Estella (Ella or Elle) and Harry fell in love in their last year of high school. One night changed their lives forever. (I can't think of much at the moment.)

Let me know if wonderful readers want me to continue❤️❤️❤️❤️

(I'll try to update daily.)


19. Chapter 19

"I'm gonna take Belle for a walk," I said walking in my room. "Can you pick out some close for me Harry?"

"Sure," he walked into the room and looked in my dresser.

"I'm going to get in the shower," I said kissing his left cheek dimple. I threw my pjs off and stepped into the warm shower. I rinsed my hair with yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner and got some in my eyes. I reached for a towel, but it wasn't there.

"Harry!" I called. "Can you get me towel?"

"You have to open the door first!" He protested. I opened the door by no more than three inches. "I'm nit giving you the towel until you open the door...all the way." I rolled my eyes and opened the door completely. He stood there with an annoying smirk and Belle in one hand and a towel in the other.

"You're a purv," I stuck my tongue out and closed the door. I herd Harry laugh.

"You forgot the towel!" He chuckled.

"Gimme that!" I said snatching the towel out of his hand. When I was done with my shower and drying my hair, I looked at what Harry picked out for me. He picked out a white lace bra with matching underwear (of course), a thin white LCCA (London Collage of Contemporary Arts) tee, ripped/ bleached out skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a bright pink tank top. When I got dressed the tank top showed through my tee and a strap was showing because the tee was off one shoulder. I put my hair in a high pony tail and took Belle out of her room with Harry.

"I dressed her up!" Harry said proudly.

"Puffy cheetah print jacket, black leggings, cheetah print socks?" I looked at Harry. "Not bad." Harry grabbed his coat and put Belle in the stroller.

"Ella," he said spinning my around. "I love you girls so much." He kissed my forehead and opened the door for me.

"Love you too babe," I said getting on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. Harry chuckled slightly. "What?" I giggled.

"You're so tiny!" He teased.

"You're mean!" I pouted like a three year old.

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