Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


25. Homosexual tension and bathroom encounters

Emma’s P.O.V
Once I finished drying my hair, I took one last look at myself through the mirror and at the bedroom to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. It was still early so the rest of the guys hadn't arrived yet and Hailey and Harry were probably still getting ready for the trip back to LA so I decided to go downstairs to watch T.V while I waited, even though I wasn't paying much attention to it because my thoughts were on my family. Yesterday when we were in Harry’s living room I got a text from Kate:
“Hey sis:) Just to remind you that I love SO SO much! -K xoxo.”
I was sitting next to Louis and I didn’t realize that he was watching the text too so when I finished reading it he told me “Oh, I have sisters too and that sounds like she did something bad”. I sigh and said “I wonder what she did”
“Call her” Louis told me and so I did. The phone rang 3 times and then I heard Kate’s voice
“You just received my text, couldn't you wait at least a little bit more so I would be able to make up something?” my sister said and I rolled my eyes because even though he wasn't here I could already imagine her reaction. “Hi Kate, I’m great thank you for asking, and you?” I said and she chuckle
“Sorry, Hi Em, How you doing?” she said
“Missing you girls, how are Chloe, Lily and Mia?” I asked
“Chloe is good, Lily and Mia are driving the new nanny crazy as always but in spite of that, we are great” she said and I laughed wistfully at the thought of my sisters. “And mom? How is she doing?” I asked concerned because I know my sisters are good but my mom, Oh my mom! She is always working, traveling, taking care of everyone in the company and of my sisters but in the end her mind is on so many places at once that she doesn't pay enough attention to anyone, nor herself!
“She’s fine, you know… working” Kate said sorrowful
“Kate, you know she does it for us” I said
“I know” she said and it went silent for a moment, then I remembered why I was calling her.  “By the way, I haven’t forgotten that you ‘Love me so much’ huh?” I said sarcasticly
“Oh yeah, about that….”
“Kate, what did you do?!?” I said and by now I was walking out of the living room towards the kitchen so I was able to speak with my sister
“It’s not that bad, I didn't know that you still hadn't told our parents…”
“Wait, told them what?” I asked confused
“Well the other day, I was looking at some magazines and I found an article about One Direction and it said something about Niall dating someone and by accident I got a little too excited when I recognized you in one of the pictures, it wasn't really clear but come on you are my sister! Then dad asked me what was happening and…” I interrupted her “You told him” I finished, I wasn't angry with her it’s just that knowing Ben, my stepfather, he wasn’t going to like that I didn't mention them and he is going to dramatize to my mom that I am in London with a famous guy or something 
“It wasn't my intention, I’m sorry Em” Kate said sincerely
“Its fine Kay, how did he react?” I asked
“Actually not that bad because I took advantage of the moment and I finally told him that I have a boyfriend”
“Kate!” I told her laughing
“Hey I saved your ass Emma! You’re welcome” she said
I laughed a little bit more and thanked her.
I snapped out of my thoughts when two big and warm hands covered my eyes, immediately I knew it was Niall because I was able to smell his scent.
“Morning beautiful” he whispered in my ear, I lowered his hands with mine, turned around and gave him a kiss in the cheek “Morning” I said
“Ready to go?” he asked
“Ready” I said standing up and turning off the TV
When we were at the airport security sent us straight to the plane because this time it wasn't a private plane instead we were traveling in first class so they didn't want the fans to know. While Niall and I were waiting for Liam and Zayn to pass, he asked for my ticket and I gave it to him. He examined it and put a sad look.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him
“We are not together” he said disappointed
“What are you talking about?” I asked still not getting what he was talking about
“Our seats… We are seriously the only two that are sitting with random people. We are not sitting together”
“Niall its ok, don't worry” I said trying to comfort him
“But I wanted to be with you, we have to use our last few hours together” he said making the situation sound as if it were something extremely bad
“Don’t exaggerate bro” Liam said to Niall
“Oh shut up you would do the same if it was your girl” Niall told him and Zayn and I just laughed.
We were walking towards our seats when Zayn suddenly stopped, I stood on my tiptoes to looked why he stopped, then I saw a guy next to what it seems to be my seat and I felt Niall tense.
“Hey it’s fine…” I told him taking his hands in mine and looking straight into his eyes “…just 11 hours” I said trying to sound convincing but we both laughed because I didn’t make sound 11 hours as a little amount of time, because it wasn’t.
“How am I going to survive?” he said making a puppy face and I giggled “Oh my god! And Hailey thinks that I over exaggerated things” I told him and then kissed him “Not enough but It’ll work for a couple of hours” But I just rolled my eyes at him and went to sit next to the guy.
After a couple of hours, the guy whose name was Adam, and I were having a lovely conversation, he was the type of the soccer team captain, in other words he was very attractive and really funny.
“Em?” Hailey called me from the sit in front of me. I got closer so I was able to listen better “Can’t you see the poor guy is dying over there?” She said and I knew she was referring to Niall. Since Adam and I started laughing and stuff, Niall took every excuse to turn around to see what we were doing and of course I knew he was getting jealous but Adam went along because I was dying of how cute his reactions were, he wasn't even trying to hide it.
After a while most of the people on the plane were already asleep and without realizing it, I was starting to fall asleep on Adam’s shoulder when suddenly Niall stood up from his seat and walked angrily towards the back of the plane, I suppose to the bathroom.
“Oops, I think that went a little bit too far” Adam said and I looked at him worried “Go for him” he said and winked
I was outside the bathroom and I could hear the water running from the sink, then I knocked
“Occupied” Niall respond
“Niall it’s me” I said awkwardly not sure what to say
“I’ll be right out” he said but his voice sounded off
“Can you open the door please?” I said but not really expecting him to open it but to my surprise he did, so I went in and shut the door behind me. As all airplane bathrooms it was really really small but it was enough for both of us to fit in. His back was towards me because he was still washing his hands.
“Yes?” he said facing me through the mirror
“Are you mad?” I asked nervously
“Mad?…” he laughed sarcastically “…I couldn't be mad at you Emma” he said and I hugged him from the back “I’m sorry for making you jealous” I said putting my head on his shoulder, then he turned and said “I’m sorry too for getting jealous but that guy was so fit, nothing like me and you looked like you were having so much fun with him and…” Niall was saying and then I interrupted him “Niall, Adam is gay” I told him and he put a confused look
“Gay?” he said shocked
“Yes, I knew it since the start other way I wouldn't played along with him” I said
“And if you knew, why were you play along” he asked and I looked down “Emma…” He insisted making me look into his eyes again
“It's because you looked so cute getting all jealous and…”
“So you were getting me jealous Emma Anderson?” he asked and his blue eyes were forming a knot in my stomach
“Sorry?” I said nervously, but it sounded more like a question. He closed the gap between us kissing me. His hands fell down to my waist while my hands were on his hair, when the kiss started to get heated, he picked me up and sat me in the sink but by accident, I don't know how, the water turned on and it started to wet me, he moved his hand from my waist to the faucet and turned it off, and we started laughing between kisses.
“Niall I’m all wet” I said
“That was fast” He laughed making me blush
“That’s not what I meant, you are a pervert” I rolled my eyes at him
“I’m kidding…It’s called karma” He said
“Not funny” I said getting off the sink
“Neither was making me jealous” He said and leaned down to kiss me again but this time it was a gentle kiss, I was really into it when he stopped and rest his forehead against mine.
“I should get back to my seat and you with Adam” he said smiling knowing that he was torturing me because I wasn't expecting him to finish the kiss so fast, I know it was revenge for Adam, but that’s not fair! So I decided to act like it didn't affect me
“You’re right” I said pulling apart from him and opening the restroom door
“Emma!” Niall said once I was out and I was already walking towards the seats
“Nice butt” he said referring to my wet jeans but I just got my tongue out at him and kept walking. I was about to sit next to Adam but to my surprise there was some other guy there.
“What’s going on here?” I asked confused
“I arranged for you to be able to sit with Niall” Adam explained
“Thanks” I said and flashed him a smile which he gladly returned. I took my stuff and sat in what used to be the guy’s seat, next to the window, then Niall arrived.
 “What are you doing here?” he asked and then sat down
“I can go back with Adam if you want” I said giving him a look
“Hell no, you stay here with me” he said putting his arm around me so that I could lay my head on his shoulder
“You're not getting rid of me Nialler” I said getting comfortable on his shoulder
“I sure hope so” he said and I felt how my eyes were beginning to close.


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