Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


19. BFF&A

Hailey’s POV
“Is anyone home?” I asked as I unlocked the door and Zayn and I entered into Harry’s flat
“Just me” Harry said from the kitchen, I think.
“Oh, where’s Emma?” I followed his voice to find out that he was in fact in the kitchen.
“She went out with Niall a few hours ago” He was having a glass of water
I nodded and served a glass for myself, I glanced up to look at Zayn “Are you staying a while?”
He was with me since we went for lunch earlier.
“I guess, I have nothing to do really”
“Alright I’m going upstairs to change into something more comfortable” I said motioning my dress before heading up to my room.
I picked a pair of 
jeans, a hoodie and put my hair in a fish tail braid.
Harry’s POV
Once again Hailey and Zayn went out, what is wrong with him, he knows I like her, but then again who wouldn’t, once she went upstairs to change I was going to leave to my room but something stopped me.
“Do you like her?” I blurted out to Zayn and he gave me the ‘are you stupid look’
“Seriously Harry? I’m with Perrie”
“You spent too much time with her, more than with your ‘girlfriend’ Perrie” I shot
“She is my girlfriend and she is in America so obviously I can’t spent too much time with her can I? And Hailey is like another one of my sisters, we were just hanging out, quit being such a dick mate”
“Oh, so I’m being the dick, I’m not hanging out with Perrie am I?”
“No you are not, and if you were I wouldn’t mind because like I said before Hailey and I are just friends”
“And like I said, you spend too much time with her just for her to be a ‘friend’.”
“She really needs someone, and I am there for her not like you”
“Why does she really need someone, it’s not like she’s dying” I rolled my eyes at him
“No, she is not dying, but as you already know something happened and she needed someone to talk to”
“Oh, and you are the one she shou-“
I stopped speaking when I heard her footsteps getting closer, burning my eyes into Zayn.
“What’s going on?” She asked frowning
“Nothing” I muttered and pushed past both of them and got out of the house.
Hailey’s POV
“What was all that about?” I asked
“I’m not sure, come on let’s go sit in the living room” Zayn made his way to the couch and I followed his actions
“You need to tell him” He spoke
Emma’s POV
I walked over to the door of Harry’s flat and turned around to see Niall’s car leaving, we had lunch and he apologized about what happened at the party, when he went all mercurial, one second he’s flirty the next he’s not, he didn’t really explain why he was acting like that but he did apologize. I was about to open the door when someone from the other side did and then saw it was Harry, he was mad.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, genuinely concerned but he didn’t answer and went straight to his car. I frowned and entered the house, hoping someone could explain what was going on with him. I closed the door behind me and heard Zayn and Hailey in the living room, I don’t usually eavesdrop but something cached my attention.
“You need to tell him” Zayn said
“What? Are you out of your mind, I can’t tell him that!” I knew Hailey very well, and I know it’s about whatever happened in LA.
“Hailey you need to tell the people that are closest to you, it’s the only way you’ll get over it” Zayn insisted
“Zayn I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over the fact that I was raped, I just need to put it behind me”
My hand flew to my mouth, it can’t be true, it can’t be true. I repeated this mantra over and over hoping that I had heard wrong, but deep down I knew that I heard perfectly well. I walked over to the living room and both heads turned to look at me.
“You were raped?” My voice was just a whisper, I was still trying to process the information I had just heard.
But neither of them answer "It was Tyler right?…” I said still shocked but then I felt all the anger running through my veins “…I’m going to kill that asshole, how could he? He is a fucking bastard, we need to tell the police, he deserves to be suffering in jail..." I was so angry & sad, now I understood why Hailey was acting like that.
"Emma calm down, no one is calling anyone" Zayn said
"Hailey why didn't you tell me?" I said frustrated, ignoring Zayn.
 "Emma I..." She said standing "No Hailey if you had told me, we would had done something about it, I would’ve helped you" I said tears filling my eyes but when I saw her standing there looking down at her fingers nervously, I went straight to hug her, trying to understand that my best friend, the girl who has been with me my whole life and I consider my sister, was raped
"I'm so sorry Hailey, I'm really sorry you had to go through all that shit” I said still hugging her “Sorry I didn't tell you, I wasn't ready”
“No its fine you didn't tell me because now I know and I'm here to help you get through this I promise, forever and always remember?”
“Forever and always” She repeated my words
So, this is Emma and Hailey's fifth day in London, in case you were wondering since I though they had been there more time. Just wanted you to know, hope you like it.

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