Estella (Ella or Elle) and Harry fell in love in their last year of high school. One night changed their lives forever. (I can't think of much at the moment.)

Let me know if wonderful readers want me to continue❤️❤️❤️❤️

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29. Chapter 29

"You know what I did while you were gone?" Harry asked looking at Belle falling asleep.

"Hmm?" I replied.

"I listened to The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script, cried in bed, and didn't take my eyes off the picture of the three of us."

"I just slept in your hoodie on the sofa and cried. It's funny how fast things go on between us," I said looking down. "How's Marcel?" I asked. Marcel was is twin brother who was quite the business man. He was a marketing guy for some record label in London.

"I don't know, I haven't talked to him in a while," Harry shrugged.

"I was thinking about visiting him since I was thinking about going out-" Harry cut me off before I could finish.

"WHAT?!" Harry said loudly with wide eyes, still feeding Belle the last of her bottle.

"With Belle! Calm down! Jesus Christ!" I said recovering from the scare he gave me from his yelling.

"Oh...umm...okay?" He said sitting back down. "Sorry." I looked at him confused and hopped in the shower. I got out and dried off my small body. I was 5'6 and fairly thin, but not skinny. I threw on black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knee, an over sized light grey sweatshirt that belonged to Harry, and some tan combat boots. I put my hair in a high pony tail and bundled Belle up in a blanket.

"Be good babe," I said pecking Harry's lips.

"Wait, that was a crapy kiss!" He wined. "I want a good one!" He pouted pulling me back to him. He kissed my lips for a good two minutes. As we pulled away, he bit my lip slightly. "Bye." He whispered in my ear. For the first time, I felt nothing. I wanted to love Harry, but the spark had left.

"Bye." I said backing away trying to not look at him. I wasn't mad at him any more, just wasn't crazy about him anymore.

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