Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


17. Way more beautiful than her

Emma’s P.O.V.

Harry and I were ending  a video call with  KateChloeLily & Mia, well practically just me because Harry was behind me making silly faces to make my sisters laugh. Just as I pressed the end icon a call from Niall entered and a smile instantly appear on my face 

“Well well well, look who's calling Emma” Harry said trying to annoy me but I just rolled my eyes and answered the call.

“Hello?” I said 

“Hey Emma, how you doing?”

“Hi Niall, Good, just finished talking with my babies & you? What's up?” 

“Oh hi Niall, my sexy leprechaun, I love you and I want to kiss you and…” Harry said imitating my voice near my phone so Niall would be able to hear him

“That's nice... Hmm actually I was wondering if you were busy today because some friends are having a party and I was going to ask yo…”

“Harry stop it! ” I told Harry laughing because he still was bothering me 

“Sorry you were saying Niall”

“Is Harry with you?” He said a little annoyed 

“Yeah but go on, he was just being obtrusive and childish as usual” I told him staring at Harry but he just put his hands on his chest like as if my words really hurt him but I just ignored him. I stood up and kept listening to Niall 

“Oh no it’s just… well I thought you weren't busy, but now that I know you have company…”

“ Harry?..." I giggled as if Niall had said the most stupid thing“...Not at all Niall, I'm not busy” I said hoping he finished inviting me “So… you were asking?"

“Are you sure? " He said still not convinced


“Well, I was gonna ask if you would like to come with me? You know, with my friends and I to the party”

“Yeah sure!” I answered and a smile appeared on his face

“Great, I’ll pass by Harry’s flat at eight?




I took a last look at myself in the mirror and decided to go downstairs to wait for Niall. I went to the kitchen to take a glass of water and saw Harry taking a banana.

“You look nice, are you going out?” Harry said peeling the banana

“Yes, Niall invited me to something with his friends” I said taking a sip from the glass of water I had served.

“Come on Em, don't act all chilled, like it is no big deal, I know you are dying inside” Harry said sending me a glance but I just laughed

“Hey if you see Hailey can you tell her that I went out, I knocked on her door but she didn't answer” I changed the subject

“Send her a message” he said biting his banana trying to ignore the issue

“Harry please, don't act like a child, it won’t happen if you ignore her, remember why we came here in the first place? Didn't you want to know her better and all that stuff?” I said and then the door bell rang and Harry took the chance to avoid my talk and went to open the door. 


“Emma, Niall is here” Harry screamed from the door 

I went to the entrance and before I reached the door I ran into Harry

“I want you here at 10 missy no more, not less” he told me supposedly authoritative

“Yeah sure Dad, and especially because it is eight and I’ll be there just an hour and half, counting a thirty minute car ride” I told him and laughed

“Don't talk to me like that young lady”

“When you talk to Hailey I’ll stop talking like that, ok Dad?” I said triumphal and winked at him 

“Emma!” he said angry 

“Just kidding Hazza you know I love you but please at least try with Hailey” I kiss his cheek, said goodbye and went with Niall




The road to Niall's friend house was a little long but it didn't seem like it because we were talking and he was constantly laughing and his laugh made me laugh even more, I really liked his company and I think he enjoyed mine too.


“Go ahead” he said opening the door for me, when we arrived

“Thanks” I said smiling 

“Wow, this is a nice place Niall, who’s house is it?” I told him admiring the house and when I looked at him he was staring at me 

“You look beautiful” he said looking straight in my eyes like he didn’t even realize what he was telling me, and he's eyes just made me want to melt on the inside, I was already feeling all the blood going to my cheeks, thank God it was dark outside or he would have noticed that I blushed at his comment but nothing came out of my mouth and he just turned to see the house 

“Yeah come on, lets get inside because it’s a little bit cold here” he said nervous, I guess maybe because I didn't react at his compliment or something, I felt really stupid.





When we enter, the house was full of people, and Niall took me to a circle of guys

“Look who's here!” A tall guy with the same eye color as Niall said enthusiastic so the rest of the group turned around 

“Deo” Niall said with a big smile on his face and went to hug the guy 

“Hey man, it's been a while since we last saw each other” 

“I know, how you doing?” Niall asked sincerely, really wanting to know how the guy was, I guess they are really close or something 

“Not as good as you, man” the guy told him turning his eyes towards me and my cheeks quickly turned a shade of pink

Niall laughed a little bit, and turned to look at me, and put his hand on my back approaching me to the group 

“Guys this is Emma, Emma this are the guys” he said and we laughed at the way he introduced us 

“Hi guys nice to meet you” I said and they all stared to say their greetings too.


Niall seemed to be really popular because after he introduced me to Matt, Martin, Deo, and all those guys. People wouldn’t stop coming to say hi to him. It was kind of weird at first because I didn't know anyone but it was easy to notice who where really his friends, because they asked him how he was doing and actually talked to him and acted “normal” around him and not just him but they were really nice to me, on the other hand you could quickly recognized who said hi to him just because he was famous now.


“I’m sorry, I haven't paid enough attention to you” Niall said to me with a worried expression on his face when some of his friends left 

“Don’t worry Niall, I imagine it’s been a long time since you saw them, and I’m sure that you miss them as much as they miss you” I told him being totally honest at the fact that I didn't mind at all

“Even so, I invited you and we haven't even talked, but I promise to reward you for the lost time” he said and winked at me. My heart just stop a little at what he just did because the way he said it just made me think that he was flirting with me or something but I didn't want to start deluding myself with things that weren't true so I just ignored it.

“Ok, First how about a drink? Do you want more of what you where drinking or something else?” he asked taking the glass I was holding

“Whatever you want is fine” I told him

“Ok, I’ll be right back” he said and disappear between all the people. 

I was feeling really stupid standing all alone staring at the direction Niall just went, when suddenly a hand took mine and turned me around 

“Hey you’re Emma right?” Deo, the guy Niall introduced me when we first arrived and I remembered as his cousin told me

“Yes, I am, and your are Deo and Matt no?” I said releasing my hand from his and turned my look to the other guy too

“Yes we are” they both said and laugh 

“What are you doing so alone?” Deo asked me and took a sip from his drink  

“I’m just waiting for Niall, he went  for some drinks” I said

“Well, he shouldn't leave such a beautiful lady alone or someone could take her from him” Matt said flirting but I just ignored him and took it as a joke because he was Niall’s friend so I laughed a little and said 

“Oh I’m sure he's not even worried, we are just friends” 

“So, No Niall ” Matt stated 

“No Niall” I told them flirting with them too, just playing along 

“ And, what part of America are you from? You’ve got a strong accent” Deo asked 

“I was born in Miami but I live in LA” I explained

“So, hot beach girl…” Matt said 

“…With sexy accent” Deo finished saying but by now they were more close to me and I could smell their breaths filled with alcohol, they kept making me conversation and I was really enjoying their company, they were nice guys in spite of their dazzle, but still I was hoping Niall would come back soon with the drinks, but to my surprise when I started looking for him I saw him with other girl, it looked like a guy was introducing them, she was gorgeous and I’m sure I have seen her before, and when she turned to see Niall when he was walking to this direction, I recognized her, she was Barbara Palvin, one of my favorite models, damn how can you compare her with me, she was perfect! 

“You are way more beautiful than her” Matt got closer to me and whispered in my ear

I laughed a little a told him “Thanks Matt, but I’m sure you don't even know what you are saying”

“Hey I’m not that drunk, I mean it, If Niall doesn't want you…” he said getting closer to my face, and for a second I thought he was going to kiss me but then he stepped back quickly when he saw Niall coming. 

“Here…” he said giving me a drink “Sorry it take so long, hope you like it” he said smiling 

“Don’t worry, thanks” I told him smiling back

“My offer is still standing sweetie” Matt whispered again in my ear

“I’ll keep it in mind” I whispered back and winked at him, taking advantage of the situation to see Niall’s reaction, and when I stepped back getting next to Niall, he put his arm around my waist and left his arm there and continued talking to Deo and Matt, obviously I reacted at his actions normal not wanting them to know the swirl of emotions I was having inside, Because I was happy because that was my purpose, making him jealous but at the same time I was confused because I never thought he was going to do something like this, friends don't do this right? so should I follow him and act all lovely too or should I ignore it?,Yeah sure Emma as if you could! I mean I felt a wave of chills where his hand had just passed! Damn I’m falling hard.




The party continued and I was having a great time, after the little scene that happened with Matt before I didn't talk to him again because he quickly met another girl,Niall also introduced me to some girl friends so I could feel more comfortable. I was on the dance floor dancing with Amy, Niall's best friend, she was a lovely girl, now I know why her and Niall were so close, when we got tired we decided to join the guys in the living room in which they were sitting.

“Tired?” Niall asked me patting the space next to him so I would sit there 

“Just a little, it was fun actually” I said 

“I’m glad you are having a good time” he said putting his hand on my leg and looking me straight in the eyes but this time I quickly react and took his hand from my leg and told him

“Niall I’m really thirsty”

“Oh, I’ll bring you something, I’ll be back ” he said, stood up and went to the bar 


“Hey, so you two really have something going on right?” Amy said, sitting next to me 

“Sorry, what?” I said like I didn't hear her 

“Oh Emma, I don't know you very well but I know Niall, and I can see from miles away that he likes you”

“Do you think so?” I said

“Heck yes! and I can see that you like him too…” She said teasing but we didn't continue talking because Niall came back and Amy stood up so he could sit next to me again, when I took a sip from my drink Niall whispered to me 

“Hey do you want to go somewhere else? It’s getting a bit crowded here”

“Ok” I said nodding my head, Niall took my hand to guide me to wherever we were going and when I turned back a little, I reach to see Deo,Martin and Amy giving me thumbs up but I just rolled my eyes at them.

Niall took me to the garden of the house and we both leaned on a fence. I was looking at the garden and when I turned to see Niall he was staring at me again, and it was that kind of look that can show all the feelings a person has for the other, and after all the things he did tonight, after what Amy told me, and after everything I was feeling, I wasn't going to hold up, I didn't mind if I was the one who made the move, because I had never wanted to kiss someone so badly; so I started getting closer to him and he got closer to me and I wasn't able to imagine a more perfect moment for us to kiss and it actually stated that we where something else, so when he put his hands on my waist and we where about to kiss, at the last moment, when I was able to felt his breath in my face, when my lips brushed the tip of his, he pulled back. HE FREAKING PULLED BACK!

“Sorry Emma…I …” he said nervous 

“Hey no, you forgive me, It was stupid of me” 

“NO, it wasn't that it’s because…”

“Niall can you just take me home please” I said a little angrily not even looking at him and walking towards the house again, but he took my hand and said

“Emma don’t…”

“Niall please, just take me home” I said and those were the last words we said to each other. I said goodbye to everyone and went to the car. When Niall tried to open the car door for me, I did it by myself and the rest of the way back to Harry’s house not a single word was exchanged between us, maybe it was childish of my part but I got really offended, I mean, I’m the girl I made the move and HE PULLED AWAY, oh no sir that’s one of the worst things you can do to a lady, what about all the flirty moves he made during the night and stuff, did that not mean anything to him! God, I wish I could just be in my room and then that all my babies knew that I felt depressed and they all went to hug me, How could I be so stupid?


Tell me you liked the chapter please haha, Niall and Emma almost kissed! 
 I inspire myself as much as I could, I think it is one of the longest chapters and I really liked it:) Comment if you like it or not & if you did like it, a like to the book wouldn’t hurt anyone;) …. Thanks and have a nice weekend xx.

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