Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


2. Interview

Emma’s POV
I woke up and checked my phone, it was 10 am. I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss last night, but I didn’t know if I’d see him again, I mean we didn’t even exchange numbers, maybe it was just a one night thing, and it’s a good thing because I don’t think that kiss meant anything to me, I barely know him.
My thoughts were interrupted by my alarm
“Shit” I muttered remembering Hailey and I had to go to the dance studio
I threw the covers off of me and went over to Hailey’s room. She was curled up in a ball, tear stains on her cheeks. I walked over to her and sat on the bed
“Hailey” I whispered trying to wake her up
“Hailey” I tried again, shaking her up a bit, this time she groaned in response and fluttered her eyes open
“What happened last night?” My voice filled with concern
“Tyler” She muttered
“What did he do?” I asked
“He was drunk and the only thing he tried to do all night was to get me in bed, then we had a huge fight and he stormed off” She sighed
“Are you ok?”
“I honestly don’t know” She said, and pulled the covers higher over her
“You should get some rest, I’ll call in that you’re sick”
“No, I’m fine I’ll go” She half smiled
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it’ll make me forget” She got out of bed
“Alright, if you say so” I said before going back to my room to get ready
I took a quick shower and changed into this. I blow dried my hair and put it in a ponytail before slipping my converse on and heading downstairs to Hailey
“Ready?” She asked, I nodded and we headed out
“Let’s stop at Starbucks” Hailey said from the passenger seat
“We’ll be late if we stop” I said
“Come on it’ll be fast, promise” Hailey begged
“If we’re late it’ll be your fault” I warned
I parked at Starbucks and we both got out the car and walked inside. We each ordered what we wanted and were waiting
“I’m going to the restroom” I said and Hailey nodded
“I’ll wait for you in the car” She replied
Niall’s POV
I put my sunglasses and beanie one so no one would recognize me. I was going to be so late to the interview, Paul was going to kill me. I took my cup and rushed out of Starbucks, bumping into someone
“Shit, I’m so sorry” I apologized for spilling her frappe. She looked up at me and I swear I had just seen the girl of my dreams, she was brunette and had blue eyes. I snapped out of it before she noticed me staring.
“Fuck” She mumbled under her breath looking at her stained shirt
“I’m so sorry” I repeated. This time she answered
“It’s ok, don’t worry” She smiled
“Please let me buy you another one” I offered
“No, it’s fine, really”
“I’m Niall” I said introducing myself, right now I didn’t care about the interview
“Emma” She replied
“I’m so sorry but I have to go I’m late for something, it was nice meeting you” She said and before I could even get her number she got in a car and stormed off
I would probably never see her again, but if fate wants us together I would, or so I hoped.
“Fuck” I got out my phone and saw that I had 3 missed calls from Paul, better get going.
“Jesus Niall where were you?” Paul said when he saw me
“I went for Starbucks” I smiled and I got rushed into hair and makeup
After about half an hour, the lads and I had to start with the interview so we were introduced to our host
“Hi, I’m Miranda” She introduced herself, we did the same and the interview started
I didn’t pay too much attention until the end when they started talking about dating, we had to be rally careful with this subject, and Paul had warned us that one wrong word and they can twist everything you say to make it sound bad.
“So, who’s taken?” Miranda made the question very clear. Louis and Zayn rose their hands leaving Liam, Harry, and me once again as the single ones
“Niall, you’re single?” Miranda asked
“Yup, I’m still single” I replied and some girls in the crowd cheered, I turned to the crowd and winked to them making the cheering go louder, I chuckled and we kept on going
“Liam, you have just been out of a relationship recently right?” She asked
Liam just nodded not really wanting to talk about it
“What about you Harry?” Miranda asked him
“I’m single” He replied 
“Really? Are you sure?” Miranda insisted
“What’s this?” She asked, and some pictures of him and a girl kissing appeared
“Shit” I heard him mumble since he was next to me
“Here you are leaving the bar, then in a park, and kissing” She said changing the pictures
“Who is she?” Miranda insisted. I kept looking at the pictures, the girl’s face so familiar, and just then Miranda changed it to one of the girl, you could see her perfectly and I knew who she was. Emma, Starbucks girl.
“She’s a friend” Harry replied at Miranda’s previous question
“Just a friend? I don’t kiss my friends, were you drunk?” Miranda kept pushing and you could clearly see Harry was getting annoyed, actually all of us
“She’s just a friend, and no we weren’t drunk, so why don’t we talk about our new single Best Song Ever” He clarified and changed the subject already annoyed by Miranda’s attitude
The rest of the interview went pretty fast, but the only thing I could think about was Emma, and that even if I saw her again I would never have a chance with her.
Emma’s POV
“Come on guys let’s run it from the top one more time and we can go” Kate said
We did it one more time, so now we could go
“Good one guys, see you on Monday” Kate said before me and Hailey exited the studio
“Hailey can I borrow your phone I left mine at home” I asked her
“Sure” She tossed me her iPhone and I handed her the car keys since she was driving back home
We got to our flat and I went up to my room looking for my phone. I found it laying in the side table of my bed. I unlocked it and saw that I had over a thousand mentions retweets and favorites. I read some of them and one had a picture attached I clicked it and saw a picture of me and Harry last night kissing. That explained the death threats.
I saw that I also had a text, so I opened it
Hey :) Can I see you today? –Harry xx
I quickly replied
How did you get my number? – Emma
He didn’t reply right away so I decided to take a shower because I was all sweaty
I turned the faucet on and while I waited for the water to warm up I got Harry’s reply
I got my ways ;) So can I see you today? –Harry
Sure… Where? – Emma
I’ll see you in Westfield mall at five? –Harry
See you there :) –Emma 
Ok, dress nicely;) -Harry xx
I put my phone on top of the sink and got in the shower, letting the hot water soothe my body. Once I finished I got out and wrapped a towel around me walking over to my closet to choose my outfit

I decided to leave my hair down to let it dry. I checked the clock and saw it was 4:30. I’ll leave in 15 minutes I thought to myself and went over to Hailey’s room.
“Hey, I’ll be back for dinner, I’m going out” I told her. She looked up at me and nodded
“Where are you going?” She asked
“To the mall” I said casually
“By yourself?”
“Who is he?” She smiled cheekily
“Who said it was a he?”
“Come on Em, I’m not stupid, tell me!” She insisted
“I’ll tell you when I come back, promise”
“Pinky promise” I giggled locking my pinky with hers, it was something we did since we were little
“I’ll be back later then”
“See ya babe” Hailey said before I walked out of her room, downstairs and out the door

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