Love and Rage

“Still feisty I see,” he growled in a low voice.

I continued to walk ignoring his comment. But he had something else in mind. He yanked me back by my arm restraining me. His hot breath fanned my ear.

“Baby, you better watch out because we’re back and were not leaving until we get what we want,” he digged his nails into my arm harder with every word.

“Do you wanna cookie,” I laughed

Anna thought she escaped her past, until a certain curly haired boy turns her world upside down.


2. Love and Rage 2

“Rise and shine Anna,”

“Fuck rise and shine, get your ass up,” Jamie shouted in my ear

I slowly opened my eyes, just to piss Jamie off even more, to see both Jamie and Ally looming over me. I rubbed my eyes trying to clear my vision. I turned my head to see if curly hair boy was still here. But actually, nobody is here!

“Wait, where’s everybody?”

“They all hauled ass,” Jamie huffed

“Oh, well we should get going shouldn’t we?”

“No shit sherlock,”

“Damn Jamie, who pissed on your parade?”

“WE’ve been trying to wake you up for the longest now,” she rolled her eyes

Oh I forgot, Jamie is the most impatient person that has ever lived on this planet!

I quickly grabbed my few things and we headed off the plane.

Ally broke us out of this really uncomfortable silence we were in as we found the entrance to the airport.

“That was a good plane ride,” she chirped

Both Jamie and I groaned. Ally is always happy! I love her to death but, she’s gonna discover the bad in life sooner or later. One day its all gonna hit her, dead in the face and all I can do is be there for her when it does.

We walked inside the airport. There really isn’t a difference between the British and Americas airport. Ally and I walked up to the conveyer belt where all the bags were, while Jamie was talking to the security guard. I looked over my shoulder to see curly hair boy. I mean why is he everywhere I go? It’s annoying me honestly. So me being me I tried to get Ally to hide me.

“Hey Ally,” I whispered



“Don’t forget to call me,” he shouted across the airport, attention getting directed to the both of us.

I groaned. Curse Ally and her extremely skinny body. I got up from the floor with some dignity left.

“I will,” I shouted back while dusting my pants off.

“Oh my god Anna,” Jamie squealed behind me

When did she get back?

“What,” I turned around

“You got Harry Styles’ number,” oh thats his name

“Yeah well,” I shrugged. What’s so good about him anyways?

“How’d you do it?” She asked in awe

“When you guys fell asleep he asked me did I need someone to show us around, I told him no and he gave me his number just in case I changed my mind.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you Anna,” Ally and Jamie shouted together. They did that to often and they knew it freaked me out..

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently

“Harry fucking Styles wanted to show us around and you said no,”

“I’m sorry he’s just so cocky and you know I can’t stand guys like that. What’s so good about him anyways?”

“Your calling him,” Ally stated, completely ignoring my question.

“Nope, I’m not,” I replied walking out the airport.

A taxi stopped in front of us, waiting for us to put our bags in the trunk.

“Phew,” Ally said while wiping her forehead.

It wasn't that far of a walk I laughed.

“Where to,” the overweight driver said.

“Um the Egerton House Hotel?” I asked Jamie

The driver took off his hat exposing his half bald head. Clearly, annoyed with my cluelessness.

“Yeah,” Jamie shook her head.

“So when are you calling Harry,” Ally said it more as a statement.

“Let me think….never,” sure he was hot but he came off as a bitch.

“Oh come on,” she practically begged.

“I don’t see what’s so good about him!”

Ally pushed her dark brownish bangs out her eyes.

“Just look at them! That guy I was talking to at the airport said they’re like the bad boys of the whole entire town! Everybody knows them, every guy wants to be them, and every girl wants to date them,” she said some cliche shit you’d get from a movie.

“Exactly which means they’re so stuck up and shit. Plus if you like them just because they’re borderline famous here, than thats all the wrong reasons to like someone,” I stated matter of factly.

“Well lets make a deal,” Ally chimed in.

“Sounds like a game show,” I muttered under my breath.

She continued anyway.

“If we see Harry or Zayn, you have to him call,”

“Whatever, I know we’ll never see them again so it doesn’t matter,”

“Don’t be to sure of that. We’re staying at the best hotel in England. Which means famous people stay there!” Ally exclaimed

“But they’re not famous!” I threw my hands in the air.

“But they can’t stay at their house because the last time they did some crazy girl came busting through the windows,” Ally replied with the most smug look on her face. Who just busts through somebodys window? Well, my dads “brother” did once. I really don’t wanna talk about Harry or my father in that matter.

The car ride was silent after that. Honestly, I don’t even know why I despise them so much. It’s not like I know them right? I just had an awful feeling about them. Besides he probably gives his number to every girl he sees. I snorted. We arrived outside the hotel and I mean holy shit its huge!

“Get out,” the old man said.

“Alright chubby,” I said smirking

He growled in the rear view mirror

We got out the car grabbing our bags from the trunk.

“Anna!” Jamie called over.

“What,” I rolled my head to her direction.

“Look there’s security by the door,” she squealed

I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look. Oh shit. Those guys look mighty familiar and I think I know from where. But why? Why are they back now? It’s been 2 years and they decide to pop back into my life? All these questions start to whirl in my mind and I think I’m about to lose it!

“Calm day Anna,” Ally laughed

If she only knew who they actually were.

“They’re probably here for a real celebrity,” I muttered

I started for the door not really waiting for my friends.

“Wait Anna,” they shouted together.

“Well these bags are heavy,” I said when they caught up.

“I just wanna hit the pool,” Ally sighed.

I let my friends walk through the revolving doors first, hitting Chase with my shoulder on the way in.

“Still feisty I see,” he growled in a low voice.

I continued to walk ignoring his comment. But he had something else in mind.

He yanked me back by my arm restraining me. His hot breath fanned my ear.

“Baby, you better watch out because we’re back and were not leaving until we get what we want,” he digged his nails into my arm harder with every word.

“Do you wanna cookie,” I laughed

He grunted letting my arm go.

“Anna, you can go check in,” Jamie stated when I stood next to her, rubbing my arm.

“Wait, why do I have to do it?”

“Because your the oldest,” Jamie pulled her hair into a ponytail while talking.

“By a year,” I stated annoyed.

“Just do it,”

“Apparently I’m the mature one too,” I mumbled while walking to the checkout desk.

I looked back to the main entrance, Chase watching my every move.

I walked up to the desk, greeted by a nice lady.

“How may I help you today?”

“Um I would like to check in,”

“First and last name please,”

“Anna Breck,”

She shuffled around before directing her attention back to me.

“We have special guests staying here so you’ll need these passes to get back inside the hotel if you leave,” she handed me three laminated cards that had “GUEST” written in black bold words.

“Also, if you can sign these, saying you won't invade their privacy,” she handed me a couple papers.

I took them not once glancing at the various words written at the top. I signed them quickly, giving her the papers back.

“You're staying on floor 9, room 215. Thanks for choosing us,” she spoke after placing them in some file.

“Thanks and um, can you tell me who the special guests are?” I smiled sweetly.

“You know, Harry and Zayn,” she said in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Oh, and one last thing why are they so famous?”

“Because Harry is Prince Williams long lost brother and Zayn so happens to be his bad ass friend,” she shrugged. What the fuck is up with people being so cliche?

“Well how come I haven't heard him doing all that prince crap?” I challenged

“Since he wasn’t raised with them, they really don’t consider him royal. As far as I know, the royal family wants nothing to do with him,” she rambled

“Oh ok, thanks,” I trailed off and walked away.

“So are they staying here?” Ally asked excited.

“Um, no,” I lied.

“What? I thought for sure it was them,” she whined

“Oh it’s ok. You can see them some other time. But for now we’re gonna go unpack so we can go swimming,” I said all too quickly

I automatically stopped in front of the elevators.

“Ugh I hate this,” I groaned. The last time I was in one I had an anxiety attack.

“What do you hate now Anna,” I sighed.

“This,” I said while gesturing to the heavy set doors in front of me. “You know I’m not a big fan of elevators, then we’re staying on the 9th floor,” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh anna, you’ll be fine,” Al laughed

“You don't know that,” I sighed while taking a step in the elevator.

I’m just gonna have to walk up 9 flight of stairs I thought until we came to an abrupt stop.

“What was that?!” I shrieked my heart rate speeding up.

“We’re stopping because were here,” Jamie talked to me as if I was a 3 year old.

“Oh thank god,” I huffed out a sigh of relief.

I was the first to step off the elevator. I looked down the hallways spotting Zayn, I think that was his name. Aw fuck I said a little bit too loudly.

“What now?” Al asked.

“Um I left the keys down in the lobby. Mind getting them for me?”

“Yeah, I’ll go,” she said while turning towards the elevator.

“Jamie go with her,” I pushed her in with Al.

“Well ok,” I silently praised her.

I watched the elevators door close before walking in the direction I saw Zayn. I started running to catch up to him. The next thing I knew I ran into his hard back.

“Are you ok love,” His voice was like music to my ears.

I recovered myself and spoke as quickly as possible.

“Ok so long story short I lied to my friends that you and that curly hair guy wasn’t staying here because they were gonna make me call him. So whenever I’m around can you just back off a little?” I breathed out

“We’ll try,” he smiled showing his teeth. They were surprisingly straight.

“Oh my god thank you so much! I would so hug you right now,” I yelled while running off.

“Wait,” he called after me.

I stopped and looked behind me.

“I didn’t get your name,” he shouted. What's up with these guys yelling half cross a room?

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Sadly yes,”

I laughed walking away. When I found our room I took the keys out of my pocket and unlocked the doors, revealing a beautifully decorated living room. I was left in astonishment. I’ve never been in such an amazing hotel. I wandered around, picking out my bedroom. I sat my suitcase on my bed and started to sort through my things. My phone buzzed on the tall dresser I had put it on. I type the message quickly getting back to my things. A few minutes later I heard a couple knocks. I got up getting the door for my friends.

“Damn, this place is amazing” Al looked around. Her eyes basically raping the place.

“Yeah I know right,” Jamie shook her head.

With one more look at the giant room we all made our way to start unpacking.

After about 20 minutes we all sat in the living room with our bathing suits on.

“Well I’m ready to go,” Al jumped up from the couch.

I chuckled standing up, followed by Jamie.

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