Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


8. Goodbyes


Hailey’s POV
After the awkward almost kissing situation with Harry, things went back to normal pretty quick, thank god. We actually talked for a long time after we finished eating and I realized that he is so nice and funny, and cute, and his smile, it’s jus- Whoa, what am I thinking I’m with Tyler of course I don’t like Harry, I can’t he’s just a friend that’s it. I snapped out of it and got back to work before I started overthinking, something I tend to do a lot.
I work at Victoria’s Secret, Emma does also but she got the day off, so it’s just me today. I walked over to a lady and asked her if she needed any help. “Sure, if you could help me find this one in large please” She said holding up one of the yoga pants.
“Of course, they should be over here” I said walking over to the other side of the store, but not before glancing over to a curly haired, greed eyed boy at the entrance. Oh no, what does he want?
“Jane, can you please help out the lady, I’ll be right back” I asked Jane, and she just nodded annoyingly and approached to the lady I was with just a minute ago. She’s such a bitch. I fast walked over to Harry, who gave me an amused look.
“What are you doing here?” I hissed       
“Well, someone’s excited to see me” He smirked
“What do you want Harry? I’m supposed to be working!”
“I like it here, it has some interesting stuff around” He says, taking one of the panties from where it was laying with the rest and stretching it with his fingers
“Harry, seriously, what do you want?” I snapped and snatched them away from his hands, putting them nicely where they were before
“I wanted to talk” He explained
“Yeah, well I have no time to talk right now, so make it quick” I look back at Jane and everything seems fine
“When do you finish?” He asks and I glance at my watch
“In about an hour or so…”
“I’ll be back in an hour, be ready if you don’t want me to play with one of these next time” He passes his finger over the thongs, making his point clear. I roll my eye at him before heading back to work.
“Oh my god was that Harry Styles?” Jane squeals once I’m back
“Maybe” I smile at myself knowing Jane is so jealous right now
“Oh, well he’s lucky I’m here, next time make sure to call me when he needs help” I ignore her completely, I don’t know how I manage to work with this creature.
I took my bag and sweater, before searching for my car keys and heading out of the back room in the store, at the entrance is the one and only Harry Styles, fuck I forgot. I glance at my watch noticing that I was about half an hour late, oh well, I was working, he had to wait.
“Thanks for keeping me waiting” He says frustrated
“Sorry, but I told you I had to work” I reminded him
“Yeah well I was getting, some interesting ideas I could do with all the stuff in here” He smiles cheekily
Of course miss bitch had to come back “Hailey, I’ll take care of this you can go now” Jane hissed at me and turned to Harry
“Do you need any help?” She asks with her “sexy, seductive” voice, which is actually a very unpleasant sound
“Actually, we were just leaving” Harry responds and takes my hand leading me out of the store, but not before I sent a wink over at Jane’s direction, which Harry seemed to notice
“Are you using me to make your co-worker jealous?” He mockingly acts hurt
“Maybe I am, Styles”
“Well, I am pretty irresistible” He winks and we head off for lunch
 “I’ll have the chicken sandwich” I smile at the girl that is taking our order, who is smiling from ear to ear thanks to Harry
“Will that be all for now?” She asks kindly
“Yes, thanks” Harry says, and with this she disappears into the restaurant, as a question pops up in my mind “So, is it always like this?”
“What?” He asks
“Girls all over you”
“Pretty much” He responds and I roll my eyes as he chuckles “I’m kidding, love” He adds
We keep talking until we have finished our food and Harry sighs “Hailey, I need to tell you something” He says and suddenly you can feel the tension in the room
“About what?” I ask slowly
“Well, these past few days that I’ve spent with you and Emma have been amazing, you two are great and I love spending time with you, but the lads and I have to go back to London” He explains and disappointment hits me, I don’t know why, I have known this guy’s only for a week, but it had been the greatest time I’d had in a while.
“Oh, when do you leave?” I ask, fearing the answer
“Tomorrow morning” He answers and I feel disappointed for a second time today, and I act like I don’t really mind
“Well, I hope you have a great time there” I smile and take a sip from my water
“We’ll keep in touch right?” Harry asks
“Yeah, sure” I smile and he pays the check before we go back to the house he and the lads are staying in since Emma was there
We watched some movies and played some games laughed and just had fun until it was time to go. I said goodbye to the lads and hugged them all until it was Harry’s turn and he pulled me out of the house so it was just us outside
“Harry, what’s going on?”
“Hailey, when I say I want us to keep in touch I mean it, I really want us to be friend” He smiles and wraps his arms around me pulling me into a hug which I respond by wrapping my arms around him, and even though I don't want to admit it, I felt a bit dissapointed when he said friends.
“And when I say we will, I mean it” I say before we pull away and the front door opens revealing the rest of the lads and Emma
“Ready to go Hailey?” Emma asks
“Sure” I smile at Harry before Emma and I head back to her car and drive back to our apartment

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