Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


10. So pretty So fat

Hailey's POV
I wake up once more by a sound from my phone, more specifically Skype, of course Harry hasn't stopped calling. I just can't speak with him. Right now I can't speak to anyone. I get up from my bed and walk over to my laptop ignoring his call. A message pops up.
Harry: I know you're there, you just ignored my call. Hailey, what's wrong? You have been ignoring my calls for almost three weeks now... Did I do something wrong? Tell me...
I couldn't let him think it was his fault. I start typing a reply
Hailey: It's not you
I click send and close my laptop before walking over to the bathroom. I turn on the faucet and wait for it to warm up. Once it does I strip and get in, letting the hot water run down my body. I don't know how many times I've showered since it happened but I still feel filthy and repulsed, and it just doesn't go away. I feel like crying but there a point where there's no more tears left, just pain, and there's no way to get rid of it.
I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body I clean the mirror so I can see myself. I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and they're red. I disgust myself. I shake my head and walk over to my closet picking out a random t-shirt and some leggings, I let my hair down to let it dry. I walk back to my bed and pick up my phone, there's message from Harry.
If it's not me, what is it? What's wrong? -Harry
This time I didn't reply to his text
I made my way down the stairs to get something to eat. Something I haven’t been doing lately.
Emma’s POV
“I don’t know, she doesn’t want to tell me” I reply to Harry who hasn’t stopped asking about Hailey.
“You do know something is wrong, right?”
“Of course I know something is wrong, but I’ve tried everything. I don’t know what to do anymore, whatever is bothering her, it is bad, I’ve never seen her like this”
“Why don’t you two come here?” He asks
“You two should come here, to London”
“To London? Harry you’ve just lost your mind, of course we can’t go to London!”
“Why not? Come on, don’t you think that maybe she just needs to get away? Please, Em” He begs
I sigh “I don’t know Harry, besides we probably can’t even afford it”
“Emma don’t be stupid, I’ll buy you the plane tickets, and you guys can stay at my place”
“I’m not letting you buy us plane tickets, we’ll do that… but maybe, we could stay at your place, maybe!”
“So you are coming?” He asks excitedly
I sigh again “ I need to get her out of here Harry, like I said, whatever it is, it’s bad” And it’s the truth, whatever it is that Hailey isn’t telling me it’s just not good, I have known her for almost eight years, and I have never seen her like this.
“Alright, I’ll book you the flight” He insisted
“Harry-“ “No, I invited you, I will pay for the plane tickets, please” “Harry I don-“ “Please” He cut me off once more. Eventually I gave in “Ok, Fine!, god you’re a pain in the ass, but just the plane tickets”
“Yes, just the plane tickets” He chuckled
“I’ll tell Hailey”
“I’ll send you date, time and the reservation number later”
“Ok, talk to you later then” I end the call and go find Hailey
Hailey’s POV
Once I finished eating I went back to my room where I found Emma.
“Oh, there you are” She smiled
“Here I am” I sat down on my bed
“So… What would you say if I told you, we were going to London?”
“I would tell you that you are insane”
“Hailey, please! I already have the plane tickets”
“Emma Anderson, you have gone completely insane, I’m not going anywhere, and that’s my final answer. Goodnight” I pulled the covers over me and turned off the lights, I am not in the mood for this.
“Hailey-“ “I said I’m not going” I stated, ending the conversation
I hear her sigh and moments later she leaves. Once I hear her bedroom’s door close, I stand up and walk over to the bathroom, kneeling next to the toilet. I remember Tyler’s words.
 “You should really stop eating so much, you are starting to look like a fucking pig”
“So pretty, but so fat”
And finally the reason why I’m doing this
“You should really try throwing up, babe”
And here I am, throwing up the only thing I have eaten in almost a week
I stand up and wash my teeth before going back to bed, hoping to get some sleep tonigh.

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