Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


12. London

Hailey’s POV
Yesterday was just exhausting, after I had agreed to go to London I had to freaking pack all day long. I put my laptop, phone, wallet, and earphones into my bag and ran down the stairs before Emma would freak out about losing the flight. It had been a while since I’d been out and honestly I didn’t feel like going out, I just agreed on going because Mike of all people can’t know about this.
“Hailey come on, we’re here” Emma shakes me up a little snapping me out of my thoughts
“Oh, yeah, sorry” I took my things and we did all the security stuff before boarding the plane.
This will be a loooong flight, thankfully I have the window seat. I put my earphones on and the rest of the flight I’m either sleeping, or pretending to be asleep, just to avoid any kind of conversation from Emma.
“You can take your seatbelts of, we have arrived to our destination, London United Kingdom. Thank you for flying with British Airways”
I get all my stuff together before waking Emma up
“Em, we’re here, do you have everything ready?” I moved her a little until her eyes fluttered open
“Yeah, come on, let’s go” She took her things and we walked out of the plane and to pick up our luggage. While we were waiting I heard someone call our names. Emma and I turned around and there they were.
“Emma what the hell?” I whispered before they got to us
“I’ll explain later, I promise” She replied and after that she just started hugging everyone, well, just Zayn, Harry and Liam where here.
“Hailey!” Zayn said happily coming over to hug me. I flinched.
“Are you ok?” He asked
“Yeah… uhm… I-I’m fine” I put on a fake smile and he just looked at me weirdly
Before anyone else came to me, I went back to looking for our stuff. I couldn’t even bare to touch them, not even a hug. I waited patiently until I felt someone’s hands snake around my waist. I immediately pushed them away and turned around, my breathing fast and my heart was about to pound out of my chest.
“Don’t touch me” I warned, and realized it was Harry
“What’s wrong?” He frowned looking so confused
“Nothing, just leave me alone, please” I muttered, looking down at my feet.
“Hailey, you can talk to me”
“I said leave me alone” I hissed between my clenched teeth and turned around to see my suitcase, I picked it up and someone took it from me
“Let me…” Harry gave me a half smile “I can take it”
“But you won’t, come on, the car is waiting outside” He insisted
I glared at him and turned around following the rest of the guys and Emma
I slipped my earphones on so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, and I slowly fell asleep in the car.
Zayn’s POV
“She’s asleep, mate. Probably jetlag” I told Harry as he was getting the girls things down
“I’ll carry her inside, after I get this things settled”
“Don’t worry, I’ll do it” I told him, he looked quizzically at me but then gave in
“Alright, put her in one of the guest bedrooms” He said and went inside with the suitcases
I opened the back door and carefully picked Hailey up in my arms. The guys and Emma were all inside so I pushed the door closed with my back, trying not to wake Hailey up. Unfortunately she started stirring and opened her eyes. Fear washed over her face, which was quickly replaced by panic.
“Shhh… Sleep” I tried calming her down, but she started to move violently
“Put me down, put me down!” She panicked. I put her down as fast as possible
“Hailey, calm down. Look at me”
I could hear her uneven breathing 
“Hailey, look at me!” I tried once more, and her eyes found mine “It’s ok, calm down”  
“Don’t touch me” She shaked her head
“Hey, hey, look at me. I won’t touch you. It was probably just a night mare” I calmed her down
“Just a nightmare” She repeted
“Where am I?” She asked
“At Harry’s place, you are staying here”
“What? Oh my god! Emma!”
And just like that she looked fine again
“You’re tired, love. Go to sleep I’ll show you the room” I led her to the room and she followed. Harry was putting her things in it
“You woke her up?” Harry frowned
“I woke up on my own” Hailey said and went over to the bed, sitting on it
“Well, I got to get going, see ya later” I walked out of the room and exited the house taking the car with me
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