Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


26. Date Gone Wrong

Hailey’s POV
We arrived home safely yesterday and the choreography was a hit at the academy, so now my only worry was my date with Harry. It’s been a while since I’d been on a proper date, let’s just say that Tyler wasn’t much of a romantic guy. I stood in front of my closet searching for what to wear. I just couldn’t decide.
“Emma!” I called for her, hoping she would be able to help me.
“Coming” She said from across the hall where her room was. “Yes?” She leaned on the door frame
“What should I wear?” I asked and of course she was all up for helping
“Where are you guys going?” She asked excitedly. Like I said before it wasn’t really often that I liked someone. And when I did, Emma was all over it.
“I don’t know, it’s a surprise, he just told me to wear something casual” I sat down in my bed, giving up.  Emma walked up to scan my whole closet. She made me try on some stuff until we both finally agreed on this.
After I got ready and everything Emma and I just sat in the living room and watched TV for a while.
“So, what time is he picking you up?” She asked flipping through the channels.
“He shouldn’t be long now, he said six” I shrugged and not long after that the doorbell rang.
I stood up and went over to the door to receive Harry.
“Hey” I smiled when I saw him
“Hi, you look nice”
“Should we get going?” He asked
“Sure” I said and backed up a little bit so I wouldn’t be screaming in Harry’s face “Emma, I’m leaving. See you later” I waited for a response “Okay, have fun. Take care of her Harry” She answered
“Don’t worry I will, she’s safe with me” He said back and with that I closed the door and walked over to Harry’s car. He opened the door for me and I got in waiting for him to walk around to the driver’s side.
“So, where are we going?” I asked curious as he turned the engine on, I love surprises but I’m also very impatient.
“It’s a surprise”
“Ok then, give me a hint”
“Good thing you wore a sweater”
“So it’s going to be cold?” I had no clue where he was taking me
“Maybe” He said with a hint of a smile on his face
“When’s your birthday?” I asked trying to make conversation
“It was two months ago, February 1st. When’s your birthday?”
“July 2nd” I said and he nodded
The rest of the way we were just talking about how much we both loved LA, until we arrived to this building. I immediately knew where we were. The ice rink.
“I used to come here with my family when I was little.” I thought out loud
“Are you a good skater?” He asked
“You’ll see” I smiled knowing I was a great skater. I practiced figure skating for about two years when I was younger.
I waited on the bench while Harry went for our skates.
“Seven and a half for the lady” He said and placed them right next to me, I slipped them on and tightened them so I could skate better.  
“Ready?” Harry asked and I nodded
We got on the ice and Harry was pretty good on skates too. We were there for about two hours. We both fell down a few times but it was great anyway. We were laughing and playing around the whole time. It was around eight so we decided to go get something to eat, but we both wanted something light. We finally decided on going to Yoghurtland.
“It’s right here,” I said, indicating the parking lot a few meters away from us. Harry knew his way around LA but of course I knew mine better. Eleven, almost twelve years in LA, I had to learn something.
Like the gentleman he is, Harry opened the door for me and we were about to enter when something inside caught my attention.  More like someone. Tyler. Fucking Tyler was standing right there inside the building. I was furious and scared. I wanted to go in there and beat the living shit out of him. But of course I couldn’t. Fear got the best of me.
“You know what, it’s late. I think it’s better if you take me back to the house” I said and walked back to the car. Of course it was closed so I couldn’t get in until Harry unlocked it. Which he didn’t.
“Hey, are you alright?” Harry asked concerned
“I’m fine” I said looking down at my fingers. Nervous that Tyler would see me and come for me.
“What’s going on? You can tell me” He insisted and I looked over his shoulder to see that Tyler and his friends were heading toward the parking lot.
I swear I’m about to have a panic attack. “Nothing’s going on” I insisted
He sighed “Hailey-“
“I said I’m fine. Can you just open the damn car and take me home? Please” I snapped at him, tears wanting to escape my eyes, but I held them back.
“Alright” He said and unlocked the car. But it was too late, Tyler had already spotted me and was walking my way. Harry was already on the other side of the car and I just hoped to get inside before he got to me. Unfortunately that didn’t happen Tyler’s hand grasped my wrist and pulled me to him.
“Hey, babe. Where have you been? You just disappeared”
“Let me go Tyler, please” I begged him but he wouldn’t have it.
“What the hell’s going on? Leave her the fuck alone” Harry suddenly jumped out of the car and Tyler released me to face Harry.
“What did you just say to me?” Tyler clenched his jaw
“I said, leave her the fuck alone” Harry repeated and then Tyler threw the first punch. Shit I knew this was going to end bad. Tyler was strong and I didn’t want Harry to get hurt.
“Harry, don’t. Please don’t” He didn’t listed and started throwing punches at Tyler. I pulled Tyler’s arm to try to stop him.
“Get off me you fucking slut” He hissed and his elbow went straight to my face, knocking me off balance. It hurt so badly, and I couldn’t even stand up. Thank God Tyler’s friends were near us and they were trying to pull them apart.
“Hailey, are you ok?” Someone asked and when I looked up I recognized it as Jake, one of Tyler’s friends, who was also my friend.
“My head...” That was all I could say. A million thoughts were in my head but I couldn’t even get a sentence out.
“Your head? Does it hurt?” He asked and I nodded, something I shouldn’t have done since it made the pain even worse. I didn’t know what happened to Tyler but suddenly Harry was by my side.
“God, Hailey, I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” Harry asked and Jake answered for me
“Her head hurts, Tyler hit her pretty bad. I think she needs stiches we should to take her to the hospital, I’ll talk to her parents.” Jake said everything so fast and it took a moment for me to go over it.
What the hell? To the hospital? Why would I need stiches? I brought my hand up to my head and back down just to see blood all over it. When did I start bleeding?
“Don’t call my parents, please” As much as it hurt to talk I didn’t want to see my parents
“The hospital will want someone related to you there, and if I don’t call your parents they will” Jake explained though I knew he was getting frustrated, he just wanted to take me to the hospital.
“Call Mike, not my parents” I managed to say
“Alright I’ll call Mike” He said and took his phone out
“I’ll take her to the hospital” Harry said and with one fast movement I was in his arms. He put me in the car and then got in. He turned the engine on and started driving toward the nearest hospital.
I made a mental note to thank Jake later. He was such a good friend, I didn’t know why he put up with all of Tyler’s shit like always getting drunk or getting into fights but Jake, he was so different. Why didn’t I date Jake instead of Tyler? Stupid Hailey.
“Hailey, come on, open your eyes” I heard Harry say from beside me. He took my hand and his thumb would softly run over my knuckles every now and then. I opened my eyes like he asked and looked at him.
“Please don’t fall asleep, it’s not good when you just hit your head that bad” He said and I could hear the concern in his voice. As much as I wanted to just close my eyes and let go, I didn’t. Harry’s words were on repeat in my head. Please don’t fall asleep, please don’t fall asleep. Over and over I repeated the words in my head. We finally got to the hospital and we entered through emergencies. I was in Harry’s arms and we immediately got help, I don’t remember much after that. Please don’t fall asleep, please don’t fall asleep. Well, I fell asleep.

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