Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


15. Lunch Apple Store & Niall

Emma’s P.O.V.
I was about to call Niall to help look for Hailey because Harry was behaving like a child, but to be honest I got a little nervous, since the day Hailey and I arrived I hadn't seen Niall, I was hoping to see him in the airport but he didn't go, I hoped he would come after and visit, but he never did, and even earlier today when the doorbell rang, and it was Louis and Zayn who came to left El and Perrie so we could know each other better while they did whatever they did, just for a second I thought that maybe it was Niall who came to see me, I mean, us, Hailey and me, but…argh!  Didn’t Harry tell us that they missed us? Didn’t he cared that we are here? He hasn't even came to say hi!
“Emma you want to come?” Eleanor asked me peering at the small room where I was sitting by the phone
“Sorry what?” I asked getting out of my thoughts
“Emma don't worry! Hailey will be find, I don't really know her but I’m pretty sure she’s old enough to drive a car and use a GPS, a map or ask for directions”
“Yeah you’re right, but if she isn’t here by 10 I’m going to look for her”
“Fine… so you coming?”
“To have lunch with us? Louis and Zayn are inviting”
“I don't know, I think I will wait for Hailey here”
“Oh come on! Harry is coming too”
“Ok, fine lets go just let me grab my bag”
 We had such a good time at lunch, Eleanor is a girl version of Louis so together they kept us laughing all the time, they make the perfect match. As for Zayn and Perrie well those two are totally in love and since Perrie is in a band too and she also travels a lot they really enjoy each others company when they have the time.
After we had lunch Zayn and Perrie needed to do something else so they left while Louis and Eleanor went to shop some stuff so I went with Harry to apple store to buy some cases he needed.
“You’re joking right?” I said laughing to Harry
“Of course not, I swear it was really embarrassing…” He told me laughing a little too. We were walking towards Apple store and he was telling me a funny story that happened to him when he was little.
There wasn't too much people in the part of the city we were in, so we could totally be walking by the street without getting attacked by any fans, but still I felt that a man was following us, walking a long distance behind us, but I chose to ignore it.
“Welcome to Apple Store, you looking for something?” A guy a little bit taller than Harry with black rimmed glasses asked us looking first at Harry then at me, directly to my eyes, and damn he was sexy so like the girl I am I stared at him back then I glanced at the badge with his named
“Actually yes, we are looking for iPhone cases Ethan can you show us some?” I ask all flirty and smiling, he turned around and started walking so we could follow him
“Here they are” he said this time completely ignoring the existence of Harry “Need anything else love?”
“No, thanks Ethan” I replay sending him a smile
Once he left, Harry turned at me and started bugging me “WOW Em you didn’t like the guy! And the guys said I’m the flirty one” he said with a cheeky smile and started looking at the cases
I laughed “I didn't even like the guy so don't even start Hazza”
“Oh noooo, you didn't because you weren't flirting with him at all”
“Not because I was flirty, it means I like him”
“Em this is your opportunity! Enjoy the British boys, your pretty and cool and let’s not forget that you're not from here, guys found it even more attractive”
“What? I’m begin honest, your single and you don't like anyone, go for it!” he said enthusiastically, trying to convince me to get the guy but I decided to ignore him.
“Wait a minute” he said analyzing me “You don't like him because you already like someone else!”
“Maybe” I said and half smiled at him
“Emma we are supposed to be best friends why didn't you tell me? I told you my feelings for Hailey, which are long gone by now.  I told you everything! Tell me and maybe I can help you with the guy”
“You are such a girl! I didn't tell you because I know you are going to tell the guys, and by the way I’m still not sure if I like him, I’m just starting to find him attractive so I don't want the world to know it yet”
“Like I told you, as your best friend I promise any word you say to me won’t come out of my mouth, just spit it out Emma”
“Harry you have like a thousand cases here choose one, now!” I pointed at the bunch of cases in his hand and “We also have some company outside and they are taking pictures…” I rolled my eyes towards the paparazzi from outside the store “…So If we don't hurry, in no time your fans will be here too”
“Ok ok, and don't try to change me the subject lady! Wait which one do you like the most this one or this one?” He asked, showing me the cases so I approached him to see them better and as I did, a couple of paparazzi from outside started shooting more photos like crazy “This one” I told him pointing the one on the right hand “…and Harry?”
“Yes, Em?” He said turning to me
“Niall” I said, but he looked at me confused
“It’s Niall the one I think I’m starting to like”
Niall’s P.O.V.
I was in my apartment watching a football match so I decided to tweet about it and when I opened Twitter the first tweets I saw where from fans mentioning Harry with an image tagged and I was going to ignore it until I saw the photo on the tweet, it was Harry and Emma on the street laughing, and while I was looking at the picture my stupid thoughts started again: No Niall don't do it! Do not start getting jealous, their just walking and laughing, friends do does things… but they are alone, Hailey is not with them, of course they are on a date! Poor Hailey she most feel all lonely at Harry’s, I could totally go and make her some company, and to say hi to her because I haven't even seen them since they came but I am not doing it. Since Harry told the guys and me that he invited Emma and Hailey to come, we were really excited, that night I couldn't sleep well the thought of seeing Emma again made me really happy, even though we kept in contact when we returned to London. We texted each other a few times, I made myself a snapchat account because we started this crazy food fight of pictures which consist of sending each other snapchats when we ate something really good or fancy to show off, and we Skyped like two times but one of them I was with Harry so I let them talk because Harry wanted to tell her something and after that we didn't communicate again, I had a feeling that keeping our friendship wasn't right, because it was kind of flirty sometimes and I was starting to feel something for her, and Harry and her had something going on already; so no, I wasn’r in the mood to go and see Harry flirting with her and watching Emma fall in love with him.
Then my curiosity took control over me and I searched for more pictures of them, and as my mom told me once: If you want it you’ll find it, so I did, I found some pictures of them in apple store, they were very close, watching something, and the one that really annoyed me was the one where they came out at a restaurant with Perrie, Zayn, Louis and Eleanor, yeah of course all the happy couples together! Damn why am I always the one who never gets the girl, is something wrong with me? I know the guys are great and good looking but I’m not that bad.
I’m an idiot! I don't know why I thought that the texts and all that stuff actually meant something to Emma as they did to me.
Emma’s P.O.V.
When we got to the house Hailey wasn't there and I could see that Harry was getting angrier every time he peeked to check if his car was here yet, and it wasn’t, but his bloody attitude didn’t want him help me search for her so when I saw the clock and it was 10:30 already, I got really worried this time and decided to call for help since Harry left the house all mad.
“What’s up bro?” Niall answered the phone thinking I was Harry because I called him from the house
“Hum… No Niall I’m not Harry it’s…”
“Oh right, Emma!  Sorry I forgot you were with him” he said irritated but I ignored him and got to the point
“Niall I’m really worry, I need your help”
We spent like 2 hours searching for Hailey but we got really tired and decided to go back to the house to see if she was already there, but as I imagined, she wasn’t and either was Harry, and right at that instant I received a text:
From: H
Emma I’ll be back late, don't worry about me!
Love u.
“Oh my god! I’m totally going to kill Hailey when she’s back!” I exhaled frustrated and threw myself on one of the armchairs of the living room
“Was it her?” Niall asked sitting next to me
“Yeah, she just sent me a text saying she’ll be back late and that I don't need to worry”
“At least now we know she’s fine” Niall said and put his arm in the endorsement of the armchair
“Thanks for coming and helping me Nialler, that was a good gesture from your part, it was late and you came anyway” I said facing him
“You don't have to thank me Emma, I’ll do anything for you, and Hailey of course”
I yawn, “Thank you anyway” and I lie my head in his shoulder, he was warm and smelled so good, and I was so comfortable that I felt asleep without noticing


Here it is the first chapter from the two that I promised to upload… enjoy it :) I will upload the next one soon!


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