Tabitha Connors is no stranger to night terrors, images of fire and destruction plague her sleep almost every night, until he comes along.
Rafier knows that if he doesn't get help soon, his world will burn with the demons who fight to destroy it. When he finds the beautiful little necromancer in a night club, he knows his people have a new hope.
Tabitha is about to be thrown into a world of horror, pain and suffering. Most of all, she is about to enter world of desolation.


5. 5

Tabitha startled and moved back with the force of the shock, her? This world needed her? A girl who grew up with nothing but her determination to survive long enough to be free of the foster system, a girl who allowed herself to be used because she thought herself to be in love? What good was she to an obviously dying world?

"I...I don't understand." Tabitha exclaimed, her nerves acting up and causing her to shake. Rafe reached out to her but that only had her jolting further back.

"Let me explain. In my world, we have a saying. If you can see the shadows in the darkness, you're half way to oblivion." Rafier said, hoping that Tabitha would understand, his hope was in vain.

"And that means..?"

"That when a necromancer, people like you, can see a dying world then it doesn't have much time left. Only someone with your... abilities can save this world now, or it will die." Rafe explained. None of it meant anything to Tabitha, all that happened was she was more confused than before. 

Tabby just looked at him like he was the most insane man she had ever seen, not that he didn't come close. The only thing stopping her from affording him that title was the fact she seemed to be standing on proof. 

"You want me to believe that I'm some kind of... romancer of the dead? Sorry, not buying it. I like my boyfriends with a heartbeat." Tabitha smarted. Her belief in Rafier's sanity was slowly diminishing, well, whatever was left of it. 

"A necromancer has nothing to do with necrophilia, a necromancer is a person who sees the dead, who can communicate with them. I'm betting you've done it without even realizing it." Rafe replied.

Suddenly a memory popped into Tabitha's head; when she was ten she started to talk to a young man at a funeral she attended for one of the kids in her foster home. When she asked around for him, one of the care takers led her to a grave stone with the man's name on it. Tabitha had always written it off as her imagination. 

"Let's say, for arguments sake, that I believe you and I'm this necromancer thing, what could I possibly do to save your world. I have no skills, no power. What the hell could I do?" Tabitha half screamed at him in the midst of her hysteria.

Rafier could almost see the fear leap from her eyes and his broke his heart, but he needed this to happen, his world needed this. She was the key.

"There are people here who can teach you to harness and control your powers. When you have learned all you need, you will be ready to save Trinity."

Tabitha tried to control her breathing, in and out, in and out. When she felt comfortable that she could talk with an even and steady voice, she turned to Rafier.

"Okay, so when I harness, these powers, what then?" 

"Then... you kill the demon that is poisoning this world." Rafe replied, looking like what he said wasn't the craziest thing ever.

"I'm sorry, I have to what a what?!" 

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