Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


7. Deal with it

Niall's P.O.V
So we have 2 days left here in LA before we go back to London & I'm still thinking about this Starbucks girl, Emma. I been watching Harry and he seems to be so distracted like if he was always thinking about something and in this case I know it’s in someone, the lads have also notice him and they started making jokes about him and the girl from the photos on magazines & interviews but he always says that there's really nothing between them, BULLSHIT! I'm not stupid I now that girl is Emma and he is always thinking about her, if there was really "nothing" between them why would he invite the girl to come and hangout with us, I know that girl is her!
"Hey mate... Niall!!! "Liam got me out of my thoughts
"Oh yeah?"
"Want to come play basketball with me and Louis before Harry’s visits come?"
"Yeah sure" I said as I stood up and went with the guys besides this was really going to distract me from all this conclusions I'm making.
 I heard the doorbell ring and without even thinking Harry stood up from the couch and ran over to the door
"Wow some is pretty excited to see her" I said but my voice sound a little bit annoyed
“Is our little leprechaun jealous because he still doesn't bring a girl home?" Louis said trying to make fun of me and I wasn't really in the mood but when I was about to reply to him I saw her, standing between Harry and another girl
"Lads these is Emma and this is Hailey her best friend, girls these are the lads" 
"Hi guys it’s nice meeting you" both said in unisons and we all laughed, after hanging around with them for a while everyone started making different conversations and I was just staring at Emma like an idiot I was analyzing how both, Harry and her where acting  around each other to see if they were really together but, I didn't see any movement between them and definitively neither with Hailey, actually they seem to be mad for some reason they didn't even talk or see each other, maybe Harry really likes Emma. I must sound crazy thinking about all off this.
"Hello earth calling Niall!" Emma giggled and waved her hand in front of my face while sitting next to me
"Sorry what?"
"I asked if something is wrong with me because you were staring at me..."
“Oh sorry about that " I said a little embarrassed because she did notice me starring at her like an idiot
"It’s cuz I was thinking that in two days I'll be able to see my family and my brother is getting married so I'm really happy for him but nervous at the same time because I'm the best man and I still have no speech " I said changing completely the subject before I ruined it more
"Really? That's great for your brother Niall but how can you not have a speech, I mean you write songs and all that stuff it should be easier" She had a point
We kept talking & I was really enjoying her company when suddenly her stomach rumbled & her face turned all red, I guess because she was embarrassed but I found it so cute and sexy, I mean who doesn't like girls who are hungry like me at any time, so as I always do I started laughing.
"Niall stop! It's not funny at all I'm starving right here" Em said still all reddish and with a puppy dog face
"Sorry love, it’s cuz your all red & it is funny and your stomach an-"
"Ok I get it! It was funny, now are you going to let me starve to death or what?”
"Oh don't get mad Em I was playing with you it was really cute, now let's go with the others to see if they want to come with us to buy food" I said standing up and stretching my hand out for her to take it
"Oh no mister! You laughed at me I'm not going. I am staying with Harry  " She said smiling and shaking her head in disapproval, we'll if Harry is what she wants. I was starting to think that something was really going on between the two of them.
"Fine, I’ll go with the lads and you can stay here with your Harry, I'll invited Hailey instead” I said and went directly to Hailey just to piss Emma off.
“Hailey, Hailey!!” I was in front of her
“Sorry, what?” She said
“Some of us are going for some food want to come?” I asked
“I’ll wait here” she said, damn Emma won, or that’s what I thought before she stood up
“You know what, I changed my mind I will go with you guys after all” she said changing her mind for some reason
"I TOLD YOU SO!” I told Emma
But she just took got her tongue out at me and went outside to the car
On our way back home Liam was driving and Zayn was in the passenger seat. While in the back of the car were sitting Emma at one end and I on the other because Emma insisted on not being next to me because she was "mad at me".  We arrived and everyone went out letting me with all the food
"A little help wouldn't hurt anyone guys!!" I yelled out at them but no one helped me , suddenly Emma looked through the door of the car
"I would help you but you still don't apologize…So deal with it Nialler" Emma said winking and turned around to continue walking with the guys. When I entered the house and they were all acting kind of weird. Everyone was staring at Harry and Hailey like they had done something, so I broke the silence by shouting

Hi guys! So, I think I will be updating constatly and I hope you like it because honestly I'm trying really hard for you to like it:) If you do favorite or comment, I'll reply!

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