Finally seeing the light

Stephenie's lifestyle is unhealthy. She suffers with bulimia and her relationship with her parents isn't very good. With her suicidal thoughts plaguing her she finally has the strength to go through with it. After being found by a brown haired male singer, he finally shows her the life she wants. He finally shows her how to live again. But with Liam's rising fame and Stephenie's new job life becomes a hassle and things don't work out quite the way it was planned


3. Let me reach out and grab you

As i braced myself for the rope to tighten even further on my neck i stood one footed on the tree.
I was finally going to do this, closing my eyes i started dropping my other foot.

"STOP!" I heard someone yell beneath me. I quickly yanked my legs backward, causing me to stumble, after swinging i fell off of the branch. The rope twisting around my neck. The feeling that death was finally upon me was heaven my feet wear swinging in the air. And i was finally happy.


Ever since i met that girl everything about her fascinated me.

I was walking through the woods. The other lads had stressed me out and the woods was my piece of mind. It wasn't just your normal stereotypical woods, with the big scary wiltered trees where no light was aloud to pass the leafs and branches which were thick above your head. It was sceneric, beautiful.

I was walking through the entrance when i noticed something carved into my favourite tree. I would normally sit under it and let the leafs fall on my head as i bask in the wonders of a somwhat 'normal' life.

"I just needed someone to grasp my hand and save me."

Wait what was that supposed to mean? I carried on my trek, hearing small sobs. My blood started pumping and i didn't know why. i knew something had happened. Something that i couldn't stop.

I pushed my way forward. My speed increasing until i saw her, the beautiful yet broken girl. Her hair was a mess and her small frail body leaning toawrds something.

a rope.

Her neck was already inside, she screwed her eyes closed before she took one foot off of the branch she was standing on.

"STOP!" i shouted to her as loud as i could. I startled her so she flew her leg back so fast she started to lose her balance before she fell and the rope tightened around her neck.

Adrenaline rushed through me all thoughts that went through my head. my feet were rushing ahead. Leading me over the leaves and up the tree. Before i was aware i was at the top of the tree. My phone in my hand as i rang the ambulance. i grabbed the swinging rope and pulled it towards me.

With the rope around her neck tightening i let go, causing her limb body to swing further, as soon as i could i grabbed onto the rope around this girls neck. pulling it over her head and throwing it away from her. The rope began to swing, hitting the branch i was balancing on. It was thick; sturdy enough to lay her back on. As i started preforming CPR the sirens surrounded me and paramedics where running to her aid.

"What's her name?"

"SIr, you need to tell me what is her name?" THe voices filled my head but i just watched as they scrambled up the tree and lifted her body down.

"Urmm, no. i don't know. i don't know her." i mumbled, somehow they must have heard me as they left me alone to get to the bottom of the tree.

Yet all i could do was sit and watch as the girl who lay on the stretcher below wasn't moving. About how no signs of life were showing. If this girl died i would feel guilty forever. I only just met her and i wanted to get to know her, maybe if i was the one who saved her she didn't do this.


Stephenies P.O.V:

My head was heavy as the people around me shouted. My vision was blurred, only making out certain objects before i finally settled my eyes on something. The frantic face of a doctor.

"She's waking up. Do you feel okay? Is your head heavy? Is your eye sight okay? Do you feel chocked? Can you speak? Is there a throbbing feeling in your ear?"

The questions where fast and hit me like a slap to the face.

"No, not anymore, yes, no,yes,no."

The doctors had to take some time to realise that i was replying to, they ran some more tests and left the room.

I was alone in life i had no one, no place to live. My bag was laid on the floor, beneath the machines around me.  Out of the corner or my eye i saw movement, as tears raced down my face. The man came closer to me. Liam. He had saved me, but i didn't want him to.

"'Hey, hey it's okay. i won't hurt you." He spoke softly as he grabbed my small hand, his two large hands clasping around it.

"I... i have no place to go. No one wants me Liam, nobody." My sobs grew louder as i tried to register the look in his face.

"You can stay with me, but first i need to know your name."

"Stephenie." I spoke before the doctor came into the room.

"So, you are fine at the minute, however you will need to visit a consilour on a weekly basis. You will also be required to come back for check ups with me every month. To monitor your progress and assure that nothing like this will ever happen again."

I nodded taking it all in. As Liam also listened closely.

"Your sessions will commence on the upcoming wednesday, every wednesday, until i feel as if you are back to a normal state. We are doing this for no one elses benefits but your own. "

I just kept nodding as he kept talking.

"You - on the mean time- can go, would you like me to contact any family members?"

I shook my head violently. "I... i don't have any."

A sympathetic yet warm smile appeared on his face as he nodded.

"I'ts okay. i'm taking her." Liam spoke at the side of me.

"Of course Mr Payne." and with that the room was silence apart from a click of the door as it shut.
I swung my legs off of the side of the bed and stood up. We walked to the car in utter silence. Liam had his arms guiding my waist as one of my arms was slumped over his shoulder, using him for support.

After we got into the car i looked at my self in the mirror. I was still me. Nothing different in appearance. yet inside, i was lost. I was broken. I had nothing to call mine and i had no way of showing life.

"Stephenie... urm, why... why did you do it?"  His voice cracked as he asked me the question i wasn't expected to be asked.

"I..." I wasn't able to find my voice. i sighed and looked back out of the window. " I'm just sick. sick of everything. I'm constantly scared."  That was all he can know, i'm not going to open up to him.
"Of what?" He asked, his words were on replay in my mind. The way his voice cracked, as if he actually cared.

As we were nearing the destination as Liam said i saw an advertisement on the side of a bus. "ONE DIRECTIONS THIS IS US."
The five pop/rock singers where smiling at a crowd of people. There smiles warm and inviting. Asif it actually meant something to them having so many fans.

"Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Lous Tomlinson, Zayn Mailk and Niall Horan tell there story"
It read at the bottom.
Oh shit. This guy was a corny pop singer who wooed girls and sang a bunch of girly and gay pop songs. Ew.

"You're from One Direction?" I half asked, half stated. I heard a soft chuckle come from his lips as we pulled out and got out of the car.

"You got me, and if you ever go out with us then be careful for the paparazzi and our directioners."
"Yeah, they're our fan base. They are the people who  ormally spot us first. and when they do spot us it is havoc. But i love it. Knowing that we have so many people supporting us."

I walked towards the house, it was really big yet discreet. it was three story's high, and quite wide.

Liam opened the big black door which was infront of me, guiding my bags into the house.

"Hey Liam! Where've you been all night? New girl?" A curly haired boy winked at him. The smirk on his face grew wider when he saw me. 

"Why hello there. I'm Harry." He smiled at me as he walked towards me.

He lives with them great. Liam pushed past him and walked into the iving room where another 3 boys where sat on the L shaped sofa.

"Guys, this is Stephenie. Stephenie will be staying with us. And no we aren't together infact i don't really know her but she has had issues and therfore will be staying with us."  He said to all the boys, they were all looking at me curiously apart from a boy with quiffed brown hair.

"No. No she will not, what happens when i bring a girl to move in with us and she gets rejected! And then you waltz in with someone you don't even know and get her to live here. She can find somewhere else! Because she won't be living here dammit!" As his harsh words and violent tone hit me i couldn't help but start crying.

"Yes she will Louis! Renne wasn't even interested in you! She wanted the fame, the money, the paps. That is why we refused to let her stay!" Liam shot back just as harsh.

"It's fine Liam. Yesterday you didn't need to do that for me. What you did was something i can never forget and i am very grateful but i also resent you for that. because not even a stranger can treat me right. It's fine i'll go." i spoke through tears.

"Ohhh. See! She doesn't care! let her leave it isn't like you mean something to her i mean what did you do exactly for her to be forever grateful?!" He spat, looking at me yet talking to Liam.

"I..." He looked at me as if to ask for permission, i nodded my head. i don't mind. I'll go live with my mum, even through the abuse.

"She was in the woods, dangling from the top of a tree. Being held up by a rope. I stopped her from going through with it fully. I saved her life! I was with her all night in hospital hoping nothing would happen to her! Louis, i saved her life. i stopped her from committing suicide. She also has no where else to go. She has no family to support her. Where else can she live? the streets?" Liam's voice was soft as he tried not to cry, Louis face has dropped.

"Oh, urm..." He began but he stopped when he saw my comforting Liam. He was my saviour, my life saver.


 I grabbed my bag and walked out of the house, storming down the driveway, i sat at the bus stop. Putting my earbuds into my ears

"Stephenie..." Someone spoke beside me, startling me from my trance.

"I'm sorry..." He spoke again but i refused to look.

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