Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


22. I’d been waiting for so long

Emma’s P.O.V

“Hello?” I answered my phone without looking at the id caller because I was really concentrated reading a book 

“Hello beautiful, how you doing?” Niall said

“I’m great and you Niall?” I answered happy; actually to be honest I’d been in a really good mood since things with Niall got clear yesterday and also because even though when I talked with Hailey when we got home from Zayn’s place, and she told me nothing happened with Harry when they were gone, it’s a relieved to know that at least now they are talking to each other

“I could be better if you would like to come out with me” he said flirty 

“Is that a question or a statement?” I said, playing with him

“If you put it like that, well, it is definitively a statement, so I’m with you in 15” he said and I just giggled and then hanged up.

It was a cloudy day and I was already using some jeans, a shirt and a scarf so I just went to my closet for a coat, some accessories, boots and I putted on a little make up to complement my outfit.




“So were are we going?” I asked Niall, while he was opening me the car’s door. I smiled and thanked him as I entered into the car

“To the movies” he said when he entered to the car and just kept staring at me

“Let’s go then” I told him and he just laughed. 

While we were on our way to the movie theatre, we were talking and he was holding my hand all the time. When we arrived, I noticed that there were people, well of course there was people in the movie theatre but what I mean is that they were going to be enough young girls who will noticed Niall. 

He parked the car in the back of the movie theatre and a van parked next to us

“Ready?” Niall asked giving me his hand so I could take it and got out of the car 

“Ready” I said taking his hand and closing the door behind me, then one of the bodyguards went out of the van that just parked next us and Niall noticed that I was looking 

“Sorry but its management rules” he whispered in my ear, I turned around and looked at him 

“Oh no, it’s ok, I understand it” I said

“And also it’s for safety, you get it no?” he said serious and I nodded

“I never know what you could do to me” he said and immediately I turned my head to him and slap his arm playing and we both started laughing 

“Just kidding babe” he said when he stopped laughing and kissed my cheek

“Really funny Horan” I said and rolled my eyes.


When we were in the line to buy our tickets, deciding which movie to see, I started feeling glances at us and I was able to hear that they were whispering if the guy next to me was Niall Horan from One Direction, I got a little nervous because some girls in front, a little far from us were pointing that we where holding hands so I took my hand off of Niall’s, not because I didn’t want to hold it, but because I didn’t want those girls to take us potos and then those potos were going to be in the internet and for tomorrow morning all my tweeter will be full of hate and asking all the same: “Are you guys dating?”, “Is Niall your boyfriend?”, “How long have you two been together?”; when Harry and I photos appear on internet I didn't care at all, because I did knew all the answers to those questions, and they were a simply No, because we were nothing, but with Niall… with Niall is different because we actually haven't even got to talk if we are official or not, I mean it was just yesterday when we told we liked each other. When I took my hand off, he turned to look at me with a confused expression and he was about to complain but it was our turn to buy the tickets. Once we got the tickets and we were walking to the show room he was going to take my hand again when, thank God, a group of girls came to us and asked Niall for an autograph and a photo, and happy he accepted, I offered myself to take them the photo and a bunch of more girls approach to him. We stayed there for a while and I was helping the girls too take the photos  until the bodyguard came to help us because the movie was going to start and the girls were becoming more

“Sorry, excuse me ladies, Niall needs to leave now” the bodyguard said while he was leading us the way to the show room.

When we were there, we saw that there were just a few couples in the room so we decided to take a sit in the last line.

The movie we were watching wasn't boring but it wasn't either the best movie in this planet, I didn't even remember the name of it, so when I turned to looked if Niall was watching he also turned and we stay looking at each other until I felt that he was making me blush and even though it was dark and probably he didn't even noticed I turned my glance at the movie again, I knew he was still looking at me until he said

“Thank you”

“Uhm? Why?” I asked confused, looking at him again

“You know, for offering to take the photos with the fans” he said

“It was nothing, you don't need to thank me” I said honest 

“Well, that was nice” he said getting closer to my face and I knew exactly what he was planning on doing

“Niall…” I said but it came just like a whisper and his lips were already on mine, the kiss was all sweet, slow and lovely, when we stopped kissing he gave me a last peck on the lips and then we finished watching the movie.




Once the movie finished we decided to come to Starbucks, I was sitting in one of the tables for two, waiting for Niall to come with our orders of coffee, it was late now so there wasn't a lot of people in the place and the people who was here was older or around our age and they didn't make such a big deal about Niall, so we were really comfortable.

I was having a lovely night, being with Niall was really easy and comfortable, he was funny, honest, so down to earth, cute and when I was talking even if I was saying something that wasn’t important, he putted all of his attention on me.

“Emma?” he said while I was drinking from my coffee 

“Yes, Niall?” I said putting the cup of coffee down 

“Can I asked you something and you promise to be completely honest with me, and you’re not going to say yes because you feel pressure or because you don’t want to hurt me, I mean I'll understand if you said no…” 

“Niall relax…” I said taking his hand that was laying on the table “… you can asked me anything and you already knew that, and I’m always honest with you so shoot it” I finished saying 

“You remembered that the lads and I are almost going on tour…” he said and I just nodded not knowing if he was actually asking me and was waiting for an answer but then he continued “…so I don’t know about you but I really want things to work between us, because I really really like you but I’m going on tour and it would take a lot of my time and I don’t know if you are willing to sacrifice the waiting and the time, and also I did noticed earlier in the movies the hand situation and I just want it to let you know that if you do want things to go a little more formal between us, I don't want you to care about what others think about us, because I’m the one who choose you so it shouldn't matter what others think…” I was still processing all, I mean I was enjoying being with Niall so much that I totally forgot that he was already leaving “… so Emma would you like to come on tour with me? well and the boys and all the crew and Hailey if she wants too, of course” he giggled and I smiled but then he went serious again “are you willing to wait that long?” he said and his blue eyes were staring at me dying to know my answer, they were breath taking

“Niall Horan, I’d been waiting for so long for someone to come into my life just like you did. Do you really think I don't want or I can't wait more?” I said looking straight into his eyes wanting to get every single one of my words get stuck in his mind because I was being completely honest, I really like him I didn't mind if I needed to wait even more than just a couple of months. The biggest smile I had ever seen him do appeared on his face and he quickly stood up and stand me too to hugged me strong, he was taking the air away from me but I didn't mind and I returned him the hug, It was the happiest moment I had had in a while, I couldn't even believe it, he stopped hugging me and move his arms down to my waist and then faced me

“Emma Anderson, you’re not going to regret this, I promise that my purpose from now on is to make you happy” he said but I didn’t have the words to explain how I was feeling so I just kissed him.

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