Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


18. Apologizing… again

Hailey’s POV
“We’re here” Zayn informed me as he pulled in front of Harry’s flat and I could see Niall’s car just taking off
“Thanks” I smiled at him
“You are very welcome” He smiled back
“No, I mean thanks for everything” I thanked him again
“You don’t have to thank me, I just want you to know that if you need anything, you can come to me, I’m serious, anything!”
“I will”
“And you should also start being nicer to Harry, he is trying you know?”
“Yeah I know, but he is just so… ugh, I don’t know he just gets under my skin, besides we haven’t talked for like three days”
“Just be nice”
“Alright, I will” I hugged him and he hugged back
“See you tomorrow” He said
“Sure” I got out of the car and walked over to the door, when I realized I didn’t have a key, so I knocked. While I was waiting for someone to answer I looked back and saw that Zayn’s car was still there
“You can leave now” I yelled over at him
“I’m not going until you’re inside” He yelled back
I giggled and rolled my eyes, he’s been very overprotective since he found out, but for some reason I’m glad he did, today he took me out to see the city, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I waited a few more seconds and Harry opened.
“Oh, it’s you” He stepped aside for me to enter, I turned around just to see Zayn’s car pulling away, Harry closed the door behind me
“Nice to see you too” I muttered. No, wait. Zayn told you to be nice, BE NICE.
He was heading over to the kitchen but I stopped him “Harry?” he turned around. “Yeah”
“I’m sorry” I apologized
He frowned, “For what?”  “Being a bitch” I said as if it were obvious
“Don’t apologize, I might have had something to do with it” He said
“No of course not, I just have a lot on my mind right know”
“Don’t worry, let’s just forget it happen”
“Alright” I smiled, there was an awkward silence but then I realized
“Hey, where is Emma?” I asked Harry
“Oh, she went out with Niall”
“Go Emma!” I giggled and Harry chuckled
“Hey, do you wanna watch a movie? He asked
“Sure, come on” I walked over to the TV room, we were watching the movie till the point my eyelids started getting heavy, I don’t remember much after that.
The sound of high heels clicking on wooden floor woke me up I suppose Emma is home, I can be a very light sleeper sometimes. I realized the TV was off and that Harry’s arm was around my waist, so I carefully stood up trying not wake Harry up and succeeding. I needed to talk to Emma.
I walked up the stairs and to Emma’s room, she was taking her high heels off.
“Hi” I whispered and smiled, not wanting to scare her. She immediately turned around and smiled.
“Hey” She responded and went back to changing
“I just wanted to say sorry”  
“Why?” She frowned as she was taking her shirt off and about to slip her pajama shirt on
“You, know why, let’s just say I haven’t been very nice to you”
She sighed “Hailey, I know something is going on with you, if you don’t want to tell me fine, but just try to put it behind you.”
I nodded and smiled wanting to change the subject
“Where were you?” I asked
“Niall took me to a party”
“You don’t look very happy about it, I thought you liked him” I frowned
“It’s complicated” She plopped down in bed next to where I had just sat down
I chuckled “I think I can understand complicated” My situation was more complicated that she could ever imagine
She sighed “I do like him, but I’m not sure if he likes me”
“Emma” I gave her a “seriously” kind of look
“What?” She shrugged
“Of course he likes you, it’s obvious”
“I don’t know, first he’s distant, then he’s all flirty and when I try to kiss him he pulls away? I mean who does that?!?” She was frustrated
“Oh my god, YOU, Emma Anderson tried to kiss HIM, Niall Horan? God this is good” I laughed
“Hailey stop it, I’m serious, I really do like him” She smacked my arm “Ouch!”
“Alright, alright. If you ask me, that I’ve dealt with so many types of guys, he definitely likes you, but something’s holding him back”
“Like what?” She asks
“That is what we are going to find out” I answered
“Okay, but we’ll do it tomorrow I’m too tired, good night” She led down and covered herself with the blankets
“Alright, good night” I said before exiting the room and going back downstairs for my phone.
I reached the TV room and looked for my phone. I found it on the coffee table beside Harry’s phone. I took it and sat down on the other couch so I didn’t wake him up, I am going up to my room in a while so there’s no point. I was checking my messages and saw that I had one from Mike my 21 year old brother, an instant smile appeared on my face and I opened it.
Hey! What’s up? Where are you? Haven’t talked to you in days – Mike:P
Fuck, I had forgotten to tell everyone where I was.
I’m in London, casual everyday routine….  Sorry I forgot to tell you :( -Hailey♥
I sent a message to my parents telling them where I was and that I was fine, not that they would get mad, they let me do everything. Mike practically raised me because my parents were always working, they did and do care but still they’re always working.
I was checking my Tumblr when a voice startled me.
“You’re still awake?” Harry frowned looking up at me, his low husky voice made him so attractive.
I shook away my thoughts and answered him, “I was asleep until Emma got home”
“Oh… Did she tell you how it went?”
“Not so good I guess, poor Em” I looked down at my phone and kept scrolling down.
It was silent for a moment until he spoke up again “You should get some rest, come on, lay down” He pulled the blanket and patted the space beside him, where I was about half an hour ago. I hesitated but finally gave in, since I was too tired to go back up to my room.
I led down and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me loser to him, I was going to push him away but remembered what Zayn said. “You have to face your fears Hailey, whatever is wrong make it right” and somehow Harry was helping me do it, I led my head down in his chest and It was rarely comfortable since we were lying down in a couch. “Wise choice” He whispered
“Shut up before I change my mind” I warned him and he didn’t answer. A few minutes later I heard his breathing slowing down and after a while I fell asleep as I listened to his heartbeat.

Guys! first of all thanks for reading:D it really means a lot to me! & I’m doing my best for you to enjoy it. Sorry if I don’t constantly update is because I have school, and all that stuff so be patient please;) & Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx.

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