Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


21. We should try it sometime.

Hailey's POV   It had been a while since I last had that kind of fun. Laser Tag was great and dinner was also good but since everyone was there I had to eat and I wasn’t going to throw up in a public restroom so I settled on waiting until we got home. When we finished we all decided on spending the rest of the day at Zayn's place. Everyone went out to the backyard, I excused myself and checked that no one followed me into the house then went to the restroom and locked the door. I did my thing, and threw up, just like that. It's been a couple of weeks since I started and I actually have been losing weight, so it was working. I flushed the toilet, took my tooth brush from my bag and brushed my teeth. I finished and unlocked the door when I opened It saw Zayn standing there. How long has he been there? Did he hear?
"Hailey what were you doing?" He asked sternly. Shit. I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about.
"What do you mean?" I frowned
"You know what I mean"
"Uhm, no... I don’t"
"I hate it when you lie to me"
"God, Zayn. I’m not lying!"
"Yes you are, I know when you’re lying, and it’s not the first time I hear you" I looked down at my fingers
"Why do you do it? Is it because of something that prick told you?"
"Zayn, it has nothing to do with him. This is about me" He shook his head
"I can’t even get my eyes off you for one second because you’re already off doing something stupid" "Why do you care anyway? You haven’t known me for that long" I tried to push past him annoyed but he stopped me.
"Hey, look at me" he tilted my head up with his index finger "I do care. I care because you are like another one of my sisters and I can’t watch you do this to yourself and do nothing about it." I bit my lip not knowing what to say.
"You don't have to say anything, but we will have to do something about that" He said and I hugged him "I love you" I said, obviously in a brother-sister kind of way "I love you too" He responded.
We went back outside and everyone was laughing and we joined in. Suddenly Niall stopped laughing and looked at Zayn. "Weren't you going for something to drink?" He questioned "Oh right, I forgot" He stood up and made his way back inside.
I shook my head and laughed. I was walking over to an empty chair but bumped into someone. I looked up to see Harry "Oh, Sorry" He apologized "Don't worry" I waved it off and smiled. I was about to keep walking when his big hand took my wrist and pulled me. "What?" I smiled confused "Come on" He started walking, my hand in his. I enjoyed it.
"Where are we going?" I asked as he pulled me out of the house.
"For a walk" He replied we got to a park near Zayn's flat and sat down in the grass.
"You know, we have never got to know each other well" He frowned
"I guess we haven't" I realized I knew nothing about Harry.
"Tell me about yourself" He said.
"What do you want to know? I'll answer anything"
"Let's see, how about your accent, what is it?" I laughed and bit my lip, it was a habit of mine.
"Uhm... Its Australian slash American, I guess"
"You've lived in Australia?" He asked amused
"I was born there, but I moved to LA when I was 7, so I ended up with this weird accent"
"I like it, it suits you" He grinned and I did too.
"What about you? Tell me something about yourself"
"I like cats" He said playfully and I giggled
"That's a beautiful sound" He complimented and I looked down at my finger as I lightly pulled on the grass, to hide my red face. What is wrong with me? I never blush! He tilted my head up
"Don't do that, I liked seeing your face" He said and I just kept the conversation going before I blushed again.
"I like them too, but I'm definitely a dog person" He nodded
"Do you have any siblings?" I asked
"Yes, an older sister, her name is Gemma, best sister ever. Do you?"
"An older brother, Mike, and a younger sister, Kylie" I smiled at the memory of them.
"It seems like you're close"
"We are" I half smiled
"Do you have a boyfriend?" His question took me off guard but I answered it anyway.
"Uh, no... I don't"
"Good" He said. A cheeky smile on his face.
"Ok, my turn. First kiss?" I smiled, interested on his answer
"I was twelve, I remember it was against a tree"
"That's sounds like a great first kiss"
"Very comfortable actually" He played along "We should try it sometime" He laughed, I smiled and kept quiet. Why do I get so nervous around him?
"Your turn to ask"
"Let me think... Uhm, Are you a virgin?" He asked confidently. This question was the one that could really get to me. I mean, I wasn't a virgin when Tyler raped me but either way it made me think of it.
"No... I'm not a virgin, are you?" I asked wanting to take the subject off me.
"Yes" He smirked
"You're such a liar!" I slapped his chest making him laugh.
"Alright, alright. I'm not" We both
"You're an idiot" I shook my head. We kept talking for a while until we had to go.
"Come on, it's late. We better get back before they start worrying" He stood up and helped me up. I picked my phone up and we started walking back. We got to the flat and entered, everyone was in the living room.
"Where were you? You've been gone for nearly four hours" Emma said worriedly. I didn't even realize how long we had been gone.
"We went for a walk" Harry said simply.
"Did you get some?" Louis laughed earning a slap in the head from both Harry and Eleanor.
I blushed and Emma saw, her eyes almost pop out of my head. When I said that I never blush I meant it, like ever! I knew that look, she was going to make me tell her every detail later, even though nothing happened.
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