Estella (Ella or Elle) and Harry fell in love in their last year of high school. One night changed their lives forever. (I can't think of much at the moment.)

Let me know if wonderful readers want me to continue❤️❤️❤️❤️

(I'll try to update daily.)


16. Chapter 16

"Hello Lou," I answered.

"Did Harold tell you?" He asked.

"Tell me what?" I asked concerned. "Did something happen?"

"I'm guessing that's a no," he said in a serious tone. "How is Bellissa?"

"What does Belle have to do with anything?" I was really concerned now. I felt like I was about to cry.

"Nothing," he replied.

"Lou! What happened last night?" I yelled over the phone. Harry snatched the phone out of my hand with a tear escaping his eyes. "Harry!"

"Ella," he said in a shaky voice. "Look at me."

"What happened?" I said crying. "What are you not telling me?"

"It's nothing," he said grabbing Belle. "I don't want you to worry."

"If it's nothing why would I worry? And why are you not telling me?"

"Louis and Zayn went to the toilet. Liam, Niall, and I noticed there was a picture of someone who looked like you and Niall asked about the picture. The bartender said the person in the picture was some chick named 'Kitty Kat' and she was a top paid "waitress". He said you were a naughty girl and I got mad."

"I thought you were at a gay bar?"

"Why do you think we went to the gay bar? Some comments were made and I list my temper."

"You got in a fight? Harry!" I did a face palm and felt Harry press his head against mine.

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