The Vampire's Passion

Whisperia loves her best friend, Drake, but can't stand his plots for revenge when they go too far, so when he threatens to harm her friends for the ultimate revenge a revenge that some don't come unscathed from, it's the Vampire's passion against a feisty witch.


6. Choices and Choices(5)

Chapter 5

Dean's Point of view

The cell we were in barely held three people easily. It was cramped, with cement floors and steel bars. There was a small window about the size of a port window, like in a ship.

Rena, the girl with liquid brown eyes and honeysuckle blonde curls, the girl who's outspoken earlier, was still shivering.

It hadn't gotten worse though. Her breathing was like a vacuum, one long breath in, a short breath out, the small breath out an obnoxious wheeze.

I turned out I knew the other boy, it was Ben Sanders, a boy with hair like ebony. His skin was like ivory, and his eyes with silver and gold flecks.

Ben was laying on one of the harsh cotton cots, his legs up and his arms spewed across his face. He was the leader of the No. 2 team, The Fighters.

He and I had only met once or twice, but between those times we kept in contact. We haven't met since back when.....back when....well we haven't met since a while ago!

Ben's stomach rumbled and I remembered Werewolves had to meet more often than a normal human.

Rena, who'd since been sitting on the floor, raised herself unsteadily to her feet, wrapping her arms through the steel bars.

"Helooooo??" she called, coughing dust into her arm. "Is anybody here????" She asked, whining, as she coughed up more dust, her voice obnoxious and desperate.
I groaned, why couldn't she just be quiet?? This wasn't the first time yelling down the halls of cells. No one had responded though before.

"Will you just shut up already?!?" A annoyed voice asked, a growl beneath the voice.

A boy, about 18 asked, his black hair draped in front of his brown gold-flecked eyes. The boy was tall, maybe taller than me. He was a lot muscular, with broad shoulder.

He was obviously a werewolf, with the strong but almost bony features like Ben He had sharp canines, which were a pearly white.

He leaned forward, latching his hands around Rena's wrists, as she struggled to pull away, her eyes a muddy color. She didn't look scared, she hardly looks fazed.

"I swear, next time you try to talk, I won't hesitate top crack you neck and all your pretty little friends inside there." He sneered, jutting his chin at Ben and me.

I glared, hopefully Rena got the message. Rena glowered at him, holding her chin high and she yanked her arms away from him.

"Angel wants us alive!" she said, as if in justification. The guy sneered, "How would you know?" he coked his head, "or even better, how do you know that I care about what Angel wants?" Rena had no smart answer to that.

"I thought so." The guy muttered, walking away with a smug look on his face as he grumbled under his breath, his heavy steps sounding farther and farther away.

Rena pulled away from the bars, a heavy sob forming in her throat, her eyes glassy. That heavy fearless attitude about her seemed to disappear and soon he was biting her lips, turning away from us to let the tears fall. She was scared.

"You're a fear suppresser aren't you?" Be n asked, inching on his butt towards her. She looked up at him thought here heavy lashes

.She nodded carefully, whispering, "Yes."

"What's a fear suppresser?" I asked, glancing back and forth between Ben and Rena A bond seemed to be forming between them, a bond of trust.

Rena swallowed heavily, speaking delicately and quietly, breathing in and out the dust in the air.

"It's um...something I can do, a, a, a," she bit her lip, racking her brain for a word.

"It's a rare ability. An ability mostly hybrids obtain. They usually don't live to 18, because the ability suppresses Fear, as if the controller doesn't know what it even is, causing them to be very, VERY reckless, but only in the face of danger.

The affects come after they've achieved avoiding the feeling. " Ben supplied, smiling stiffly at Rena. Rena smiled thankfully.

" mix, I mean-" Rena cut me off.

"I'm a Witch Fairy. Father's a warlock, Mother's a taller than normal Fairy."

", how old are you?" I asked Rena but I think I already knew the answer.

"I turn 18 in a month," Rena said, hiding her eyes. I nodded, right. But if thing turned out how they were now, Rena might never see her 18th birthday.


Whisperia's Point of view

"You want to have a WHAT??" I asked, incredulous.

"A dinner. Tonight." Bellini sang, smiling with her white pearls known as teeth, her eyes happy and wide. Drake, standing next to her, looked close to sharing that happiness.

"With our prisoners??" I asked, wide eyed.

"Guests," Drake corrected, pouting. I resisted rolling my eyes and just stared back and forth at the two of them. That's when I rolled my eyes, catching eyes with Niklaus by the door of the kitchen, leaning angrily against the wood.

"They're prisoners and you know it!" Niklaus sneered, taking a few cautious steps towards Drake. Drake met Nicklaus halfway, leaving them inches apart. I pulled Bellini away from the two, pulling her to me, wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

Bellini looked up at me, her eyes shivering with the two of them seeming dripping in testosterone. I held Bellini with my nails, maybe holding more for my sake then hers. This looked bad.

Niklaus, ever since I knew him, was the type to defy power, but never had he defied Drake. All of us-Drake, Bellini, Vladimir, Niklaus and I had become a family, but in our family- Drake was the boss.

It was an unspoken rule never to defy him. In the sense of us being a pack, he was the Alpha.

The two glared at each other, electricity sparking as the two vied for power. The air was claustrophobic and only Drake could have broken that silence when he did.

"I'm the Alpha here." He said, Niklaus nodded.

"I know." He replied

"Stand. Down." Drake spoke slowly, as if he hoped it wouldn't go in one ear and out the other.

"They're awake!!!" a frantic Vladimir cried, running into the room, stopping himself just barely to where he wasn't going to run into Drake and Niklaus.

Vladimir looked at us all awkwardly, "Is this a bad time?"

"No." Drake and Niklaus answered at the same time, never breaking eye contact. I didn't breath, it was frozen in my throat.

Nicklaus did nothing for a second, then as if he realized what he was doing, he bowed his head, casting his head to the ground as he backed off.

"Sir..." He said, respectfully. I smiled, reaching out and holding one of Niklaus' shoulder, grasping the tensed muscle between his neck and shoulder.

"Good Job, Niklaus." I muttered, moving to stand near Nicklaus. Niklaus said nothing, but I knew how hard t must've been for him to back down.

If anyone was to mess with Drake, it would be Niklaus, but he would also be the first to back down.

Drake smiled, and patted Niklaus on the shoulder, slapping him forward by the sheer power in the "pat".

"VLAD!" Drake snapped turning to Evan.

Vladimir snapped to attention, pulling his feet together, saluting Drake. "Sir, Yes Sir!!" he cried, ever so the soldier.

"Whisperia," Drake said, not looking back at me, "Go with Evan to collect, our...guests from their quarters." He commanded. Vladimir nodded and returned to the door, waiting for me.

"Why?" I asked, not bothering to move and inch. Drake smiled and turned to look at me slightly, "We have a dinner to prepare."

Bellini, still partly in my arm, squealed, and leaped forward, hugging Drake from his side.

"Thank yoooooooouuu!!" She squealed, she let go of him and skipped to the fridge behind me, smiling happily at Niklaus and me.

I looked at Niklaus.

"Should I go?" I sent to his head.

Niklaus rolled his shoulder back and hides a frown.

"Just go." He sent back, the scent of new dirt and the night air seemingly breathing into my head, like Niklaus was sighing out the smell.

I cut the line their accepting the nutty nutella taste as I smiled at Drake, brushing the piece of hair that fell in front of my face behind my ear, before Drake could reach over for an excuse to touch my face.

"It better see my favorite on that table, Bell!!" I called to Bellini as I met Vladimir by the door.

"Homemade Witches' brew coming' right up!!" Bellini sang, humming a sweet tune. I smiled, this shouldn't be all that horrible. I left with Vladimir out the door, releasing a huge breath that I realized had been hiding in my throat.

That had been more than enough confrontation than I was comfortable with. I had never known Niklaus to defy Drake, and it was not a easy sight to bear.

As soon as we were down the hall and out of earshot, Vladimir stopped me under a flickering torch, the smell of oil wafting from the wick.

"What was all that in there?" He asked me. His eyes said he wanted an honest answer. I sighed.

"It's Niklaus idea of a power struggle." I muttered, walking faster down the hall. It was then, walking away from Vladimir that I realized, I had just trusted Niklaus judgment more than Drake's.

"Hurry up!" I yelled behind my shoulder at Vladimir who was trying to pace my walk. "If we're late to dinner, it'll be punishment from the 'King' that'll be our dinner" I sneered, laughing at that thought.

Vladimir didn't find it funny. He gave me a look.

"'People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.'" He muttered.

"What?" I asked.

"Theodore Roosevelt, a human thought his whole time, not even one bite from a vampire and it applies so well to us. To all of us." He said quietly.

He looked me square in the eye. "If Drake is our boss, I rather have Niklaus be our leader."

He didn't say anything else the whole walk to the dungeons.

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