Frozen (One Direction version)

Have you seen Frozen? This is the One Direction version. Read please?


3. Meeting Marci

I finished making my house, and might I add it was exhausting!
"Olaf!!!" I yelled searching for that little goofy snowman
"At your service and you interrupted my game of Flappy bird." Olaf said as he walked in.
"Do you know where my phone is?" I asked.
"Yes, I do it is in your room." he said. Another cool thing about my powers is when I destroy my house everything returns in the same place.
I grabbed my phone and searched through my contacts until I found Marci, my best friend. I clicked on the contact and called her.
"Ugh, pick up your phone Marci!!!" I said as it kept ringing.
"Sup sister?" Marci asked.
"Let's go hang out or something?" I asked.
"Sure, let's go get Ice Cream." Marci said.
"Alrighty, pick you up in twenty." I told her.
"yep, bye." She said.  
I got into proper clothes, I usually wear a nice dress around my house. Here is what I wore:

I picked up Marci and went to the Ice Cream Shop, we ordered and sat down.
"So, I hear you hurt Liam again!" Marci said.
"How- Did Harry tell you?" I asked.
"Yes he did." She replied. "You saved him right.?" 
"Yea, I'm hoping I sang the song right, I haven't sang it in like 4 years." I said.
"I'm thinking Niall can tell." She said.
"That is true, he is the only one who can do what I can,and the only one who understands me." I told her.
"Are you going to tell Liam again?" She asked. 
"I don't know, I couldn't bear to see him hurt again." I said.
"Then it would be good to tell him." She concurred.
"You know what? I am going to tell him!" I said.
"Ok, see you later then!!!" She yelled.
"See you later!!" I yelled back on my way to Liam and Niall's house. 
Niall's P.O.V
I don't see why he isn't waking up yet.  She sang the song right.  I looked over to see Liam's eyes fluttering open.
"What happened?" Liam asked.
"It would be good to hear it from a certain person." I told him.
"Come on! Can't you tell me!!!" He asked.
"No, Amber has to tell you." I replied.
"Fine!!!" He gave in.
I heard the door open and into Liam's room came Amber.
"Hey guys, oh! Liam your awake!!!" She said.
"Yes I am, now please tell me what happened!!!!" He said.
"Okay, but I'm going to need Niall to get out!!" she said.
Just as I was about to walk out the door, Amber whispered something into my ear.
"I know you like me." She whispered.



Hello my frozeners!!! I'm going to call you that from now on.  Anyway, i have some questions!!!
1:What is your favorite song form frozen?  Mine is Let it go or Love is an open door.
2:What do you think Niall is going to say?
3:Who is your favorite character from frozen? Mine is Elsa
I am most likely going to update on school nights and weekends because I have Collage like all other 20 year olds and did I mention me and Harry were born on the same day Feb. 1st, and we look a lot a like. We could be twins!!! hmm, that's something I should think about because I met him in person on Saturday at Starbucks isn't that the weirdest thing and he even wished me a happy birthday and gave me his number as a present!!!!  Best Birthday ever!!!

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