Story of my life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 16 year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal lives again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after her dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends? Will one remember who she fell in love with?

This is a one direction fan fiction along with the famous vine boys including Matt Espinosa, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas


8. Our Undying Love?

Rebecca's pov.

"Can I please see Harry?" I asked the nurse quietly. "You sure, you don't want to get some rest?" She asked. Unsure of myself, I mumbled a yes before I could process what I was saying.

I guess I'm about to meet my boyfriend then?

As I heard footsteps approach the doorway, I shut my eyes, wanting to hear his voice before seeing his looks.

"Rebecca?" A deep husky voice said. "Why are your eyes shut?" He questioned. From that bit of voice, I only felt sorrow. I felt he was an untrue person, only surviving on others. I could be wrong, but I kept that feeling inside, telling me he was someone I couldn't trust. And I kept asking myself, why did I fall for him?

"Just resting" I answered opening up my eyes to him for the first time. The first thing I noticed was his brilliant green emerald eyes. They sparkled as I could tell he was holding back tears. He had curly brown hair, slicked back off his forehead, and he had a very defined nose.

I also noticed many tattoos on his arms, showing a cross, boat, and anchor, of what I could see.

I still wondered if this truly was Harry, not sure if it could be someone else. I requested to see Harry, who I believed was my boyfriend, but was unsure of who was standing before me.

"Your Harry? Right?" I asked with an unsure tone. Confusion immediately filled his expressionless face as he continued to stare at me bewildered. "What do you mean? Are you joking?" He asked shortly after, staring into my eyes the whole time.

"Did no one tell you?" I asked, thinking that maybe he hasn't realized I had lost my memory yet. "Tell me what? Is this a sick joke?" He said horridly.

"This is no joke... I lost part of my memory" I responded slowly, stretching out my words, careful to sound them audibly.

"What parts of your memory did you lose?" He shot back, quickly. "I lost about a year of my memory, and apparently that included you." I whispered the last part, unsure of how to put such a harsh announcement. "You don't remember me? You forgot me?" Harry questioned sickly.

"I'm sorry" I told him slowly, a tear threatening to slip down my cheek. "It's okay, it just means I have another chance to win back your love" he chuckled, wiping away my tears with the tip of his thumb. I wrapped my frail arms around his waist, as he gripped me also , rubbing circles in my back. "I love you" he whispered into my ear, pulling back from the hug to look into my eyes. I smiled at him, and kissed his cheek gently, before letting my hand fall loose from his. He smiled at me one last time, before standing up, and slipping out of the room.

So that's my boyfriend? That's the one who loves me?

But who is Louis? And who is Aaron? And what happened the other night that Louis is sorry about?

As I ran over these thoughts, I felt something cool against the bare skin of my neck. As I reached my hand up, I felt a small locket, and lifting it up, I peered down at it and read the small words engraved onto it. It said Harry on the front, and when I turned it over In my palm, it read:

I'll love you always, Together forever.

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