made of a royal blue thick fabric that flowed with elegance.

I craned my neck behind me, the ropes that held me bound to the column restricting my movement. All I could tell is that there was a girl and another boy tied to the columns.

"Welcome! It's about time you've awoken!!" A booming voice cried from the bigger throne. The voice was rich and smooth, not at all a nervous word in the mess. He sounded confident.

The man in the throne, sat like a king. He was so relaxed and looked in place with such an aura coming off him, the air seemed to grow colder. He had a mask covering his face, a white forehead to nose mask. His eyes were an icy blue, but they were bright and....vacant.

His hair was pulled back against his head, but one strand fell over his eye. It was so thick thin, it seemed like it was in a purposeful position.

He wore a black button up, and black slacks. He didn't look stronger than me, but the way he held himself, and held his fangs in the open, he must've known, or thought that he was stronger than me.

His arm was draped across the other throne. The throne that sat a woman. A woman with red, wildly blood red hair and storm grey eyes. There even started top be flashes of light in those eyes, like lightning, must've been the torch near her throne.

The woman was smirking, her black lips smooth while her long red hair framed her face, some of the curls in her hair so...perfect, the curls had to be natural.

It partly covered her black mask, a crescent under each eye, but with a blue tear painted under her left eye. She wore a deep red dress, one that hugged her hips and had two thin straps holding it in place.

She had one leg draped up over another leg, a slit in the dress revealing perfectly tan skin. She looked sooo familiar, yet...I couldn't place it. I couldn't place it!

"Welcome." The man repeated, standing, an English accent betraying a hint of a human behind the mask.

"This wondrous throne room is only a fraction, of my beautiful castle." He stepped onto the first step, his smile a genuine mystery. It was sly, by honest, chilling, but warm.

It was everything and nothing. He took a look at everyone in the room, his eyes, so cold and vacant seemed to stare right through me.

"I hope you all, honestly and openly, enjoy your stay as my- as our' he looked at the woman again, a sweet forming, but it was soon cold and sarcastic, "Guests" he said carefully, the world a chill in the air.

If this was how they treated guests, I wouldn't want to be family.

The man bowed, a precise motion, his eyes held my gaze as he dipped, as if he knew I was the one to watch and had to be careful around.

The girl, the queen if he was king, stood up, pulling her dress up with her. She walked down the 5 steps(I counted), and landed on the space in front of me.

She smiled, a smile so sweet it was bitter, and curtsied, a flourish of her dress and a dip of her knees.

Her voice was soc delicate and precise, I couldn't imagine how if fit perfectly with a girl who hear seemed to match the man's eyes. ICY. "I'm sure you're all wondering-"

"Why are we here?!?!?!?!?!?" A hysterical voice, the girl to my left, begged, pleaded, and sobbed all in one sentence.

Her breathing was hitched up so high in her throat, she couldn't possibly be taking enough air.

The world seemed to freeze in that second. The woman, her eyes grew bright, her lips upturned into a snarl so menacing, the air grew cold.

"HOW. DARE. YOU. INTERRUPT. ME!!" She roared, her voice, louder than a lion's battle cry. I felt like shrinking into the ropes, avoiding what seemed to be blood spilling.

The woman raised her arm out taut, her palm outward, then she slowly began to compress it inwards, moving it into a fist. The girl in the back began to breath unnatural and then soon, her breath was no more than a painful wheeze.

I couldn't help it, I pulled against the ropes, I felt like holding her down, and screaming 'Why?? Why?? Why??'

Then, suddenly, She released her fist, breathing out as she did so, her shoulders relaxing, and suddenly, I saw why, I saw the man behind her, touching her shoulder and whispering words into her ear.

She relaxed and soon he sat down and she smiled, so bright, and bubbly, and so happy, like nothing had happened. In the back of the room, I heard the girl crying slowly, her breath coming in painfully slow.

"Like I was saying, before I was interrupted," she glared at the girl, "This situation may be temporary, but it you, " she looked each of us in the eyes, " all of you-who decide, whether or not you'll be a guest," she smiled slowly, showing her pearly whites, as the look grew evil, "Or prisoners," she really smiled now, her eyes stormy and dark, evil and proud, but in a weird sort of way, honest.

"My name is nonessential," she continued, "but if you must call me something," she smiled at me, her gaze softening, her eyes normal," you may call me," she breathed in and released the name in that breath, " Whisper."

My eyes widened and she looked away, it all fit! The name, the look, the face, the air, all but ne think....the personality. I deflated, had all those years of HER being quiet, nice, silly, and loving, had that been a lie? Or...had I never know really?

Whisper smiled starkly again, curtsied, and returned to her seat, as the man stood. "My name is essential to your survival, " he grinned, "I am your mercy, your savior, you link to life," his eyes narrowed, "I am....Angel."

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