Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


11. Trying

Emma’s P.O.V.
“I’m not going” Hailey stated, clearly ending the conversation.
I sigh in frustration and go to my room laying down on my bed thinking on what to do, to make Hailey go to London. I am so frustrated and sad at the same time because I have tried everything to see Hailey happy again and she just stays the same. So, right now going to London sounds like a good idea, breath new airs, be with different people maybe that could help her although she sounded really convinced about not going. I know something happened to her, and if she doesn't tell me that I’m her best friend who the hell will she tell. Suddenly someone popped up in my mind, MIKE, her older brother, EXACTLY! How stupid am I. Why hadn't I thought of him before? The person who Hailey trusts and tells everything is her brother.

The next morning I wake up and turned to my side table to check the time on my phone and realized I had a text from Harry. I open it and saw the date, time and reservation number along with a message

Have you told her yet? Is she exited? I told the guys and they can’t wait to see you both again, we’ll pick you up!-Hazza:) x.

God! The tickets are for Friday so I just have today to convince Hailey so we can pack and all that stuff tomorrow. Harry is really excited and he already told the boys and I haven’t even told Hailey that he was the one of the idea and the one who bought the tickets. Oh no! I’m in trouble. I click the reply icon and text back.

Okidoki Hazza got them! thank you SO much really I know this will help Hailey a lot, and tell the guys that we can’t wait too… about Hailey well Harry I didn't tell her that you bought the tickets, I know you are excited but remember Hailey is going through a hard time and if she knows that this trip is paid by you she will immediately say no, so we’ll tell her the truth when we are there ok? See you there and thanks again.
PD: Hope you don't mind, I left out the part about staying with you, it’s best if she doesn’t know yet -Em x.

Ok, I must hurry because I already told Harry that we also can’t wait to see them and the truth is that by "we" I'm the only one who has agreed.
I stand up from bed, take a shower, get dressed, and print the tickets, then decide to make breakfast. When I finish doing it I put it in a tray along with the tickets and take it up to Hailey’s bedroom so we can have breakfast together and perhaps the freshly made pancakes along with the tickets, will make her change her mind, saving me from using my last resource, which is Mike.
When I knocked the door she didn't answer so I walked in and I saw her still asleep and all curled up with the blankets everywhere as if she had been moving all night, I put the tray in her side table, grabbed the blankets and cover her but when I do, she star to move.
“No please! Stop! Don't do it!” she said, but still sleeping
“Hailey calm down! It’s me Emma” I said grabbing her arm, she wakes up panicked, but relaxes when she sees it’s only me.
“Sorry I was… uhm … I was just having a nightmare” she said while sitting up
“Yeah I realized it was a nightmare! You ok? You seem scared, what was your nightmare about? Who were you stopping and why?” I said worriedly, and went on and on.
“It was nothing”
“Hailey you are all pale! Sure that’s nothing?”
“Yeah, just a movie I saw”
“Movie? You don't like scary movies Hailey why were you watching them?”
Hailey just shrugged.
“Well, anyway…” I said letting go of the movie situation and getting to the point “As the best friend I am, I brought you a surprise!” I said excited and smiling to help her forget the nightmare and I pass her the tray but to my surprise her expression didn't change at all.
“Thanks Emma but I’m not hungry” she said and try to give me back the tray
“Hailey come one at least taste them, I made pancakes how could you said no to this beauties? And that’s not all. There is another thing for you on the tray” I say. ignoring her attitude about the food, I don't want to talk about it right now this is another issue I to solve later so I give her back the tray and when she moves the plate with the pancakes she sees the tickets and again I was hoping to see her at least a little bit, I don't know, grateful? But NO she look at me disappointed and angry
“Emma are you drugged or what? What part of I’m not going anywhere did you not understand?" she said angrily
“I know what you said yesterday I'm not deaf, much less drugged. Hailey you are acting really weird lately, I haven't seen you eat, you stay in this room all day, you cry, I’m pretty sure you haven’t slept either because I’m sorry to say this, but you have huge bags under your eyes and I don’t want to see you like this anymore and going to London is going to help as a distraction to whatever is causing this. And we could also see Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry” I said emphasizing Harry’s name “I already bought everything I just need you to say yes” I said to her a little tense trying to control my frustration to her attitude
“Well, if you don't want to see me like this, why do you want me to go? Go by yourself to London so you can distract yourself from me, and for the other ticket don't worry I’ll pay you” she said standing up and opening the door for me to leave
“Hailey you're joking right?” I stand up and stop in front of her “You're not only my best friend, you are one of my sisters, I love you even when you're acting like this I just want to share this trip with you, have fun, relax, and no I don’t care about the ticket or the money actually not even London, I’m doing this trip because I want to see you smile again Hailey” I said full of frustration but she didn't seem to be moved by my words.
“OH MY GOD EMMA!” she said covering his face and yelling in frustration and then looking back at me “In which language do I need to tell to you in order for you to understand, I told you yesterday NO, today’s answer is NO and if you ask me again any other day it will be a NO! I’m sick of arguing about this because my answers will always be NO!” she said, but I knew that deep down she wanted to come, but there was something that made her say no, and with no other option I her.
“No Hailey, the one who is sick of arguing is me, I’m not letting you stay this way, I know you want to come and if you're not letting me help well I have no option but to call Mike, maybe he can make you talk about what’s happening with you, you're really worrying me now” Then her whole face changes panic written all over it, and just like that it changes again, and she hugs me.
“No Em it’s not necessary, I’m sorry, you’re right I should clear my mind”
We stop hugging and I say to her
“Hailey he loves you and understand you, I think Mike would be really helpful right now…” I’m telling her this because this drastic change of mood and not wanting to see Mike only confirms me that something is wrong with her.
“NO! NO! He’s really not helpful at all I’m just a little bit moody that’s it”
“Ok moody girl chill out. I’m not calling him this time but I’m serious Hailey next time I will” she sadly smiles at me and says
“Thank you Em and ok I’m going”
“YAY!” I said hugging her excited “You're not going to regret this trip Hailey I promise.”
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