Blackmailed by a Professional

Alice and James have secrets. Secret they can't bear to have out in the open. They have kept their secrets to themselves for as long as they could but now, someonw knows.

Bound by the nightmares of what they did, James and Alice make it their personal vendetta to put the secrets and whoever knows them, to rest. For good. Or is it impossible to silence the skeletons in your closet?


3. Alice

My night was restless. I tossed and turned and woke up at every little noise. My dreams soon turned to nightmares every time  I thought I wad about to settle into sleep.

At one point I could feel the noose sliding around my neck, the floor giving in under me, and the painful sensation of choking. Of not having enough oxygen. I woke up screaming. Finally, I gave up on sleep. It was too much.

    I paced my tiny kitchen for hours. I would catch this fool...but how? I was frustrated, angry, and scared. I couldn't calm my nerves no matter how much I tried.

I was afraid to exit my home. I had never revealed what I had done throughout my life. Mostly, because some of those things...didn't stir up any guilt inside me. I was a bad person and I knew it.

    I had killed three people in my lifetime. A low-life that tried to rob me, a woman who had caught me doing something I wasn't supposed to, and my cousin. I had ran away from a future marriage that would surely have made me miserable for my entire life.

The man was a dumb oaf that only cared about his needs. He had beaten some of his servants to death and I was not planning to meet the same fate.

    I had a lot of much did this demon know about me? I kept pacing and silently wondering to myself until there was a knock on the door.

I froze. My breath hitched in my throat and I had to force it to steady.

Another knock. I slowly made my way to the cracked wooden door and creaked open the door.


   " Up to some fun today Lia?" Miles had a devilish smirk on his face. His hazel eyes were gleaming with an evil amusement.

I sighed in relief and let the man in. I still struggled with his nickname for me, but the only way to win an argument with Miles was to kill him. And despite what I might tell Miles, I couldn't kill him.

    " What sort of fun?" I eyed Miles as he tried to come up with a sophisticated answer. His shirt was torn at the right shoulder and the white fabric was turned gray with age and filth
His brown trousers were filthy. The tear in his shirt revealed his muscles and I felt a shiver go through me as I remembered what he looked like shirtless. It was a sight that would please even a noble lady. He was a sight that would please any noble lady.

   "Well, I heard that the Lord and Lady of Hawkin Manor are paying our little town a visit." Miles said this in a teasing manner and I couldn't help  but smile. Perhaps a little "fun" would be exactly what I needed to relax.

    Miles and I made our way to the inn where the rich couple was staying. I knew the Lord and Lady from the times when I was someone of their circle. Running away from my engagement meant running away from the from my luxurious life as a Lady to be.

Of course, no one knew this. We made our way to the suite without anyone noticing us and entered the room. Inside though, it wasn't the couple that was supposed to be was a man...perhaps my age and very handsome.

Miles and I stood-frozen in the doorway. After another minute, we bolted as fast as we could. Once outside, my breath coming out in wheezes, mirroring Miless shaky intake of  breath, I realized something.

  The man looked menacing and evil, but behind his strange facade I could see that he was frightened and that his face had lost its color when we barged into the room.

But, with his emerald eyes like a cats, I couldn't help but he drawn to him.

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