Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


23. Milkshake City

Hailey’s POV
I’m not sure what Emma wanted to hear but when we got home she dragged me all the way to her room and made me tell her about what Harry and I did when we left to the park. I insisted that nothing had happened, that we just talked but I think she was expecting to hear something else I ignored it and went to sleep.
Right now I’m bored upside down in the couch in Harry’s flat all alone because apparently everyone has something to do but me. Emma and Niall are together so are Zayn and Perrie and Louis and Eleanor, Liam was going a friend and Harry went to the gym, I would of gone with him, but I wasn’t in the mood for exercise at the moment, I’ll just go dance a bit with Emma later. I heard the front door open and close.
“Who is it?” I asked
“It’s me” I recognized it as Harry’s voice
“Oh, ok” I said and went back to doing nothing
Suddenly Harry was sitting next to me. “What are you doing?” He asked and I was still upside down.
“Nothing, let’s do something or I’ll die of boredom” I said agonizingly and he chuckled
“Alright just let me take a shower first” He said and I changed my position so I was no longer upside down but with sitting one of my legs under the other.
“Are you serious?” I asked “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” He asked “Thank god, now go get a shower because I’m really, really bored” I pushed him of the couch, but instead of falling he stood up “Alright, Alright. You are so bossy” He said and went upstairs to take a shower.
“Where are we going?” I asked clueless
“It’s a surprise” He said once again
“Are we almost there?” I asked again
“God, Hailey, you are one of the most impatient persons I know”
“I get bored really easily” I explained
“Yeah, I’ve noticed” He said sarcastically and we both laughed.
Harry turned the radio on and Stay by Rihanna was playing, I loved this song. I singed the song in my head, knowing each and every word. The song ended and another one I didn’t recognize started.
“You have an amazing voice” I suddenly heard Harry say. I didn’t notice that I had been singing out loud.
“Thanks… I guess”
“Have you ever thought of singing? Like professionally” He asked and I wanted to laugh at his question
“Oh, of course not, you are exaggerating” I said obviously right, I knew I could sing but I wasn’t that good.
Harry’s POV
I heard her start singing and it was amazing, I have never heard such a beautiful voice. She sang perfectly to the rhythm and to the lyrics, she wasn’t singing that loud but I could still hear her.
“You have an amazing voice” I complimented her
“Thanks… I guess” She said and looked down at her hands
“Have you ever thought of singing? Like professionally” I asked her, and I meant it, it wasn’t a joke.
“Oh, of course not, you are exaggerating” She said
“I’m not kidding, love. You really are talented”
“Thanks, are we almost there?” She asked. I knew she was trying to change the subject, and I wasn’t going to let her but since we were actually almost there I let it slip.
“Yes, just a few more minutes” I said and we continued listening to the music but she never sang again just hummed.
“This is what I needed!” Hailey said before sipping from her Reese’s chocolate milkshake. I ordered an Island Fruit smoothie it had pineapple, papaya and mango. It was really comfortable here a few fans asked me for a picture earlier but that’s it.
“Want some?” I offered her from my smoothie
“No thanks, I don’t like fruit” She scrunched up her nose
“Are you serious? You don’t like fruit?” I asked in disbelief
“I’m serious, I’ve never liked it”
“You are weird”
“I know” She laughed
“So, tour almost starts, are you excited?” She asked
“Totally, I can’t wait for it to start, hey when are you going back?” I asked curious
“Today is Sunday?” She asked
“Yeah” I nodded
“We leave on Wednesday I think, but we still need to book our flights”
“Oh, no need to. You can come with us” I said and she looked at me confused
“The lads and I need to be in LA on Friday, we are leaving on Thursday, so you can come with us” I explained
“Oh, well I guess one more day is fine”
“Great, are you finished?” I asked and she nodded I took her cup and waited for her to stand up before trashing them away and opening the door for her.
I like this girl more and more every day. Maybe I should ask her out on a date before we go to LA. I’ll have to ask Emma what she thinks.
“What are you waiting for?” Hailey asked as she stood next to the car, waiting for me to unlock it. I hadn’t realized that I was still standing next to the door.
“Sorry” I mumbled and walked to open the door for her. We went back home and Emma was there so they both left to the gym I guess, they looked kind of sporty.
I’ll ask Emma about the date thing when they come back.


Hey Guys, here’s a new chapter, hope you enjoy it! So I’m on vacations now and I’ll try to upload more constantly, so if you comment, if you liked  the story so far, I’d appreciate it, because I don’t know if I’m doing well… Thanks:) xx.
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