The Vampire's Passion

Whisperia loves her best friend, Drake, but can't stand his plots for revenge when they go too far, so when he threatens to harm her friends for the ultimate revenge a revenge that some don't come unscathed from, it's the Vampire's passion against a feisty witch.


3. Only for a little bit...(2)


Chapter 2

The strobe lights, not many patrons, a bartender not paid enough to care; this was perfect.


I closed my eyes, blending into the shadows by the door, focusing on the pink 'lines' in my mind, which if I followed, would lead me to the others.

I 'tugged' on the Drake's-the brighter, darker shade of pink. I sent a message, tugging on the line for each word.


"I'm here. Be out front in 30"


His response was like mandarin oranges in my mouth, a bright orange in my mind, with a tinge of pink.


"I'll be there, don't let me down"


I cut the signal, smiling slightly, telepathy always left the taste of nutella in my mouth when I cut the signal. Everyone had a different flavor, a...distinction for the mind.


I grinned, and pushed my black hair band in the center of my long, red wavy hair, the hair band breaking up some of the built in curls. A loose strand fell over my eye and I let it stay there.


I walked towards the table near the back for a guy was already sitting there, relaxed, with a empty witches brew in front of him.

I could smell the eyes of newt and I had to stop my mouth from drooling. I clung to my jeans nervously, picking at the fabric.


"Dean?" I asked, questioningly, leaning over into the boys face, so we were inches apart, our eyes meeting.

The boy blinked and pushed his chair back, his emerald green eyes wide and quite surprised. It took all my power not to laugh, he looked so cute!

He had a hair clip pinning most of his blonde bangs straight back.

"Dean! It is you!" I cried with fake happiness, reaching forward to hug him, wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders.

He froze up, then awkwardly patted my shoulders before I pulled away. That was too

I felt like I was covered in his cologne, and I had to force myself not to gag at how surrounded I felt.

"Um...Hi.....Whisper." Dean awkwardly said, unclipping the clip in his hair. "um...this" he motioned to the clip, "isn't mine, it's's um..."

I smirked, and supplied an answer for him "A friends?"

Dean's eyes widened, then he smiled, almost genuinely, "Yeah, a friends"

I smiled sadly, Dean always was nice. He used to be able to make me laugh, shake my head at his stupid little tricks, and then cry from stories of before I met him.

He used to be my best No! I told myself, 'Don't go there'

"Um...Whisper?" Dean asked

"Hmm?" I asked, smiling.

"I...have to I have to go." He said, nodding to himself. I raised an eyebrow. He still lied the same.


Dean began to stand, 'NO!' I thought, 'I was losing him.'

"Please stay." I begged, jumping forward to hold his hand, touching the soft part between his thumb and his pointer finger.

Dean froze, looking me right in the eye, then he looked down at where our hands met, at where my hand seemed to be losing itself in his.

Dean, didn't pull away, he moved to the chair he'd just left from, holding my hand. I smiled at him, looking up through my eyelashes, all think and glossed with mascara.

"Only for a little bit, okay?" he said sternly, staring me down. I grinned sweetly.

"K!" I chimed out, childishly in a small voice. 'I'll only need a little bit...' I thought.



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