Love and Rage

“Still feisty I see,” he growled in a low voice.

I continued to walk ignoring his comment. But he had something else in mind. He yanked me back by my arm restraining me. His hot breath fanned my ear.

“Baby, you better watch out because we’re back and were not leaving until we get what we want,” he digged his nails into my arm harder with every word.

“Do you wanna cookie,” I laughed

Anna thought she escaped her past, until a certain curly haired boy turns her world upside down.


1. Love and Rage 1

"I know, I know! No drinking, smoking or sex,"

"Knowing you, you'll probably break all these rules. But all I'm asking is for you to try,"

"I can, but I'm not promising anything about sex Cary," I said playfully

"Wait, are you even a virgin?"

"Yes but I'm gonna be in the United Kingdom for a while. Lets be honest here Cary, who doesn't wanna fuck a hot guy with a sexy accent?" I said laughing.

"Don't talk like that around me please," She practically begged while covering her ears like a

small child.

Cary was my aunt. She is my bestfriend and the mom I never had. She can be strict when it has to come down to that but for the most part she is just a irresponsible teenager like you and I.

"Just use protection, kiddo," We both started laughing like maniacs. We can't be serious for one moment. God I was gonna miss this women.

I stood from the couch trying to catch my breath.

"We should get going Cary,"

"Aren't we picking up your friends?" She stated while grabbing the keys.

I laughed mentally to how oblivious she was to the plan we just discussed last night. I swear I was more responsible than her sometimes.

"No they're meeting us there," I said as if I was speaking to a small child.

I opened the door, letting Cary walk through first. I closed the heavy wooden door behind me. All my bags were already packed in the car from the previous night. I smiled. Ever since I left home I wanted to learn other peoples cultures. And now, thats exactly what I'm doing.

We arrived at the airport and my god was it packed. But I was so excited! And the best part is my two bestfriends get to come along. When we parked I quickly got out the car making my way to the trunk.

"Hey Cary," I called out.

"I'm gonna be gone for 10 months so I have a lot of bags. Help would be greatly appreciated!" I shouted.

"Sorry baby, I'm coming," She smirked in the rear view mirror. She knew how bad that irked me.

"Caryyyyy stop calling me that,"

"I forgot,"

"Yeah sure you did," My voice leaking with sarcasm.

Cary hopped out the car taking some bags from my hand. I got the remainder of the bags and we both made our way to the front entrance of the airport. I quickly skimmed the many faces I saw looking for my friends, Ally and Jamie.

"Hey Anna," I turned around to see Ally waving over at me. I walked towards their direction.

"Oh hey guys," I waved back.

"We've been waiting for you, for like forever," Jamie mocked a rich white girl.

"Sorry guys. But we should go ahead and make our way through security,"

"I don't mean to ruin you guys moment but you know there's more than security," Cary laughed

"Like what?" I groaned

"Well, first you have to get your boarding pass, go through your first checkpoint, get your bags checked, then the security checkpoint and finally you're done!" She huffed out a puff of breath.

"This is going to be a long day," Jamie and Ally nodding their heads in agreement.

We all said our goodbyes. There was a few tears shed. I was getting quite emotional myself, but hey this is going to be the best year of my life.

"I love you Cary, I'm gonna miss you," I called out while walking away.

"Well girls, it's just us, we're on our own!" Ally clapped her hands.

All three of us walked up to this atm looking machine. We spent a little time there getting our boarding passes printed.

Next was checkpoint. Nothing really happened there, then we got our bags checked and we had one more checkpoint and we could board our airplane.

As we were waiting in line I kept to myself, while the other girls were being little social butterflies.

"Brianna go!"

"Wait what? Huh," Wow these lines go by fast. I could've sworn it was much longer.

"Go it's your turn,"

I was a little hesitant to move. I just find it really uncomfortable to be touched somewhat sexually by a complete stranger. Honestly, it gave me mild panic attacks. It brings back memories I could hardly stand. I hate to be reminded of the shit that happened a couple years ago. The only way I could handle situations like this is either through rage or humor.

"Ma'am if you could please step forward,"\

I definitely choose humor.

I walked through the metal detector to only get investigated more. He started the thorough process. He slowly made his way up my chest. I glanced at his nametag and smirked.

"Damn Samon, this reminds me of my stripper days. What kind of name is Samon anyways?"

I heard a raspy laugh behind me. I quickly glanced behind me to see two guys laughing.

Damn, they were hot. They had quite a few tattoos and face piercings, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't attractive. I did a seductive wink to the one with black hair. His friend with curly hair mouthed "he has a girlfriend". My mouth made a O shape. When the process was finally finished I was able to go to the waiting area. My friends and I sat down exhausted.

"Anna, that guy with curly hair is checking you out,"

I turned to see what Jamie was referring to. Again, the one with the curly hair was looking over at

me. I waved at him to let him know I caught him. He turned away slightly embarrassed. I was proud of myself actually. Of course I wasn't the prettiest girl. I've had bullying issues in the past. But at this moment in time I was feeling pretty confident.


My friends and I hopped up like children on a Christmas morning. We ended up getting first class seats because of the package I choose when I applied for the foreign exchange student program. It felt like these boys were following us. But turns out they have the same flight as us. We sat down in our middle seats. I looked to my right to see curly hair boy sitting next to me. He had this cheeky grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes and turned to face my friends.

The intercom came on letting us know the plane was taking off. I got out my blanket for my friends and I. We talked for awhile then Ally said she was off to sleep.

"So Anna, what are we going to do when we get to London?"

"I don't know yet, maybe we could go sightseeing," I said more of a question

"But whos gonna show us around? Maybe a really cute guy," Jamie wiggled her eyebrows

"Yeah sure,"

Jamie and I continued to talk for about 15 minutes until she got sleepy.

"I know how you feel,"

I turned my head to see curly hair boy talking to me. Honestly, I'm not thrilled about sitting next to him. I don't feel like listening to him and his rich people problems. I mean he seems rich. he's flying first class!

"Um what do ya mean?"

"I mean Zayn fell asleep on me too,"

"Oh," I turned back around, not really interested in talking to him any longer.

"Well," He continued to speak. "I heard you and your friends needed a cute guy to show you around. So check this out, I'm a guy and I'm cute," He said so smugly and killed me inside.

"No thank you, you're far to busy to show us around. Thank you anyways,"

"How do you know if I was busy hmm?"

I gave him a flat look.

"Well if you change your mind, here's my number,"

I took the piece of paper, folded it up and placed it in my pocket. I don't think I would be needing it for future references. After about an hour of reading, my eyes became heavy. I placed my bookmark in my book and drifted off to sleep.


Sorry if it's kinda bad. Cut me some slack, it's my first book!

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