Love and Rage

“Still feisty I see,” he growled in a low voice.

I continued to walk ignoring his comment. But he had something else in mind. He yanked me back by my arm restraining me. His hot breath fanned my ear.

“Baby, you better watch out because we’re back and were not leaving until we get what we want,” he digged his nails into my arm harder with every word.

“Do you wanna cookie,” I laughed

Anna thought she escaped her past, until a certain curly haired boy turns her world upside down.


3. Love and Rage 3

We walked out the room with towels wrapped around our necks. The elevator wasn’t as nerve wracking, I just tried to keep my mind on other things. We got to the lobby following a sign that said ‘Indoor pool + hot tub’ I opened the door first looking at the two figures. I let out a small chuckle while fully stepping in the pool house.

“Oh hi guys,” I waved more at Zayn, not really caring about Harry.

I took my towel off and placed it on a chair, not sparing my friends one glance before I jumped in the pool. The water engulfed me and I sank to the bottom trying to make it swallow me. I’m not really looking forward to my friends that may or may not be mad at me. I stayed under for as long as possible before resurfacing for air. I wiped the wet hair from my eyes, looking around. Al and Jamie were taking the steps in the pool squealing about how cold the water is.

“Oh grow some balls would you,” I yelled at them.

They shot me glances and I laughed. They finally entered the pool, walking over to me like they have shit stuck up their ass! I couldn’t help but fall over in the water from laughing so hard. After 5 minutes I was out of breath. I took deep breaths, finding everybody staring at me.

“What! Did you not just see that,” I gestured to my shivering friends.

Harry smirked at me before I splashed water in his face.

“What was that for cupcake?” he laughed. That wasn’t suppose to be funny! It was suppose to make him mad. I groaned swimming to the other side of the pool, trying to get away from him. He reminds me of my brother. Which just makes this situation worse. Everybody followed me as I swam. Can they get any stupider? I left to get away from them!

“So Harry, you have a girlfriend?” Jamie twirled her hair.

“No, and I don’t plan on getting one,” he shrugged

Jamie chuckled. She is the definition of get what you want and leave. She has never been in a serious relationship.

“Same,” she replied

They made conversation, Zayn and Al joining. The more I listen to what curly says, the more I hate him. He’s basically Chases twin! Wouldn't surprise me if they were related. Remind me to ask him if he knows my brother.

Sarah nudged my stomach, sending sharp pains down my spine.

“What,” I hissed.

“Talk to Harry,”

I laughed. I laughed so fucking hard I think I peed myself.


“Yes,” she insisted. “I have to make him like me,”

“And me talking to him is gonna help with that how..”

“Just do it,” she snapped. All heads turning to us.

If she wants me to talk to him, fine.

“So curly, how many girls did you fuck last night? Or better yet, how many diseases have you caught?” I asked nonchalantly. “So many we’re all getting infected right now hmm?” I pushed further. He looked taken aback, only making this funnier. “Did you forget the rubber? Oh who am I kidding you probably have a closet dedicated to variety of condoms,” I was gasping for air at this point. “No let me guess,” I was cut off by water drenching my face.

“Shut up!!” Al yelled, fuming.

I shrugged swimming to the edge of the pool, letting myself out. I really don’t have time to deal with something this foolish. My brother is back, meaning the others are too. Therefore I need to be concerned about that and not Al’s love life. My life can be on the line here! I grabbed my towel and room key walking out the pool house, slamming the door behind me. I have got to find out what Chase wants so I can figure out a plan to get these narcissistic assholes off my back! I opened the door to the the flight of stairs, beginning the dreading walk or in this case, climb. But I can’t really complain, I need to shape up my fighting skills and fitness anyway. And I most definitely need a gun to protect both me and my friends. Honestly, these people are dangerous. My only problem is, why would they choose to come back now! I knew they were gonna be back but for all this time, they leave me alone. But they come back during the times of my life I’ll remember the most. How fucked up is that? I should get some sympathy since I’m the gang's leader daughter. Why did I have to be apart of this? I just want a normal life god damn it is that to much to ask?


Yup so that happened


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