Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


14. More girls More drama

Hailey’s POV
I was woken up by the freaking sun on my face. Really? It’s never sunny in London and the day I’m here, the sun decides to come up. I am not a morning person, never will be.
I threw the covers off me and walked up to the full length mirror. I looked horrible. I shrugged and fixed the fishtail braid I had done last night and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I sat down on a stool and let my head fall over the counter. Later I heard someone come in the kitchen but I didn’t care, so I stayed.
“Someone is not a morning person” I recognized it as Louis voice. What is he doing here? Well I really don’t care.
“Fuck off” I muttered and he just chuckled
“Want some cereal?” He asked and I lifted my head up to see him serving a bowl of cereal.
“No thanks”
“The girl has manners” He acted amused
I rolled my eyes. A while later Harry came in and I just stood up and walked away, since I wasn’t really talking to Louis. I was walking up the stairs and heard steps behind me. And here goes nothing…
Harry’s POV
“What do you want Harry?” She just kept walking up the stairs
“To apologize” I was right behind her
“Don’t need to”
“Hailey, come on!”
When she was half way to the bedroom she turned around
“Come on what? I don’t want to talk to you, or listen to you, I don’t even want to see you, just help me with that ok?” She snapped
“Now you’re just being a bitch” I blurted out, but didn’t regret it. If she wants to play, two can do it.
She glared at me and turned around just walking away, back to the guest bedroom. I went to my room, I just couldn’t stand her anymore, I tried to help her o many times, we all did, but she just doesn’t want it. She wants to play, I can play.
Hailey’s POV
I decided to take a shower to brush off all the tension. I might have got into a fight with Harry but I knew that my plan worked. He got pissed, just like I wanted to.
“Hailey hurry up, there are some people you should meet.” I heard Emma from the other side of the door
“I’m kind of busy here, sorry to disappoint”
I did my whole morning routine and decided to put this on.
I put my hair into a high ponytail and went downstairs to meet the people Emma was talking about.
Emma’s POV
As soon as Hailey came down the girls introduced themselves.
“Oh, you must be Hailey, I’m Eleanor, Louis girlfriend, and this is Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie” Eleanor introduced them both “Hi” Perrie smiled
She rolled her eyes “More girls more drama...I’m going out, see you later” Hailey said and exited the house
I knew exactly what she was doing. I apologized to the girls. “Sorry, she’s normally not like this, she’s been going through some stuff lately”
“Don’t worry, you warned us” Perrie replied
“I’ll be right back” I smiled and went out to talk to Hailey, but she was already gone when I got there. I thought she just wanted some fresh air or something but apparently she had other ideas. I sighed and realized Harry’s car wasn’t in the driveway.
“Oh no” I ran inside the house
“Harry!” I called from the bottom of the stairs and he came down
“Hailey went out, but I’m not sure where, please tell me one of the guys took your car” I told him
“That little bitch, if she does something to my car I swear I’ll-“ “Harry! You’re missing the point here, she’s never been in London, she has your car and she’s on bitch mode, that’s never good”
“I notice her bitch mode, but she can take care of herself, and I hope she can take care of my car too”
 “I can’t believe it! You just gave up on helping her, and now you are acting just like her”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He smiled and walked back up to his room
I hate it when Hailey gets like this, when she is hurt and trying to ignore it she gets bitchy and careless to push people away, and it normally works, it just did with Harry but I hate it. I’ll have to talk to her although I’m not sure she will want to hear it and since Harry won’t help me find her, I guess I’ll call Niall”


Hi guys:) so I have a week off so I’ll do my best to upload two more chapters, comment what do you think so far about the story, likes are highly appreciated… Thanks for reading<3

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