Tabitha Connors is no stranger to night terrors, images of fire and destruction plague her sleep almost every night, until he comes along.
Rafier knows that if he doesn't get help soon, his world will burn with the demons who fight to destroy it. When he finds the beautiful little necromancer in a night club, he knows his people have a new hope.
Tabitha is about to be thrown into a world of horror, pain and suffering. Most of all, she is about to enter world of desolation.


4. 4

Tabitha groaned at the aching tension in her neck and chaotic pain in her head, that would teach her to drink heavily. When she finally managed to draw her mind away from the throbbing pain, she realized she was lying in a silk, four poster bed. The next thing she noticed, was that she was naked. Pure, bare as the day she was born, naked.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Please, don't let me have hooked up with a random stranger! Tabitha silently begged whatever divine being was out there. That would be the worse thing she could do, well, that or murder. 

"Good, you're awake." Rafier spoke from an archway that led to a long, dark hallway. Anger filled Tabby when she looked at the man she had met at the bar the night before. At least, she hoped it was only the night before.

"You son of a-" 

"Now, now, no need to get aggressive." Rafe interrupted Tabitha before she could finish her sentence. Hot rage boiled her blood, she was about to lurch from her position on the bed before she remembered she was naked and did not want the lunatic seeing all her goodies.

"What the hell have you done to me, and where the hell am I? I demand you let me go right now!" Tabby seethed, clutching at the bed cover.  

"If you look correctly Tabby, I'm not even touching you." Rafe smirked as he lent against the archway. His lazy, satisfied grin had Tabby wanting to trow back the covers, strut over in all her naked glory and slap the grin off his face. She nearly did, nearly. 

"Well as YOU can see, I'm not really in a state to get up and walk out!" Tabitha spit out, waving her free hand over her cover clad body. 

"Oh I most definitely see, and as much as I like you that way, you need to get dressed. I have something to show you." Rafe replied, his face turned serious. 

Maybe it was the suddenly solemn look on his face, but Tabby could tell something was wrong and it had everything to do with why he had kidnapped her. Not that she condoned being kidnapped, or appreciated it. 

Rafe left a white dress on the edge of the bed and left her to get dressed. The dress was nearly identical to the one Diane Kruger wore in 'Troy', it was beautiful and looked like something right out of an ancient Greek myth. The dress floated down around Tabitha's legs and hung of her forearms to reveal her shoulders. Jewels of all colours wrapped just under the fabric covering her breasts in floral patterns. 

When Tabitha was done dressing herself she called for Rafe to return, he silently led her out of the room she had woken up in. Tabby steeled herself against all outcomes, she could not have prepared herself for the sight that greeted her. 

Fire seemed to encase the entire world, there was nothing but flame, rocks and dust. Tabby had never seen such devastation before, except in her dreams. Everything she saw, every rock, every burning tree was an exact replica of the images in her dreams. 

"Impossible..." Tabitha breathed out, unable to force anything else out. Her heart thudded wildly in her chest, looking for an escape. 

"Look familiar?" Rafier asked from beside her. Tabitha turned to look at him, fear and caution had her eyes aglow. 

"What is this place?" Tabitha asked, her voice shook despite her best efforts to keep it steady and clear. Rafier's eyes softened for the poor girl, it was not her fault that this destiny had been placed upon her shoulders. Rafe wanted to let her go, give the girl a chance and normality and humanity but needed her, his world needed her. 

"What you see before you is the world of Trinity, it was once beautiful and bright with life. Now, it is a fallen world, a place of desolation and decay, and it needs you, Tabitha, to save it." 

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