Estella (Ella or Elle) and Harry fell in love in their last year of high school. One night changed their lives forever. (I can't think of much at the moment.)

Let me know if wonderful readers want me to continue❤️❤️❤️❤️

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2. Chapter 2

I was walking home when I noticed Leah had sent me a text. She said she was having a party tomorrow night. I knew she was planning on inviting Harry because she was...well, Leah. I went home and asked if she knew Harry's cell number. She automatically started making fun of me. I couldn't help it, he was HOT! I thought I'd have fun with having his number and not knowing mine, so I made a prank call.

"Hello, this is Mr. Hancock," I said in a low voice.

"Hello Ella," Harry laughed. I giggled a little bit myself. "Leah told me you wanted my number, so I assumed it was you."

"My could've pretended!" I pouted. There was a long, awkward, silence. "Cricket....Cricket..." I giggled.

"So..." He wondered off. "Are you going to Leah's party?" He asked.

"Are you?" I asked, as if it was any of my business.

"If you are," he replied cheekily. I blushed uncontrollably.

"See you at the party!" I hung up. And entered my apartment. I loved being eighteen! Being an adult and all. I turned on the tellie and began to watch the Extreme Cakes. I figured I had nothing better to do, so I gave Harry another ring.

Me: Hi!!!

Harry: Hello!

Me: Wanna come over and make a cake? I mean...if your not working at the bakery...

Harry: Sure, where to you live?

Me: 23197 West Hollsand Road Apartment E12.

Harry: Okay, see you in fifteen minutes love!

That was honestly the scariest conversation of my LIFE! I was scared to say the wrong thing and sound like a jerk. I don't know why I was getting so scared, but I did. I don't have a crush on him...but lord knows how much longer I can say that without meaning. Before I knew it, fifteen minutes past and he was knocking at my door.

"Hello love," he said greeting me in a warm hug.

"Hi Harry!" I said giggling a bit. "Come in." I opened the door wider and led Harry to the kitchen.

"It's a lovely flat, Ella," he said smirking.

"Yeah, my dad owns the building," I said getting my self some water. "Do you want something to drink?"

"Water's fine," he replied. "I like your shirt."

"Thank you," I said handing Harry a glass of water.

"I bet you'd look better without it on," he mumbled.

"I thought you were dating Paisley?" I shot Harry a glare. He shook his head and smiled.

"I thought we were going to bake a cake miss nosey?" He said chuckling a little.

"Okay! Okay!" I got out the flour and sugar. What was 'baking a cake,' turned into throwing flour at each other. It was actually really fun! I tripped and fell on Harry and it was really awkward for me.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. Our chests were pressed together, his back on the floor, our nosed barely touching.

"It's fine," he whispered pulling a strand of my long, thick, brownish/ black hair behind my ear. My ice blue eyes locked contacted with his emerald green ones. It was a moment I broke. I got up and helped Harry up.

"If you want to go take a shower before you go..." I started staring off into his orbs. "Second door to your left." Ten minutes later Harry came out of the bathroom with his wet curls dripping on his light grey tee shirt. He left. I got hit with Cupid's arrow.

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