Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


3. Just Friends

Emma's POV
When I got to the mall Harry was waiting for me in this very nice restaurant, I thought it was really cute of his, but still confusing because this clearly looked like he was looking for something more
"Hello beautiful" He said kissing my cheek & pulling out the chair for me
"Hi Harry, thanks" I said smiling, once he sat down we both looked at each other but neither of us spoke making the situation more awkward than it already was
"A private table huh?" I said with a cheeky smile trying to soften the environment
"Yeah is something wrong?" he said confused not taking it like a joke
"Not at all! Uhm.. thanks for inviting me it's a really nice place" I said looking down at the menu avoiding his glance, disappointed because maybe he was actually getting this like a date & I was definitely not
"Oh don't worry love, I really wanted to see you again" he said but it didn't sound like he meant it, suddenly the waitress came to take our order thank god!
We kept talking & the waitress brought us our food but something felt wrong, every time he made a flirty move, like trying to take my hand or something it felt awkward, well at least I felt so, I didn't felt butterflies or  special like it was suppose to feel when you like someone, so he was telling me this thing that happened to him in the morning but suddenly I couldn't take  it anymore I knew I was about to say everything that was really on my mind so I interrupted him

"This is not working harry, I really appreciate that you are trying to make things work right here but I don't feel anything for you,  I mean your really sweet , funny, extremely thoughtful & even though your famous and successful you don't...-" "Gosh Emma stop I get it you don't like me at all you don't need to cover it saying good things of me and don't worry I'm actually relieved that you said it because I feel the same way"

"Oh really?!- I said shocked & a bit disappointed?
"No no, don't get me wrong your really pretty and a great girl  and any guy would be very lucky to have you but I just don't feel that " magic" between us you get me?"
"Totally! Thank god we talked about it because this was turning into the worst date ever" 
"Well thanks Emma that's really sweet"
I laughed "oh come on you know what I mean, so... friends?!" I asked him with a smile & extending my hand but instead he stood up and hugged me, and for the first time since I met him I felt comfortable around him. I knew we were doing the right thing & in that moment I knew this was going to be a great friendship
"I suppose this mean a yes.."
"It's a heck yes Emma!" he said hugging me tighter
"Ok Harry can you let me go now?! I'm running out of air"
"Oh sorry Em" He said letting go ofme and smiling
"Well now that we are friends and friends tell the truth let me tell you that this place is definitively not "just for friends", so how about Chinese at my place?"
"Sounds like a plan to me"
"Perfect lets go"
Once we were in front of my apartment door I turned around to Harry
"Hey just a little reminder and I hope you feel alright about it but my friend, Hailey lives with me so..."
"Oh no no it's perfect actually!!"
"Wow cool down! she is in a depressive state because of an asshole so please behave" I said sending him a look
"ok ok, I'll behave"

Hailey's POV
I was blow drying my hair when I heard the front door open
"Emma, is that you?"
"Yeah it's me" I heard her say from downstairs, I could tell she was with someone
"Hailey come downstairs I want you to meet someone"
"You sound like my mom" I giggled and went downstairs to meet whoever Emma wanted me to meet
"So, who do you want me to meet?" I asked as I was about to turn to the kitchen
"Holly shit" I blurred out when I saw who it was
"Sorry, I'm Hailey" I quickly recovered
He chuckled "Don't worry love" He smiled
I smiled back "Emma can I talk to you in the living room quickly?"
"Uh, sure" She answered and I pulled her over
"Why the hell is Harry fucking Styles in our apartment?"
"It's a long story"
"Oh no, you are telling me everything, once he leaves"
"Ok, but lets go back, we brought Chinese"
We went back to the kitchen and Harry was on his phone leaning on the counter
"Why don't' we start eating" Emma suggested and we all agreed
We were all about to finish our food when I heard someone knock
"I'll get it" I stood up and walked over to open the door
I sighed when I recognised who it was "Tyler what are you doing here?"
"Oh, come on babe don't be like that!"
"Don't babe me, and go away" I clenched my teeth
" Actually you are coming with me" He started dragging me over to his car
"Let go of me" I pulled my arm out of his grip
"You're coming with me bitch" His voice started to grow louder and louder, and without thinking my hand flew across his face
"You did not just do that" He rose his hand and I closed my eyes waiting for the worst but it never came when I opened my eyes Tyler was on the floor and Harry on top, punching him, blood was coming out of Tyler's nose
"HARRY STOP!" I tried to pull him off but it was useless until Emma helped me
Harry's lip was bleeding and before this got worse I had to get Harry out of here
"GO AWAY!" I screamed
"Hailey, he was abo-" "JUST LEAVE HARRY, NOW!"
He stormed off angrily to his car and left, when I turned around Tyler was also gone
"I took care of it" Emma said and took me inside
"Are you ok?"
"I guess"
"You can't let him get you down Hailey, he's just an asshole"
"I know, I'm sorry"
"Sorry for what?"
"For not listening"
"Let's just forget this happened and go to sleep it's late and we have practice tomorrow morning"
"I'll be right up, you go" I told Emma and she did
I just sat there, thinking until fell asleep.

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