Tabitha Connors is no stranger to night terrors, images of fire and destruction plague her sleep almost every night, until he comes along.
Rafier knows that if he doesn't get help soon, his world will burn with the demons who fight to destroy it. When he finds the beautiful little necromancer in a night club, he knows his people have a new hope.
Tabitha is about to be thrown into a world of horror, pain and suffering. Most of all, she is about to enter world of desolation.


3. 3

Tabitha couldn't remember a time when she had laughed so hard before, every comment Rafier made had her nearly laughing her throat dry. He was charming, flirtatious and sweet, but Tabitha could sense a darker side to him and even though she enjoyed herself she kept her guard about her. 

Rafier was having fun with the young woman though he knew that she would shy away in terror if she new what he was, what he wanted with her. It was a curious thing, the attraction he felt for the woman. He couldn't determine if it was her piercing green eyes or the way her dark hair settled around her shoulders like a second aura. 

"So, who was the jerk?" Rafe finally asked. Tabitha had known the question was coming, it didn't make her any more ready to answer. 

"Someone from my past. No one important." Tabitha replied calmly, icily. Rafier watcher as her eyes went from a warm emerald green to a cold Ivy. Rafier wasn't sure which one he preferred. 

In honesty, Rafier wanted to know, but he was unwilling to push Tabitha. One wrong slip could silence her on the matter forever, and he most definitely didn't want that. Rafe didn't fail to notice the way her eyes glazed over when he asked about something personal, as though she were putting up an icy wall to guard her dearest secrets. 

Tabitha was being careful, as charming as Rafier was, she knew the consequences of putting all her eggs in one basket. She would never make that mistake again. 

Once or twice she wondered where Mindy had gone, she even checked her phone for new messages but there were none. Tabitha had begun to panic until eventually her phone buzzed with a message from Aaron saying an exhausted Mindy had made her way home safely but left her phone in Tabby's purse. Sure enough, when she looked, her friend's IPhone was safely tucked in there. Tabby gave a small smile at her friends forgetfulness before returning to Rafe.

By the end of the night Tabitha thought she must be so drunk it was a miracle she was walking straight. More than once she fell into Rafier's arms with a giggle and a slight blush. 

"Tabitha, I just want you to know that I like you, and that no matter what, I won't hurt you. Can you do that for me Tabby, can you trust me?" Rafier asked, surprising himself with the honesty in his words. 

Tabby was too drunk to even notice that the conversation had taken an edgy turn, her mind was clouded and all she could think was that Rafe was

"Mhmm, Yeah, totally." Tabitha replied although she wasn't sure what she was replying to. 

"Good, Oh, and Tabby?" Rafe began.


"I'm sorry." He answered, Tabby was so confused. He was sorry, sorry for what? 

Tabitha still didn't know as she felt something prick her neck, and suddenly her mind was slowing way down. Until the entire world disappeared .  


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