Estella (Ella or Elle) and Harry fell in love in their last year of high school. One night changed their lives forever. (I can't think of much at the moment.)

Let me know if wonderful readers want me to continue❤️❤️❤️❤️

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24. Chapter 24

The door opened the second Leah pulled up in the driveway. It was Gemma. She stood in the door frame until I came out of the car. Leah and Perrie had to force me out. Gemma ran out to see me.

"Ella!" Gemma said running to me with open arms. "You need to see something." Her face became dark as the words pored out her mouth. I fallowed her to the upstairs bedroom where Harry was.

"I don't want to talk to him," I snapped.

"He's not talking. At all!" She said a bit loud. Not yelling nor in an angry tone. Just a bit loud. "The worst part is that my mum is the only one who can care for your child because you two are feeling sorry for yourselves!"

"I'm going to talk to him because I love Belle. For Belle, and for myself only," I said opening the bedroom door. The sight I saw before my very eyes shocked me. There he was. The boy I once loved and was once my world.

"Ella?" Harry said with red eyes. He had obviously been crying himself. I slight spark of joy flickered in his green orbs.

"I'm here to get Belle," I said avoiding eye contact. "You're not taking her away from me."

"I said that too remember?" He said chuckling softly. "We can't both be right. Maybe it's your turn to be wrong."

"What do you mean? My turn to be wrong?" I said expecting an answer that would cause me to break down.

"Val used me to make her ex jealous," he said fiddling with his thumbs. "What I did was...wrong."

"It was," I said looking down. "I'm going to take Bellissa and go. Forget she happened. Forget I happened."

"I don't want to forget," he said walking to me. "I don't want you two to disappear from my life." He grabbed my hand.

"I'm never going to love you again. Not after that last text. You hurt me Harry, you can't undo what you did," I said backing away. I needed his love, but I didn't want it.

"Before you go," he said pulling me towards him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. He gave me one last meaningful kiss. I was shocked at first and then decided to kiss him back. I wrapped my small arms around his neck and got on my tippy-toes. Something about saying goodbye made him irresistible. I pulled back with my nose barely touching his. A tear rolled down my cheek as felt a stir of mixed emotions.

"I-I-" I began crying like the broken heart I was. Harry squeezed me and held me close while I cried in his shoulder. "I'm sorry I was such a bad girlfriend. I should've haven you a reason to love me." Harry cried a little.

"Don't say that, it breaks my heart. You've given me plenty of reasons to love you," he said making me look at him face to face. I cried a little louder, but quite enough for only Harry to hear. "That smile, your eyes, your innocents... Belle."

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